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Vegan Birkenstocks: Trendy Cruelty-Free Footwear

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Vegan Birkenstocks are this year’s most popular cruelty-free sandals. Check out the most stylish, animal-friendly models for this year!

With over 240 years in the shoemaking industry, Birkenstocks is today one of the most well-recognized shoe brands in the world. The vegan Birkenstock line features trendy, cruelty-free shoes that hold fast to the highest standards of German craftsmanship and high fashion.

Today we’ve taken a closer look at their catalog and how their vegan collection represents a viable alternative for anyone looking to use fewer animal products this year.

What are Vegan Birkenstocks?

Vegan Birkenstocks feature a combination of synthetic and natural products to create fashionable, animal-friendly footwear. This highly-accomplished German manufacturer replaces leather, suede, and animal-based adhesives with crafty, eco-friendly alternatives such as:

Microfibers: microfibers are a lightweight, soft-to-the-skin material that substitutes suedes commonly found in regular footwear.

Birko-Flor and Birkibuc: These durable, synthetic materials act as a replacement for leather. They’re essentially a sturdier version of leather that is easier on the skin.

EVA: EVA stands for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, and it’s a skin-friendly plastic that keeps your sandals flexible and abrasion-resistant.

Birkenstocks also integrates cork and jute into their vegan footwear. Jute controls moisture, while cork insulates and cushions your feet during the day. These materials are combined to create a flexible and super comfortable footbed that pampers your feet.

Now that we’ve established why vegan Birkenstocks are the best cruelty-free sandals, let’s take a look at their best models for this year!

The Stylish Gizeh Platform Vegan Birkenstocks

vegan birkenstocks 1Source: Birkenstock
The Gizeh Birkenstocks are super comfortable, unisex footwear.

The Vegan Gizeh Platform takes the classic Birkenstock design and takes it to the next level. The specialized insoles follow the brand’s original arch support design but instead feature high-quality animal-friendly materials.

The EVA synthetic platform adds additional cushioning for your feet and keeps you comfortable ahead of long walks. It also acts as a super casual elevator shoe you can take to the beach and pool parties since it seamlessly adds an additional inch to your height!

The Supportive Arizona Platform Vegan Birkenstocks

vegan birkenstocks 2Source: Birkenstock
The Arizona Vegan Birkenstocks offer comfort, next-level support, and fashionable style.

The Arizona Vegan Birkenstocks adds an eco-friendly twist to the brand’s tried-and-true sandal design. The Arizona model comes with the iconic, two-strap design that allows you to adjust the desired fit to your feet but instead uses a combination of Birko-Flor and inlined microfibers.

The Birko-Flor upper material and EVA platform sole guarantee that your Arizona Birkenstocks will weather the elements and all manner of terrains throughout the years. These cruelty-free materials greatly enhance shock absorption and durability, keeping your feet comfortable and safe at all times.

The Chic Sydney Vegan Birkenstocks

vegan birkenstocks 3Source: Birkenstock
The Sydney keeps your foot from sliding around without being way more stylish than any regular flip-flop sandals.

The Sydney Vegan Birkenstocks are the perfect combination of form and function. The minimalist upper with two straps stands as a favorite amongst summer lovers, making it one of the best-selling models for this vegan collection.

Like their straps design, this model features two strong pros in their favor: A roomy sole and top-of-the-line, non-animal extracted quality materials. As you fit the Sydney Vegan Birkenstocks, you’ll immediately feel its soft, elastic inner upper material as well as its gentle microfiber insole surface.

The Sydney also comes with a high-density cork layer that optimally aligns your metatarsal bone. Birkenstock’s centuries of experience shine in this model, creating a perfect balance between fashion and next-level support and cushion to your feet.

The Boho Chic Madrid Vegan Birkenstocks

vegan birkenstocks 4Source: Birkenstock
Channel a trendy boho look with the cute Madrid Vegan Birkenstocks!

The Madrid Vegan Birkenstock is a highly versatile, bohemian model that goes beautifully with your favorite sporting jeans, shorts, or casual dress. Aesthetically speaking, you can choose between the Anthracite, Stone, and sleek Olive models to match your outfit without losing any of the comfort advantages that this world-renowned brand brings to the table.

The anatomically shaped cork-latex footbed offers soft yet reliable support for your feet. The Madrid also features a heel cup, a raised toe bar, and a roomy toe box that allows your feet to move and spread naturally without compromising its arch support. This vegan Birkenstock model is an ideal gift for anyone that wishes to show off their pedicure without compromising comfort and support.

The Modern Mayari Vegan Birkenstocks

vegan birkenstocks 5Source: Birkenstock
Stay jaunty and comfortable ahead of long walks with the modern Mayari vegan model!

The Mayari Vegan Birkenstocks are a superb choice for travelers and tourists looking to enjoy day-long walks. These sandals offer a mix of style and function, satisfying comfort and fashion needs all at once.

The Mayari comes with a pull-up design that serves as the perfect alternative to traditional flip-flop models. The straps come with a golden sheen to their natural base color, adding an exquisite glittery accent to your casual footwear. The footbed molds to your feet and rearranges the cork sole to provide custom-fit support to every foot’s shape and size.


Birkenstock is known for two things: its youthful, timeless style and its high standards of quality. Their products come with top-notch materials and feature a level of detail and care that few manufacturers can match. Eco-friendly accessories in general have been making waves this year, and it makes sense that cruelty-free footwear follows suit. The fact that an industry leader launched a vegan footwear line spells nothing but good things for the future of fashion and our world.

The best thing about this super trendy line of footwear is that you don’t have to be vegan to rock these shoes or even appreciate their charm. They’re an excellent way to use fewer animal products and support cruelty-free alternatives while keeping up with the latest fashion trends, making them a must-have addition to your wardrobe.