whitest teeth in the world

Whitest Teeth in The World: Complete List + Pictures!

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Curious about who has the whitest teeth in the world? Check out this exclusive list of A-lister and their dazzling smiles!

It’s official: everyone likes white teeth! Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylie Jenner, and many other celebrities compete to see who has the whitest teeth in the world year after year.

Our teeth, unfortunately, tend to lose that gorgeous hue as time passes by. It could be due to the natural aging process, tartar and plaque accumulation, or because you regularly drink coffee, wine, and other colored drinks and food.

Thankfully, there are plenty of methods and techniques that have helped these celebrities revert the process and get the whitest teeth in the world.

Whitest Teeth in The World

All of the celebrities in our lists combined a flawless oral health routine with some form of teeth whitening procedure. These certified professionals gave these A-listers a whiter smile that made them look younger, friendlier, healthier, and overall more confident and attractive.

Without further ado, let’s find out who has the whitest teeth in the world!

Cristiano Ronaldo: Amazing Smile and White Teeth

whitest teeth in the world 5Source: Wallpapercave
Cristiano Ronaldo has been voted one of the sexiest men alive, and his pearly whites are no doubt part of his charm.

When it comes to the whitest teeth in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo is always part of any ranking. Ronaldo, surprisingly enough, was no sex icon back in his teen years: his teeth were far from perfect with a noticeable yellow hue and a few chips here and there since soccer is a contact sport.

Today, with the help of an incredible dentist, he showcases some of the whitest teeth in the world. His chipped teeth and gaps were also filled and whitened to aesthetic perfection. Cristiano Ronaldo is known for his near-obsessive dedication to his well-being and physique, but he also stands as living proof of what an experienced dentist and some advanced looksmaxing can do for you.

The Sparkly Kylie Jenner Teeth

whitest teeth in the world 2Source: Instagram
Kylie Jenner’s teeth are incredible.

This pop culture phenomenon rarely smiles in photoshoots, even though she has some of the whitest teeth in the world. The successful entrepreneur also brings smiles to those less fortunate: she has donated almost half a million dollars to over 1,800 children born with clefts in Peru.

Her partnership with Smile Train in October 2016 stands as one of the biggest accomplishments in her already impressive resume. Kylie Jenner’s teeth are often the topic of discussion among her combined following of over 175 million users, and it’s easy to see why.

Roberto Firmino: Whitest Teeth in The World

whitest teeth in the world 6Source: Freewalldownload
The Liverpool star has the whitest teeth in the world.

Roberto Firmino is the man with the whitest teeth in the world. The Brazilian national is one of the Premier League’s top scorers and has earned numerous titles with the British club since his first signing, but he’s also known for his dazzling dentures.

Robbie Hughes, who also works with other Liverpool players, is the dentist behind this unique smile. Dr. Hughes initially offered the standard teeth whitening shades: 4, 3, 2, 1, with one being the whitest of all existing shades. Firmino saw the chart and asked for an even brighter color, and Dr. Hughes obliged. Roberto Firmino is currently the only person with the “Maximo” shade, a coined term by Roberto himself, making him the man with the whitest teeth in the world.

Blake Lively Celebrity Teeth

whitest teeth in the world 3Source: Glamour Magazine
Blake Lively has one of our favorite A-lister smiles.

Blake Lively is best known for her role as Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, where she dazzled the audience with the whitest teeth in the world. By combining some specialized dental work and a simple teeth-whitening procedure, she is now able to show one of Hollywood’s most gorgeous smiles.

Blake Lively recently shared the secret behind her show-stopping grin: “smile like you’re having the time of your life, when you’re, in fact, terrified you’re going to break your ankle because of what an epic-ly uncoordinated person you are.”

Penelope Cruz Perfect Teeth

whitest teeth in the world 4Source: Freewalldownload
Penelope Cruz combines exotic Spanish features with a youthful smile.

Penelope Cruz has some of the whitest teeth in the world, and she proves that the whiter your teeth, the more attractive your smile will be!

Penelope Cruz has a long-standing career full of awards, including an Academy Award in 2008 for best-supporting actress for her part in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Her phenomenal smile and pearly white teeth are a worldwide reference for dentists around the world and Instagram models alike.

Celebrity Teeth: Tom Cruise Sparkling Smile

whitest teeth in the world 1Source: Broadimage
The Top Gun star is known for his pearly whites.

Tom Cruise is widely known for his incredible performances in Top Gun, Cocktail, and A Few Good Men, but he also has some of the whitest teeth in the world.

This producer and accomplished actor has shown incredible range in his performances. From his role as Ethan Hunt in the Mission Impossible saga to the charismatic Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder, Tom Cruise always brings his A-game. This actor not only elevates movies with his performances, but he also showcases some of the whitest teeth in the world.


Whitening your teeth can do wonders for your self-confidence according to the best fashion websites for men. While your standard teeth whitening process may not earn you the whitest teeth in the world, chances are, you’ll still look more friendly, younger, and considerably more attractive than most.

Reversing years of everyday staining and yellowing is, thankfully, a straightforward process for most people. We highly recommend that you visit a certified dentist that can determine whether you’re a suitable candidate for this life-changing procedure.