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The Best Techwear Outfits: Piece by Piece Analysis

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Need a full techwear outfit to flex on your friends? Check out our latest selection of techwear apparel straight from the industry’s top collections!

The best techwear brands are known for providing performance, comfort, and looks in the most innovative way possible. All techwear giants compete with each other to deliver the most reliable, attractive, and fashionable techwear garments. But which one came out on top this year?

Today we’ve put together a shortlist of what we believe are the best techwear outfits this year. We decided to focus on materials, versatility, and unique aesthetics as our main evaluating points and came up with this:

Adidas Techwear Outfit for Men

best techwear outfits 13
The Adidas Y-3 Outfit for Men takes a spot in our list.

One of Adidas Y-3 Best Techwear Outfits for Men is the combination of the Y-3 CH1 Terrex Parka, a Y-3 CH2 Graphic Tee, Y-3 CL Track Pants, and the awesome Y-3 Kyoi Trail shoes.

The jacket’s futuristic design projects elegance and provides you with excellent weather protection. The Y-3 CH2 Graphic Tee contrasts with the semi-formal grey/black track pants, creating a powerful combination suitable for most occasions.

Last but not least, the cleverly designed Kyoi trail shoes instantly elevate the techwear outfit’s color balance to perfection. The Kyoi Trail Shoes are no doubt one of the easiest to combine shoes in this year’s techwear lines, making them an obvious choice for this outfit.

The Adidas Y-3 Terex Parka

best techwear outfits 5Source: Adidas
The Terex Parka is a waterproof jacket with remarkable ventilation.

Adidas Y-3 focused on providing a lightweight yet multipurpose techwear jacket. The Terex Parka design features spacious pockets for your everyday essentials, while its outer shell protects you from water and wind.

The Adidas Y-3 CH2 Shirt

best techwear outfits 7Source: Adidas
A silky smooth, stylish techwear shirt

The Y-3 CH2 long sleeve shirt adapts to wind fluidly, making it perfect for any bike strolls or skate rides. The CH2 long sleeve shirt offers a clean look and regular fit that gently hugs your skin thanks to its 100% cotton composition. The shirt’s minimalist look keeps it modern and clean, confirming that less is more.

The Adidas Y-3 CL Track Pants

best techwear outfits 6Source: Adidas
Perfect for semi-formal occasions and sports alike.

The Y-3 CL Track pants are all about strength and simplicity. Adidas’ years of expertise have allowed them to elevate a simple design into sheer perfection. The sober yet powerful side logo adds a bit of flare that perfectly matches the rest of the Y-3 pieces in the outfit.

The Adidas Y-3 Kyoi Trail Shoes

best techwear outfits 8Source: Adidas
Sporty and cleverly designed pieces of footwear.

The Y-3 Kyoi Trail shoes are a pair of battle-tested Asian-style footwear that will not disappoint you during workouts, jogging, or winter. Its heavy textile and leather upper guarantee their durability while their breathable interior mesh, tongue, and midsole give you all the comfort you need.

Adidas Techwear Outfit for Women

best techwear outfits 14Source: Adidas
The Adidas Y-3 Outfit for Women takes another spot in our list.

One of Adidas Y-3 Best Techwear Outfits for Women is the combination of the sleek Y-3 Classic Bomber Jacket, the slender Y-3 Classic Chest Logo Tank Top, the flexible Y-3 Swim Y-Cut Leggings, and the comfy Y-3 Orisan Sneakers.

This outfit gives an urban and stylish appeal that embraces your feminine side while projecting confidence. Unmatched in comfort and protection, it’s a well-balanced outfit worthy of Adidas and Yamamoto.

This particular bomber jacket is a sleek interpretation of an iconic design built to protect you from the elements. Underneath, the gorgeously made classic Y-3 Tank Top gently contrasts with the flexible and super comfortable Y-3 leggings. Last but not least, the Orisan model is perfect for everyday activities or working out at the gym.

The Adidas Y-3 Classic Bomber Jacket

best techwear outfits 9Source: Adidas
Sleek and strong, the Y-3 Classic Bomber Jacket adapts nicely to your silhouette.

The Adidas Y-3 Classic Bomber Jacket has a relaxed shape that creates a casual, effortless drape. Perfect for the female figure, its insulating material provides cover and warmth ahead of rainy days. The piece’s bold Y-3 logo on the back adds a nice urban touch, typical in techwear fashion.

The Adidas Y-3 Classic Tank Top

best techwear outfits 12Source: Adidas
An elegant and comfortable addition to any women’s techwear outfit.

The Y-3 Classic Chest Logo Tank Top adjust subtly to your figure. This tailored top can also work as a standalone piece on summer days. It might seem minimalistic, but a solid accent garment such as this speaks volumes to one’s overall aesthetic.

The Adidas Y-3 Swim Y-Cut Leggings

best techwear outfits 10Source: Adidas
Reliable and comfortable, the Y-3 leggings are perfect for sports and everyday activities.

Adidas Y-3 is known for its original sport-inspired techwear pieces. The Swim Y-Cut Leggings are crafted from smooth, stretchy nylon to increase mobility. These fashionable leggings not only keep you dry during workouts but they also actively repel water.

The Adidas Y-3 Orisan Shoes

best techwear outfits 11Source: Adidas
The Y-3 Orisan’s exaggerated heel design is not only super fashionable: it also actively protects your feet!

The Adidas Y-3 Orisan shoes feature a unique exaggerated heel design that gently cradles your feet and protects it from sudden energy differentials and impacts. The Orisan are perfect for jogs or casual outings alike, precisely because of how easy they are to combine.

Nike ACG’s Techwear Outfit for Men

best techwear outfits 15Source: Nike
The Nike ACG Techwear outfit for men takes another spot in our list.

One of Nike ACG’s Best Techwear Outfits for Men is the combination of the Nike ACG GORE-TEX “Misery Ridge”, Nike’s ACG Mt. Fuji Shirt, The ACG Men’s Woven Cargo Pants, and the sturdy ACG GORE-TEX “Mountain Fly” shoes.

This outfit is perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors, working outside of an office environment, or taking on DIY projects. The jacket’s elegant surface is as appealing as it is reliable for outdoor environments, especially because of how secure and sturdy its inner pocket system is.

Underneath the jacket, the Mt. Fuji shirt projects a tactical aesthetic while allowing your skin to perfectly breathe even during summer days. The ACG Cargo Pants inject a dose of swagger to the outfit’s mid to lower section, while its sturdy knitwear makes them one of the best techwear pants issued by Nike ACG fashion.

Last but not least, the excellently crafted Mountain Fly shoes come with Nike’s original react foam and carbon fiber plate, providing superior traction and cushioning needed for difficult trails and urban scenarios.

The Nike ACG Misery Ridge Jacket

best techwear outfits 1Source: Nike
The jackets lightweight woven materials are made with recycled fibers and Gore-Tex fabric.

The Mystery Ridge Jacket is perfect for the outdoors as it fully protects you from wet weather, while its sturdy construction allows it to carry considerable weight in its pockets system.

The Nike ACG Mt. Fuji T-Shirt

best techwear outfits 3Source: Nike
The shirt’s design is inspired by the beauty of the tallest volcano in Japan.

The Nike ACG Mt. Fuji T-Shirt is a trail-ready shirt with a loose fit made out of breathable cotton. Yohji’s vision of a print pattern that pays tribute to Mt. Fuji is well-represented by this fashionable shirt.

The Nike ACG Cargo Pants

best techwear outfits 2Source: Nike
Designed and tested in Oregon, they deliver a look inspired by the state’s plush wilderness.

Another outdoor favorite, these Cargo Pants provide you with flexible comfort. Non-restrictive and stretchy, their beautiful colors make them perfect for social occasions, outdoor sports activities, and even craftmanship labor such as carpentry and garage projects.

The Nike ACG Mountain Fly Shoes

best techwear outfits 4Source: Nike
GORE-TEX footwear technology is water repellent, while its microporous material keeps your feet dry.

The Nike Mountain Fly model’s reliability lies in its waterproof GORE-TEX membrane design, keeping your feet dry regardless of how tough the trail gets. Specialized in superior traction, the Mountain Fly sticky rubber outsole and brand-exclusive React Foam combo keep your feet cushioned and well-grounded.


Techwear outfits work similarly to how a team does: while each piece has a distinct purpose, in the end, they all complement or empower one another in some way. They tap into the wearer’s personality and fine taste of fashion to attune them to their environments in a way regular clothes just can’t. Built to last and to take you to the next level, these outfits from the best techwear brands are all approved investments by our rigorous review staff.