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8 Special Edition Vans You Can Use Everyday

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Check out the most fashionable Vans special edition models for this year!

Vans is widely regarded as the most authentic shoe brand. Vans special edition collabs are an undeniable part of sneaker culture, with fashion-forward followers and devoted franchise fans scattered all across the globe.

Each Vans collaboration somehow manages to capture a brand’s history and heritage to deliver something that both fans and sneakerheads avidly collect and cherish.

Many believe that the California-based brand’s success lies in its deeply authentic and talented design team. Each Vans special edition model seeks to shape and mold a large franchise into one of its tried-and-true models. These limited-edition collector items remain true to their DNA and capture a magical pop culture reference that anyone in the know instantly recognizes and reveres.

Vans Special Edition

Vans special edition sneakers are the most socially loved, durable, and versatile kicks out there. Whether you’re a diehard fan of a chosen franchise or you’re part of the $1.5 billion per year resale market industry, Vans limited edition models are some of the best shoes you can add to your wardrobe.

Today, we’ll take a look at our favorite Vans special edition models. These fashionable models pay homage to some of the most important pop culture icons and franchises in the past 20 to 40 years

The Gryffindor Harry Potter Vans

Van Shoes Harry Potter Gryffindor
If Harry wore these, Gryffindor would’ve gotten even more points!

The Special Edition Gryffindor Harry Potter Vans fill the Sk8-Hi model with courage, chivalry, and determination to honor the bravest wizards at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft.

These upgraded Harry Potter shoes feature the emblematic Gryffindor lion in their unique upper design with a stylish scarlet, gold, and black colorway. The SK8-Hi model is known for its next-level ankle protection, durable suede structure, and breathable design. These Vans Special Edition shoes are also the perfect addition to any diehard fan’s summer wardrobe.

Versatile and easy-going, these harry potter vans pair up perfectly with Gryffindor’s special edition backpack, rounding up a fiery outfit that is guaranteed to draw compliments and looks.

The Hufflepuff Harry Potter Vans

Van Shoes Harry Potter Huffenpuff
Demonstrate your love for the environment with these elegant Harry Potter slip-ons!

The Special Edition Hufflepuff Vans x Harry Potter shoes use the world-renowned brand’s Classic Slip-On to add casual elegance to your outfits.

These unique Harry Potter shoes are perfect for easy-going outdoor activities that connect you with nature, very much as Hufflepuff students cared for their environment while learning the secrets of herbology.

The Hufflepuff Harry Potter Vans shoes are easy to dress as their minimalist style matches almost any casual outfit. The convenient slip-on design channels the hard work, dedication, and loyalty that Hufflepuff is known for and wraps it in a fashionable yellow and black upper design.

The Ravenclaw Harry Potter Vans

Van Shoes Harry Potter Ravenclaw
Checkered, fancy, and stylish: a Vans model worthy of the Ravenclaw name.

This Sky-inspired Special edition Harry Potter Vans shoes take the Era Pro model sky-high with a grey and blue cotton checkered pattern and bronze-colored metal eyelets.

The Ravenclaw Vans shoes combine its organic cotton upper with improved padded collars for support and flexibility. Polish your intellect and seek hidden knowledge with this elegantly understated Vans special edition model, true to Ravenclaw tradition!

From a pure performance standpoint, these Ravenclaws Vans offer top-notch shock absorption. The Vans x Harry Potter UltraCrush footbed gently cushions your feet as you stroll to the local Harry Potter shop with your friends for some goodies and treats.

The Simpsons Vans El Barto

Van Shoes Simpsons El Barto
Become as ungovernable as El Barto with these revamped Vans classics!

The Simpsons x Vans Sk8-Low pays homage to Bart’s rebellious spirit with a distinct colorway that includes his Springfield-famous graffiti. These Simpson Vans El Barto are perfect for riding skateboards or simply cruising the city thanks to a tough-to-beat board feel.

Even if you’re not into skateboarding, the combination of suede and synthetic fabrics in these Simpsons Vans make them ideal for summer outfits. These slightly modified its famous Sk8-Low are also incredibly breathable thanks to their perforated toe box and low-cut suede upper.

The Vans Simpsons Shoes Mr. Plow Edition

Van Shoes Mr Plow
Brave the elements with these Mr.Plow Hi-Vans models!

The Vans Simpsons Shoes Mr. Plow Edition reinvent the Sk8-Hi MTE model and make them as cool as they can be. These special editions Van shoes showcase a lovable silhouette that eclipses any winter cleat with its lighter, comfortable and non-hefty structure.

The Mr. Plows Sk8-Hi upper construction displays a navy-blue water-resistant leather material, a red polar fleece lining at the ankle, an embroidered Mr. Plow logo on its back, and even a side patch depicting Homer’s home-made ad for his snow plowing business. It’s a must-have for diehard fans of the franchise, especially if you like sharp, elegant contrasts with your kicks!

The Van X The Simpsons Slip-On Pro Shoes

Van Shoes Simpsons Slip On
These Simpsons Slip-on Pros are perfect for kicking back at home!

The Van X The Simpsons Slip-On Pro Shoes bring the classic appeal of Vans timeless Slip-Ons, introducing the Blue, Yellow, and Orange iconic color palette of the 30+ years series.

The Casual and sporty vibe these Simpson Van shoes convey makes them perfect for street-styled outfits, delivering superior comfort through their popular slip-on design. What’s more, their soft-to-the-touch canvas fabric and trusty vulcanized soles combo add that old-school comfort that pro skaters and surfers know and love, even today!

The SpongeBob Vans Aloha Bob

Van Shoes Spongebob Aloha Bob
The Aloha Bob is the ultimate birthday gift for a beach-loving SpongeBob fan!

The Aloha Bob is one of the most popular SpongeBob vans released in their SpongeBob 2021 collab. Beachy, comfortable and super-convenient, these kicks are a must-have item for any fans of the popular TV show.

The Aloha Bobs are full of aesthetic details and iconic moments that true fans will recognize. The beautiful cobalt blue upper hosts SpongeBob, Squidward, and other catchy, bright elements.

These Vans Special Edition shoes also feature the iconic UltraCush Lite insoles to provide some next-level cushioning as you walk along the strip with your friends. Socks are also optional, making them the ideal companion for sunny days!

The SpongeBob Vans Off the Wall

Van Shoes Spongebob Off The Wall
Pay homage to the world’s most memorable sponge with these unique Van shoes!

The Off the Wall Spongebob Vans upgrade the brand’s Old Skool model with an iconic checkerboard print that features the whole Bikini Bottom crew.

These limited-edition SpongeBob Vans feature the Old Skool model’s sturdy canvas and an original suede fabric for increased durability and foot protection. The Vans SpongeBob collab 2021 also keeps vans trusty rubber outsole design for additional grip against wet and slippery surfaces.

You can also find these Zumiez SpongeBob shoes at their store or straight up customize their pattern at the Vans Shoes Store to take your special edition Vans colorway to a whole new level!


Each Vans special edition sneaker represents an opportunity to snag a one-of-a-kind sneaker built to last for decades. Their effortlessly cool silhouette and rich aesthetic complement college party outfits or casual urban apparel perfectly, making them equally fashionable and versatile additions to any wardrobe.

Vans is one of the best clothing brands for men this year, and it’s safe to say that you’re guaranteed to get plenty of mileage out of your Vans special edition model. While each model features one-of-a-kind aesthetics, their models follow the brand’s iconic core design and durable build, ensuring that you get the best of the best for your money!