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Uwood Watches: Luxurious Wooden Watches at Great Prices

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Uwood timepieces are the hottest trend in eco-friendly fashion this year. Put your generic racing watch away and check out their best wooden watch models for this year!

When it comes to creative design, Uwood is the one of best wooden watch brands out there. Their artisans create bold timepieces that redefine current accessory and watch trends in a refreshing manner.

With attractive silhouettes, premium materials, and revolutionary designs, Uwood has successfully added natural flair to the high-end wrist wear industry.

Uwood Watches

Watches made out of wood are currently an accessory worn by trendsetters and veterans of the high-end wrist wear fashion. But they’re quickly becoming mainstream due to Uwood’s unique take on what a luxury accessory should be.

An all-natural wood watch is not only ideal for casual and formal outfits: they’re also environmentally-friendly, low carbon footprint accessories that help the environment. Many of these wood watch brands contribute to reforestation initiatives and plant a new tree (where it’s most needed) for every watch sold.

Uwood watches follow suit and create some of the best eco-friendly watches today. We’ve taken a closer look at their catalog and picked, what we believe, are the best models for this year.

Uwood Black Sandal Wood Unisex Watch

uwood watches 1Source: Uwood
A unisex sustainable wooden watch with a genuine leather band.

Watches (much like handbags and shoes) can elevate even the simplest shirt and jeans ensemble to new heights. Uwood’s design team understands the fashionable impact that timepieces have and decided to create a gender-neutral wooden watch at a bargain price.

The Black Sandal Unisex model is considered part of Uwood lines of wooden watches for men and wooden watches for women. The model’s dark aesthetic (and genuine leather band) injects modernity to an otherwise old-school watch design, allowing you to stand out the right way. The Black Sandal is also one of the best eco-friendly watches with waterproof capabilities out there.

The Zebra Black Wooden Wrist Watch

uwood watches 2Source: Uwood
Get a feeling of touching nature anytime and anywhere with Uwood’s Zebra black wood watch.

The Uwood Zebra Black wooden wristwatch perfectly complements any classic button shirt outfit without breaking the bank. This gorgeous model is hypoallergenic, free of toxic chemicals, and made out of sustainable materials. Not to mention that you can wear this to your next date and impress them with your refined taste!

The LeeEv Wood and Stainless Steel Watch

uwood watches 3Source: Uwood

Uwood also offers stainless steel and wooden watch hybrids.

The LeeEv is one of the best men’s wooden watches offered by Uwood and it’s also a surprisingly affordable driving timepiece. The LeeEv is one of those wood and stainless steel watches that complements a nicely fitted navy suit and a flair combination of brown wingtip shoes & brown belts. The LeeEv comes with a green emerald or king blue dial, both excellent colors that work with most formal attires.

The Red Sandal Wood Watch for Women

uwood watches 4Source: Uwood
The Red Sandal is a must-have addition to your wristwatch collection.

The Uwood’s Red Sandal model is a minimalist centerpiece that comes with a jaw-dropping price tag. The Red Sandal is an ideal alternative to your classical women’s wristwatch.

This model adds natural flair to dresses and casual outfits, making it one of the best gifts you can get for this year. The Red Sandal features a modern twist to an otherwise classical frame, proving that Uwood creative designs are nothing short of breath-taking.

The Uwood Walnut Wood Watch

uwood watches 5Source: Uwood
The Walnut Wood Watch is ideal for hiking and outdoor activities.

Most wooden watches come with a splash-resistant tag, but the Walnut Wood model comes with 1 ATM waterproofing. This leather strap timepiece is handmade from 100% natural Walnut wood and seamlessly fits into all casual outfits. This highly functional timepiece also features a Japan import MIYOTA Quartz movement within a 40mm case.

The Uwood Mix Blue Sandal Wood Watch

uwood watches 6Source: Uwood
Stay trendy with Uwood’s Mix Blue Sandal wooden timepiece.

If you’re a fan of modern outfits, then you’re going to love the Mix Blue Sandalwood watch. Uwood’s concept appeals to those who’d like to wear a trendy wood watch ideal for active lifestyles. The Mix Blue Sandal model is light and comfortable to wear, making it the ideal companion for beach trips, baseball games, or challenging hikes. This timepiece also comes with a unique azure finish that will turn heads and draw compliments!


Uwood watches are spearheading a revolution in the accessories industry. Generic racing watches and expensive stainless steel timepieces now face an environmentally-conscious competitor: watches made of wood.

These nickel-free, hypoallergenic timepieces are fashionable and affordable as well. It’s one of the rare accessories capable of projecting status, confidence, and charm without breaking the bank. Their authentic designs mark the wearer as an individual that doesn’t follow trends and instead creates them.

The Uwood catalog offers timepieces that resonate with your ideas and wants, and we highly recommend you visit this wooden watch company’s website for your next favorite accessory!