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Veliance: Superior Performance Techwear

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Combining advanced materials and innovative construction methods, Veilance creates some of the most highly detailed and durable Techwear. Here’s all you need to know about their products!

Veilance is, without question, one of the most innovative Techwear brands in the industry. With their state of the art Ergonomic 3-Dimensional Patterning system, premium material usage (such as GORE-TEX), and Re System exchange program, Veilance stays on top of their game after a decade of success.

Comfortable and Highly Functional Techwear

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Veliance uses an Ergonomic 3-Dimensional Patterning (E3D) technology that allows them to simulate how their products interact with the human body.

The Minonn IS Comp Hoody illustrates how, while Techwear continues to trend this year, few companies have accumulated years of experience in the industry as Veilance has. Their E3D system enhances speed, efficiency, and accuracy in each of their designs, and it translates into their extremely durable clothing, designed for superior performance and fashion. Here are some of their latest collections from their catalog:

The Veilance Winter-Fall Jacket Collection

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Featuring their new GORE-TEX PRO and Most Rugged Technology, this collection offers a new level of protection against the elements in a lightweight presentation. Their hyper-efficient design and GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY material allow you to insulate yourself from the environment without compromising mobility at any time. Their fall collection is also imbued with the brand’s highly fashionable minimalist aesthetic that Techwear users instantly recognize.

CHITO-Veilance Collaboration

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CHITO infused these high-end pieces with his unique artwork.

Veilance recently partnered with CHITO, an artist known for his outwear customizations on Arc’teryx products. The CHITO-Veilance limited release collection features 55 unique pieces that use some of Veilance’s finest products as their base.

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The CHITO-Veilance collection is time-limited.

CHITO adds a layer of freedom of expression that accentuates the product’s lines and details to create a unique, stylish aesthetic that complies with strict performance benchmarks, worthy of one of the best techwear brands in the market.

The Cambre Collection

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The Cambre collection reflects why Veilance is one of the best techwear brands out there: it offers stylish denim pants with built-in temperature regulation.

For their Cambre Collection, Veilance combined an updated yarn with 3D patterning with a unique laminated construction method to take denim’s properties to a new level. By using hollow-core polyester yarns, the Techwear pants gain thermoregulatory and moisture-wicking properties.

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Veilance’s Cambre collection offers durable, lightweight denim pants.

The Cambre collection pants are crafted using a technical Japanese mill, making their denim lighter and softer to the touch. Following Veilance’s core values, the clothes clean finisher enhances the wearer’s range of motion, providing functionality and style at all times.

The Fast and Light Collection

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Veliance is one of the best techwear brands on the market because it values fashion and performance equally in its creations.

Veilance’s Fast and Light collection was designed to adapt to hot and humid environments while allowing for a seamless transition between an intense burst of activity and casual use. All of the Fast and Light Teachwear pieces are made with extremely breathable and light materials capable of preventing water absorption.

Thanks to Veliance’s GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY technology, these lightweight Techwear pieces allow you to cover vast distances (even during the hottest season of the year) with great style.


Veilance was founded in 2009 by Arc’teryx Equipment, which specialized in luxury performance products. With relentless attention to detail, strict production benchmark, and cutting-edge innovation, Veilance has secured a position as an industry leader in the Techwear industry. Veliance’s minimalist aesthetics have become part of their brand, creating an easily recognizable look that Techwear users link to status, high performance, and style.

Overall Impression

Veliance offers high-end Techwear outfits with clear minimalist aesthetics that have propelled them all the way to the top of their industry. Today, over a decade after its creation, Veilance continues to innovate and revolutionize the way clothes and their textures are engineered. Veilance in the Techwear world means status, power, and high-octane performance on demand, and they deliver this powerful statement and philosophy with every piece they skillfully create.