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Vivobarefoot Motus: Grasp the Art of Displacement

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Vivobarefoot creates footwear with unmatched sensory feedback. Find out why they’re widely regarded as one of the best parkour shoe brands today!

Parkour is all about the efficient clearance of obstacles in urban and rural environments. Vivobarefoot understands that parkour is a sport where each move requires precise execution and unmatched balance and design their shoes accordingly.

Vibobarefoot is known for creating products that help you develop lower-frame muscles and shield you from potential injuries. Vibobarefoot products are also some of the best parkour shoes because of their performance-oriented footwear that lets you get the most out of your body.

Vivobarefoot, Parkour and Foot Anatomy

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Photo by Emanuel Kionke.

Vivobarefoot uses anatomical sciences to create its game-changing products. The way your body adapts to motion and interacts with obstacles during challenging circuits is studied in great detail to create footwear that takes your performance to the next level.

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Vivobarefoot shoes are wider than the average shoe to maximize comfort and mobility.

For instance, let’s say you start running barefoot continuously for a few weeks. At first, this may be painful, but then you’ll start to notice your feet soles getting tougher, developing calluses to preserve your footing, and better handle your weight and the terrain. Therefore, your foot anatomy will adapt to the stimuli presented to them: initially in favor of your comfort and later in favor of improved physical performance.

Their unique design philosophy caught our review team’s attention, so we’ve decided to take a closer look at their best models for this year and see what they can offer you. Here’s what we found:

The Primus Lite II: Fashionable and Flexible

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The Primus Lite II is a performance-oriented parkour shoe made with green materials.

The Primus Lite II features a thin sole with a flexible mesh that moves with your foot. The latter enables better control during balancing exercises on poles and when performing precision jumps. These Vivibarefoot shoes feature a 3mm barefoot sole for maximum sensory feedback, offering superb traction ahead of hardcore training sessions.

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The Primus Lite II extreme flexibility offers maximum sensory feedback and minimum interference.

The key to the Primus Lite II impressive flexibility lies in using a nontoxic biosynthetic known as Susterra Propanediol. This petroleum-free fabric is harvested in yellow dent cornfields, making the Primus Lite II’s production process healthier for the planet and your feet.

The Magna Trail II FG: Cruelty-free Parkour Shoes

vivobarefoot motus 5Source: Vivobarefoot
The Magna Trail II FG are ideal for challenging circuits and casual outings.

Vivobarefoots MAGNA TRAIL II FG features a versatile design for those who enjoy escapades on off-road trails as much as urban adventures. Given that the Magna focuses on providing a ground feeling barefoot experience, their foot-shaped inner sole and wide upper design make them one of the best parkour shoe options for a wide array of terrain scenarios.

vivobarefoot motus 6Source: Vivobarefoot
Their high abrasion, firm-ground outsole, and low profile make them a trusty garment for any parkour session.

The Magna Trail also features a firm ground sticky rubber outsole made from abrasion-resistant, animal-free materials. With the Magna Trail, you get a super-flexible parkour shoe with multidirectional lugs, ready for moderately wet terrains and rocky surfaces.

The Primus Lite III: Stylish Parkour Shoes

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The Primus Lite III combines Vivobarefoot’s extensive design experience and anatomical science principles.

Vivobarefoots Primus Lite III is one of the best parkour shoes to bring a non-restrictive, natural foot-shape design for traceurs. Soles are often the critical factor when choosing the right shoes, mainly because it determines shock absorption levels, grip capacity, and overall balance.

vivobarefoot motus 8Source: Vivobarefoot
The Primus Lite III uses a minimally thin (but highly durable and puncture-resistant) sole.

Vivobarefoot is known for creating shoes that feature a one-piece sole design, with thin puncture-resistant materials designed to protect you at all times. This specialized design offers the best of both worlds: flexibility, traction, and extreme durability.

The Esc Tempest: Fit for All Terrains

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The Esc Tempest is jam-packed with advanced features to improve your performance across any terrain.

The Esc Tempest is one of Vivobarefoot’s Extreme Survival Collection shoes. A model designed for amphibious athletes and their needs for durability, excellent grip, cushion, and drainage capabilities.

You’d be surprised to know that the Esc Tempest soles were developed in a joint effort with Michelin, providing them with super grip to the ground. More importantly for traceurs, the Tempests’ design qualities allow them to absorb impacts without compromising balance and grip during challenging circuits.

vivobarefoot motus 10Source: Vivobarefoot
Vivobarefoot Esc Tempests provide excellent grip and flexibility for climbs and jumps, allowing natural and fluid movements to take place.

Wide shoes allow your toes to provide a stable base of support, allowing you to develop muscular balance while strengthening your feet muscles and fascia. The Esc Tempest excels in this area thanks to a flexible, wide foot-shaped design that allows your muscles and tendons to load, splay and recoil as if you put a natural spring in each one of your steps. Ultimately these advantages improve a traceurs body posture and balance when maneuvering around oddly shaped terrain.


Parkour is a discipline that nourishes traceurs’ sense of self-reliability as much as their physical capabilities. The sport demands extreme levels of performance, which can only be achieved with a pair of good parkour shoes.

Vivobarefoot science-oriented design philosophy is unique in the industry, and we believe that these models represent the best of the best in terms of flexibility, comfort, safety, and even style!