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Winter Style Guide: What to Wear & When to Wear It

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Struggling to stay trendy this winter? It can be tricky to strike a balance between staying warm during the coldest season of the year and maintaining your own sense of style.  But with a little bit of knowledge about how to blend fashion with functionality, you can look stylish all year round. Here are a few tips and style trends to help you get started with winter fashion.

Learn To Love Layering

The best way to stay toasty warm on cold winter days without compromising style is to layer your clothing. Not only do layers help you retain heat and give you the flexibility to adjust to unpredictable temperatures, they also look good.

If it’s really freezing outside, start your layered look with an undershirt (this will both keep you warm and absorb any excess sweat caused by the extra layers). Top with a t-shirt and button-down shirt; from there you can either wear a fitted knit sweater, cardigan, hoodie, jean jacket, or blazer, depending on the occasion and your personal taste. Then move on to outerwear.

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Wear Winter Materials

Winter fashion is all about material. Sure, jackets are an obvious type of winter clothing but there are cool weather options available. Nothing says winter like a warm fur coat, a cashmere sweater, or a wool scarf. Below are a few of the tried-and-true materials that are essential to winter fashion.

Classic Leather Jacket

A leather winter coat can provide you with insulation and protection from the harsh elements without bulking you up like a ski jacket or material coat might. Even patent leather and suede can function well as winter outerwear and shield you from the cold. If you can afford the cost and want the best product, leather is definitely a great material for your winter gear. The only downside is that leather can be rather pricey and does require some TLC to ensure it stays in good condition for a long time.

Scarf It Up

Tie your scarf neatly around your neck rather than idly tossing it over your shoulder; this will keep you warmer by holding the scarf closer to your neck, but it also looks tidier and more put-together. Or opt for an infinity scarf that loops all the way around and doesn’t require any tying or folding.

Bold Burgundy

If you only purchase a few select pieces this fall, look for something in burgundy or with burgundy accents. This color was popular on the runway for fall 2013 items the trend has trickled down to everyday wear for men. You can incorporate subtle hints of burgundy into your ensemble by looking for shoes or accessories in this color. Fall hats, scarves, or boots look awesome in this strong shade. If you’re really feeling this trend, you can opt for a burgundy-colored shirt, sweater or pea coat.

Mad About Plaid 

Plaid is one of those favorite patterns that never truly slips off the fashion radar; even at times when it is a less popular choice for shirts or jackets, plaid scarves and jacket liners never seem to disappear. Although there’s been a brief hiatus from plaid in men’s fashion recently, the fun, flattering print is back in full swing this season. No matter what you’re shopping for, plaid is sure to be an option—socks, ties, hats, coats, and even bags are all rocking the plaid this fall. Just don’t overdo it with too many plaid pieces at once!

Casual Camo

Army-inspired camo pieces are popping up all over the place! Whether or not you’re normally a fan of this adaptation of camouflage, there’s no denying that it looks pretty snappy this season. Choose from brighter, leafy shades or opt for deeper olive hues, or look for a modern interpretation of the pattern that looks less army-esque and more casual street style.

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Know Your Knits

Are you searching for that perfect, comfy, cozy yet stylish winter wardrobe staple? Well, look no further than these stylish knit sweaters for men. Winter knits are popular pieces for both men and women because of their warmth the variety of styles available. Whether you want a laid-back casual look or something more professional or preppy, there’s a winter knit made just for you. Stay warm and look hot this winter with some of these styles and fashion ideas.

The Classic Winter Sweater

The typical knit sweater is best worn in a neutral fall color with a black, navy or grey pant. These styles are generally pullover sweaters knit it one solid color or with a simple pattern. While some knit sweaters have small necklines that offer maximum warmth and all-over coziness, you can easily find something with a deeper V-neck to wear over a neutral t-shirt. 


A button-up cardigan makes it easy pull off a cool layered look and is guaranteed to keep your warm. Cardigans are quite versatile pieces and can pull together an otherwise haphazard outfit. Create contrast with a light cardigan over a darker turtleneck, t-shirt, or light denim jacket.

Patterned Knits

Chunky patterns look great in both pullover and cardigan style sweaters. You can rock the classic horizontal stripes over the chest, the fully striped sweater, or something with a bit more variation like the image featured above. Remember, pair intricately printed knits with plain bottoms, such as khakis, grey chinos, or black or navy jeans.

Accessorize Your Style

Can’t get enough of winter knits? Stay even cozier as the temperatures drop this season with knit scarves, hat, and mitts. Or if you prefer leather gloves, wear a patterned scarf with a plain colored knit toque.