The Simpsons Vans

8 Special Edition The Simpsons Vans That Blew Me Away

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Here are the latest, most stylish The Simpsons Vans the brand has ever released!

The Simpsons Vans represent a legendary collaboration: The Simpsons, the longest-running primetime animated series in TV history, and Vans, the fastest growing brand in popularity for the past 20 years.

Vans seek to immortalize The Simpson’s most beloved characters with a series of stylish footwear, apparel, and unique accessories that feel just as great as they look.

The Simpsons Vans

The Simpsons Vans shoes feature some of the most popular characters in the series and are a must-have for any die-hard Simpsons fans this year. The latest collection features three of Van’s classic models with a radical twist worthy of the occasion.

These iconic shoes portray memorable characters and moments that have aired over the last 30+ years. These designs wrap a tried-and-true shoe silhouette that teens and old-school fans love, offering unmatched comfort and style to any wardrobe.

Vans collaborations with Marvel, Star Wars, and Supreme were all great on their own, but this new installment of The Simpsons Vans is, quite simply put, something else.

Without further ado, check out the best Simpsons-inspired products Vans has ever released!

The Simpsons Vans El Barto

The Simpsons Vans El BartoSource: Vans
Become as ungovernable as El Barto with these revamped Vans classics!

The Simpsons x Vans Sk8-Low are just as cool and street-ready as Bart Simpson. These special edition kicks bring all the comfort, versatility, and durability that the iconic Sk8 models have offered since 1978, but with a one-of-a-kind aesthetic twist.

While Bart has quite a few legendary shenanigans to his name, tagging Springfield buildings with his trademark graffiti is amongst our favorite. These Simpsons Vans incorporate El Barto’s graffiti on its distinct colorway design and immortalize his rebellious spirit.

The brand slightly modified its famous Sk8 model to include unique features that honor Bart’s mysterious outlaw alter-ego. Reinforced toe caps for increased water protection, as well as padded collars for additional support and flexibility, make these Simpson Van shoes a must-have wardrobe addition for Simpsons fans who love urban adventures.

The Simpsons Vans El Barto is perfect for riding skateboards or simply cruising the city. Their board feel is tough to beat thanks to their sole’s superior traction and comfy low-cut heel counter. Plus, their two-part foxing and sturdy toe knurl provide even greater stability while you skate or sprint.

Last but not least, the combination of suede and synthetic fabrics in these Simpsons Vans make them incredibly breathable. They’re ideal companions for the warmer months of the year and complement any colorful outfits you’d like to wear during the summer.

The Simpsons Vans High Tops

The Simpsons Vans High TopsSource: Vans
These Sk8-Hi Reissue Vans combine top-tier comfort with old-school aesthetics.

The Simpsons x Vans Sk8-Hi repurposes the brand’s iconic Sk8-Hi top model by including two Simpson family portraits on each side: the Simpsons family’s first-ever drawing, and their present-day figures.

These Simpsons Vans High Tops combine their cool aesthetic with a tried-and-true padder skate shoe design. The high-top design shields your ankles and provides support, while its grippy Vulc sole gives you the stability and traction you need on slippery surfaces.

These Simpsons Vans not only pay homage to the fun, long-standing history of the show and its characters, their simplicity and comfort also bring back the breathable design that made the Sk8 one of the best Vans shoes ever released.

What’s more, the Simpsons Vans High Tops feature reinforced toe caps, padded collars, and low-density foam for heel cushioning, making these unique kicks a must-have item for any retro sneaker’s collector.

The Simpson Shoes Vans Itchy & Scratchy Edition

The Simpsons Vans ItchySource: Vans
These Simpsons Vans Shoes feature a wacky Itchy & Scratchy print on its upper.

The Simpsons Vans Itchy & Scratchy Era reintroduces one of the most fashionable and reliable sneakers this brand ever produced. These unique Era models are perfect for summer and spring outfits as they vividly display some of the most famous Itchy & Scratchy brawls from Bart and Lisa’s favorite TV show.

The classic silhouette of these Simpson Vans shoes pairs well with summer dresses, chinos, or swim shorts, adding a colorful pop to your wardrobe. The Vans Era might have transitioned to a lifestyle sneaker due to its lightweight and breathable materials. Nevertheless, they still retain the same performance features that made them famous among skaters back in the day.

Just as battle-hardened as Itchy & Scratchy are, this special edition Simpson Vans are super-durable thanks to their plimsoll line, low-key stitching, and a grippy Vulc sole. Plus, their canvas construction makes them highly breathable and tear-resilient, as Vans continues its commitment with an old-school, quality-focused manufacturing process.

The Vans Bart Simpson Chukka Pro Edition

The Simpsons Vans Bart ChukkaSource: Vans
Rock these one-to-one copies of Bart Simpson’s special editions Chukka Pro.

The Chukka Pro is the real-life version of Bart Simpson Vans. Emulating Bart’s iconic trademark kicks (including its skull and crossbones detailing), Vans cleverly repurposed their Chukka low model to make pair of kicks worthy of Bart’s rebellious and disruptive personality.

These Simpsons Vans take on the Chukka’s top-notch quality and solid build so you can tell street roads to eat your shorts. Moreover, these blue kicks flexible waffle outsoles are grippy and supportive thanks to their Pro Vulc Lite rubber construction (which works like a charm on slippery surfaces).

Take the Vans Bart Simpson Chukka Pro for a spin on your board while wearing a simple tee, white capri pants, or your favorite black athletic shorts. These Simpson Vans add vibrance and color to any modern outfit, especially if you pair them up with slim jeans and white sweatshirts. Thanks to its striking colorway and vintage looks, these special edition vans are also a terrific addition to your retro college party outfits and softboy outfits.

The Vans Simpsons Slip On Shoes

The Simpsons Vans Slip On ProSource: Vans
Take the whole Simpson cast for a walk in the park with these dope Vans Slip-On shoes.

The Vans Simpsons Slip-On Shoe collection celebrates the Simpsons with a special edition colorway that includes almost every character in the series and some fantastic references that diehard fans will appreciate!

These Simpson Vans are designed with the Vans iconic slip-on design we all know and love. The special edition Simpsons Pro model has a low-profile silhouette with super-comfy suede uppers and canvas sidewalls. Furthermore, they also come with the brand’s timeless Pro Vulc Lite construction and an UltraCush insole, delivering that flexible board feel, impact support, and traction that every skater loves.

These versatile and minimalist Simpson Van shoes are perfect for stay-at-home outfits and casual wear to do errands with, walk your dog or even go for a quick run to the store. Plus, their color scheme makes them ideal companions for a pair of jeans, baggy pants, and almost any summer-style bottom of your wardrobe.

The Vans Simpsons Shoes Mr. Plow Edition

The Simpsons Vans Mr PlowSource: Vans
Brave the elements with the snowboard boot technology that Vans included in these Mr.Plow Vans models!

The Vans Simpsons Shoes Mr. Plow Edition reinvent the Sk8-Hi MTE model to make them even cooler and comfortable! Paying homage to Season’s 4 Episode 9, these Mr. Plow kicks actively keep your feet warm and dry during cold weather, just like Homer did back in the day.

The Mr. Plow Sk8-Hi showcases a lovable silhouette that eclipses any winter cleat with its lighter, comfortable and non-hefty structure. Vans included a heat retention layer between the sole and the footbed to hold your feet’ natural heat, as well as a specially vulcanized rubber sole for improved traction on snowy and wet surfaces.

The Mr. Plows Sk8-Hi is a super-stylish variant of the MTE. Its upper construction displays a navy-blue water-resistant leather material, a red polar fleece lining at the ankle, and an embroidered Mr. Plow logo on its back. The shoes look great and come with Vans’ signature shoe designs built explicitly for comfort and durability, making them an ideal addition to any wardrobe.

The Van X The Simpsons Slip-On Pro Shoes

The Simpsons Vans Slip OnSource: Vans
These Simpsons Slip-on Pros are a must-have for collectors and fans of the series alike!

The Van X The Simpsons Slip-On Pro Shoes bring the classic appeal of Vans timeless Slip-Ons with a Simpsons-inspired minimalist color scheme. Blue, Yellow, and Orange blend in with the worldwide recognized late 70’s footwear of California’s surfers and skaters while retaining its world-renowned comfiness.

These Simpson Vans deliver comfort, style, and a simple, convenient slip-on design. Simpsons fans can join several generations of skaters and surf enthusiasts through these special edition shoes by enjoying the soft-to-the-touch canvas fabric and trusty vulcanized soles combo that made these shoes famous.

The Casual and sporty vibe these Simpson Van shoes convey makes them perfect for street-style, casual attires, and boardshorts outfits needing some vibrance and color.

The Simpsons Vans Moe’s Old Skool Shoes

The Simpsons Vans Moe Old SkoolSource: Vans
Even bitter ole Moe would crack a smile at the limited-edition Old Skools!

These Special Edition Old Skool Shoes take you on a trip to Moe’s Tavern, replicating the color scheme of Homers, Lenny, Carls, and Barney’s favorite hangout. You can find each of them on the shoe’s uppers and Moe’s joint logo at the back of the heels.

The Old Skool’s trademark jazz-stripe design is cleverly incorporated into these Simpson Van shoes’ sturdy upper, making them one of the best-looking van shoes of this unique collection. These Simpson edition Old Skools are perfect for casual occasions and everyday walks down to the store. You can thank Vans for keeping the same cushion impact soles, reinforced toe caps, and supportive padded collars that their best-selling model is known for.

One thing worth mentioning is that these Simpson Van shoes come with a roomy, cushioned insole. The PopCush padding is chunky at the heel, which gives you plenty of padding and increased arch support ahead of long walks or any intense skating tricks practice session.


Whether you’re a die-hard Simpsons fan or someone that values next-level comfort and durability wrapped around your feet, you’ll find that The Simpsons Vans collection has something unique for you this year.

If you’re a bonafide sneakerhead, then you no doubt remember the previous Simpsons vans collections. These models have not only gone up in prices but they’re also considered relics amongst Simpsons collectors and those with a keen eye for limited-edition Vans models.

You know something big is coming when the resellers, collectors, and fans are rushing to Van’s online catalog and shops all over the country. It’s safe to say that the latest The Simpsons Vans line seems like best-sellers, worthy of one of the best clothing brands yet.