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9 Game-Changing Techwear Boots Available Today

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Need some urban swagger with your techwear outfit? Check out the best techwear boots this year has to offer!

Techwear boots focus on delivering technical and tactical advantages in the outdoors. Their design concept tends to be inspired by military-issued footwear, engineered to provide top-notch performance in the toughest of conditions. In that sense, techwear and military boots share the use of the most advanced materials and fabrics to offer outstanding results in any surrounding.

As techwear boots are becoming increasingly popular due to their unique aesthetics, we decided to share with you our selection of the best techwear boots from top techwear brands today!

The Rhyodomo GTX

best techwear boots 1Source: Nike
Versatile, outdoorsy, and semi-formal techwear.

The Rotodome Rhyodomo GTX Boots are hands down, one of the best techwear boots in the market today. Nike’s ACG is all about providing you with highly functional, modern wardrobe pieces, and these boots are not the exception. Specifically designed to navigate difficult terrain, these techwear sneakers-boots are made from durable leather covered in a surface layer of GORE-TEX.

The Rhyodomo GTX Boots feature a thick mesh padding that allows your feet to breathe after extended use. The boots’ thick black-foam midsole also has strategically placed indentations for superior grip, preventing cramps when walking or sprinting over irregular surfaces over long periods. Additionally, their black, shinny aesthetic is perfect for elegant or urban techwear outfits.

The Air Terra Antarktik

best techwear boots 3Source: Nike
One of the most iconic techwear boots today.

The third item on this selection of the best techwear boots in the market is The Air Terra Antarktik Boots. Thanks to Nike’s experience and strong roots in outdoor and extreme weather gear, their ACG collections pays special attention to performance and trendy aesthetics. Perfect for snowy and rainy city days, the Terra Antartiks not only give you a futuristic appeal, but they also excel in protecting your feet thanks to its durable materials.

Crafted with a water-repellant black ripstop material, the boots also include the trusty GORE-TEX fabric for additional reinforcement and warmth. Fashion-wise, their heel’s pull tabs and dark turquoise color are the top choices for parkour enthusiasts and fans of techno-orientalism outfits.

Nike ACG’s GORE-TEX Tactical Boot

best techwear boots 5Source: Nike
Techwear boots with a clear military aesthetic.

The fifth item on this selection of the Best Techwear Boots in the market, are Nike ACG’s GORE-TEX Tactical Boots. Conceptually, Nike aimed to retain the reliability and protection of military-grade boots into this stylish footwear.

By adding GORE-TEX fabric into their design, these tactical boots combine extreme durability with a flashy military-style aesthetic thanks to its traditional lacing system.

The North Face Women’s UX Metro Atmos

best techwear boots 6Source: The North Face
Techwear chic meets comfort.

The sixth item on this selection of the Best Techwear Boots in the market is The North Face Women’s UX Metro Atmos Boots. Inspired by athletes such as Margo Hayes and Matty Hong, The North Face has reimagined their outdoors extreme exploration gear with tremendous success.

The UX Metro Atmos’ novel EVA midsole system and its OrthoLite® footbed provide exceptional foot stability for hikes and urban exploration as well as complete insulation from water. With a uniquely modern silhouette, these boots remain one of the flashiest techwear pieces for women.

The North Face Thermoball™ Boots for Men

best techwear boots 7Source: The North Face
Exceptional for cold weather, these boots keep your feet warm and comfortable.

The seventh item on this selection of the Best Techwear Boots in the market is The North Face Thermoball™ Boots for Men. The North Face techwear line features a unique crossover between extreme exploration gear and urban techwear fashion, and their Thermoball™ Boots reflect this philosophy through a sturdy design encased in a beautiful, sleek silhouette.

These Eco insulated mid-cut boots feature waterproof construction and a convenient side zipper that makes it super easy to put on or off. These boots are surprisingly lightweight, especially considering how durable they are.

The North Face Women’s Thermoball™ Boots

best techwear boots 8Source: The North Face
Stylish, sporty women techwear boots for everyday use.

The eight-item on this selection of the Best Techwear Boots in the market, are The North Face Women’s Thermoball™ Boots. These lightweight, water-resistant, and low-cut booties are perfect for your urban apparel. Comfy as ever and futuristically looking, these boots present an Oso fleece collar lining that treats your feet and turns every walk into a pleasant experience.

Nike & x Acronym® AF1 Downtown Boots

best techwear boots 9Source: ACRONYM and Nike
These next-level techwear boots were born from the inspiring work of two techwear giants.

The last item on our selection of the Best Techwear Boots in the market are the trendy AF1 Downtown Boots. A jaw-dropping collaboration between Nike ACG and ACRONYM, the AF1 Boot model is the product of an improved functionality proposal that defines techwear clothing pieces.

Specifically designed to elevate your swag in urban environments, these boots feature an extra-high soft-shell collar with a quick-release fastener and extended brass zippers. This last part screams tactical functionality within an eye-catching aesthetic.

Adidas Y-3 Techwear Boots

best techwear boots 2Source: Adidas
Rugged, Reliable, and Fashionable.

The Adidas Y-3 Notoma Boots are part of the brand’s 2020 Fall/ Winter collection, featuring Yohji Yamamoto’s sense of techwear fashion and Adidas world-renowned technical expertise. These boots guarantee all-weather protection, as well as an elegant silhouette that any techwear use can appreciate. The fact that the Y-3 Notoma Boots are available in contrasting colors adds to the piece’s sense of fashion and versatility.

Stone Island Shadow Project S0422 Chelsea Boots

best techwear boots 4Source: Stone Island
Hand washable, flexible, stretchy, and reliable in different weather conditions.

The fourth item on this selection of the Best Techwear Boots in the market is the Stone Island Shadow Project S0422 Chelsea Boots. Design-wise, the S letter in these boots PARSEQ grid tells you that comfort comes first thanks to their Velcro fastening and elasticized inlays on their inner and outer collar.

Thanks to its 90% leather build, the Stone Island S0422 stands out as one of the most stylish techwear boots out there, making them perfect for semi-formal occasions and night-outs.


Techwear Boots used to be all about functionality, comfort, and appeal. However, thanks to recent advances in the materials industry, almost every techwear brand has incorporated avant-garde aesthetics into their footwear as well. These sturdy, lightweight techwear boots vastly enhance performance in all terrains and easily elevate a regular outfit into memorable urban apparel worthy of attention.