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Treehut Watches: Breathtaking Modernity and Authenticity

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Treehut wooden watches are elegant, handcrafted pieces that bring joy and style to their lucky wearers. With over 21,000 5-star reviews, the brand has become one of the top wooden watch manufacturers today.

Treehut wooden watches project elegance and style. Their handcrafted timepieces feature top-notch, rare woods to create unique products for casual and formal occasions alike.

These US-made products are crafted in San Francisco by a team of artisans that channel love and care into each of these unique wooden watches. Treehut watches made of wood also combine next-level durability with modern technology to offer robust timepieces you can take to hiking trips or business meetings.

Best Eco Friendly Watches

Treehut watches feature rare, premium materials obtained from sustainable sources only. The company works with the amazing people over at Charity: Water, a team committed to building water wells for communities in developing countries. Treehut also released an exclusive line of wooden watches and donated 50% of the earnings to Charity: Water. The donation allowed this wonderful initiative to take flight and bring hope to many around the globe.

If you’re looking to turn your casual outfits into well-rounded, refined apparel that projects confidence and charm, Treehut has just the thing for you! Our review team has gone through the Treehuts catalog and hand-picked their favorite Treehut wooden watch models for this year. Here are our top picks:

Treehut Walnut & Ebony Wood Watch

treehut wooden watches 1Source: Treehut
This sustainable wooden watch features a minimalist design and a Japanese quartz movement mechanism.

The Classic Ebony Theo Blue is a sustainable wooden watch that perfectly balances a classical look with a modern design. The detailed craftsmanship leverages the timber’s natural patterns to create a wonderful timepiece you’ll be proud to wear. The Theo Blue is ideal for business environments or casual navy blue outfits in need of matching accessories.

Classic Zebrawood Olive Ash

treehut wooden watches 2Source: Treehut
If you’re looking for a unique summer watch, look no further than Treehut’s Zebrawood model.

Treehut’s Classic Zebrawood’s wooden watch is a top pick for nature lovers that wish to add rustic flair to their outfits. This eco-friendly wooden watch pays homage to our excitement for outdoor experiences using beautifully finished olive ash and natural zebra wood in its design. This lightweight piece is an excellent gift for friends or relatives that love open-air activities and the outdoors.

The Treehut Emma Walnut Grey

treehut wooden watches 3Source: Treehut
The Emma Walnut wooden watch comes with a warm grey sunray dial.

Nature meets style and elegance with Treehut’s Emma Walnut wooden watch for women. It features 100% natural and sustainably sourced walnut wood, which naturally ages to perfection over time, much like a fine wine. The chocolate walnut case and its leather band are elegantly paired with rose gold accents that scream good taste and class.

Treehut Wooden Watches: Maple Burl Model

treehut wooden watches 4Source: Treehut
Get the perfect watch for your Boho-chic sense of fashion today!

Larger than your typical small wristwatch, this chic wooden watch is sure to turn some heads and draw compliments! The Maple Burl is a clever and original Treehut piece that encases a high-quality Japanese quartz movement within a bamboo wood case. The cyan sawing on a dark leather strap makes this a super colorful and casual timepiece.

Eye-catching, uncommon, and beautifully unique, The Maple Burl bohemian vibes make it a perfect gift for boho-style enthusiasts.

The Treehut Wooden Watch Creator

treehut wooden watches 5Source: Treehut
Treehut allows you to create personalized wooden watches that match your needs and wants to the beat.

Treehut also allows you to create a dreamy, personalized wooden watch that truly breathes your individuality and tastes.

The Treehut website allows you to choose between nine dial options, five casings, numerous colors, and straps. Traditional designer services cost a small fortune, but Treehut offers to create these one-of-a-kind pieces at affordable rates. Treehut can also engrave your original timepiece with a reminder, a quote, or a special message that resonates with your soul.


Treehut was founded by a San Francisco couple in 2013. This family-owned business initially operated within a 700 square-foot house with a small team that handled the day-to-day operations. Their setup was humble, but their goals were big: bringing nature, love, and balance into people’s lives through their handcrafted wooden watches.

Julia and her husband took a trip to Bali that changed the company’s outlook and the way they perceived life itself. In this exotic land, family, community, and nature is central to everything and played a role in the province’s day-to-day adventures. The local artisans shared a love for their craft and respect for their ancient traditions that allowed them to recreate a unique yet simple and effortless beauty.

The couple decided to bring a piece of Bali with them: the core philosophy that made their artisans and their work unique. Julia and Joh overhauled their entire operations and creation process and turned the company into an overnight success. Today, Treehut operates in an 8000-square foot facility that produces some of the best looking wooden watches in the world.


Treehut has managed to combine the logistics and efficiency of a large company with the authenticity and traditions that makes small businesses unique. Their team of artisans creates stunning handmade timepieces that adhere to strict US-manufactured standards while providing one-of-a-kind designs that make your heart skip a beat.

This powerful combination has taken Treehut to the upper echelon of wooden wristwatch manufacturing in a short amount of time. Their vast catalog offers elegance, luxury, and even gorgeous watches made out of wood you can fully customize to your liking. We recommend you take a look at their collections and marvel at their elegantly joyful creations!