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The 11 Best Men’s Shorts for Any Activity [Top Products for This Year]

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From high-performance athletic pieces to casual summer wear, our list has the best of the best.

Shorts are must-have pieces in any men’s wardrobe. Whether you’re a high-performance athlete, or a man that values style and comfort in warm weather, our list of the best shorts for men has something for you.

We’ve analyzed over 440 models from the best clothing websites for men to find the most standout styles for this year. Here’s how we did it:

The Best Shorts for Men

Finding the best shorts for men came down to a matter of careful categorization. We decided to find the best shorts for men for each of our favorite activities for this year.

For starters, we created individual articles for the best shorts for active lifestyles. Fitness enthusiasts, cyclists, yogis, golfers, hikers, and even surfers can choose a model that offers unrivaled performance and comfort advantages that fit their activity and lifestyle.

We also covered incredibly stylish and super comfortable options for men that want to look and feel cool during their favorite summer activities. We reviewed casual shorts that combine comfort and fashionable looks, vibrant boardshorts for weekend beach trips, and world-class sleeping shorts that help you get that deep recuperative sleep you need.

Whether you value performance, utility, or style, you’ll find that our best shorts for men saga has you covered. And today, we’ll pick the best of the best from each category to ensure you get the quality you deserve.

Let’s begin!

The Best Casual Shorts for Men

the best shorts for men 1Source: Levi
Casual shorts should always come with a relaxed fit that firmly sits at waist level.

The Best Men’s Casual Shorts are both comfortable and fashionable clothing pieces, ready to be worn for any occasion. They’ve also become a popular addition to casual streetwear in recent years since they are easy to combine, practical, and can readily adapt to warm weather.

The Levi 505 Shorts stay true to their purpose, allowing them to become one of the most popular casual shorts in the market. These trendy slacks feature a cotton and elastane fabric blend that adapts to your body shape and keeps you comfortable throughout the day. You can also combine this piece with t-shirts or your favorite polo shirts in a jiff, making it easy to look presentable for a casual outing.

The Best Men’s Athletic Shorts

the best shorts for men 2Source: Amazon
Athletic shorts must come with stretchy, moisture-wicking fabrics that contours to your movement.

The Best Men’s Athletic shorts are trusty allies for those committed to improving their health and physical condition. They feature sweat-wicking, 4-way stretch fabrics and breathable designs that keep you cool and comfortable at the gym or the outdoors.

The TBMPOY athletic shorts for men are ideal for any performance-driven individual. It comes with a 95% polyester and 5% spandex fabric blend that offers unrivaled mobility and remarkable heat-dissipating properties for the warmer months. We were fortunate enough to review this and many other best-rated models for this year recently, so be sure to check the link above!

The Best Men’s Sleeping Shorts

the best shorts for men 4Source: Nap
Sleeping shorts come with a relaxed feel that ensures a night of deep, recuperative sleep.

The Best Men’s Sleeping Shorts are incredibly cost-effective investments that improve your well-being from the get-go. We spend roughly one-third of our lives sleeping, and it only makes sense we get clothes that elevate the quality of our sleep.

The Nap soft sleeping shorts meet these criteria, helping you relax and ease into a night of deep sleep as their cotton & fleece hypoallergenic fabric envelops your lower body frame. The model comes with a plus-size design that keeps you fresh during weekdays or summer vacations, where they can also serve as stylish lounging shorts you’ll be proud to wear in front of others.

The Best Cargo Shorts for Men

the best shorts for men 5Source: Nautica
Cargo Shorts are highly comfortable clothing pieces that excel at field-based work.

Cargo shorts have returned, and they’re better than ever. The Best Men’s Cargo Shorts come with a slimmer and modern aesthetic that adds style to an already highly functional design.

The Nautica Navigator Cargo Shorts are excellent for work, doing chores, or challenging DIY projects due to their stretch-cotton fabric and utility-focused design. Their 97% cotton fabric makes them breezy and soft-to-the-touch, while their lateral pocket design lets you carry lots of items without hindering your movement.

The Navigator Shorts spearhead the cargo shorts revolution and prove that you can have style, utility, and comfort in a single piece.

The Best Running Shorts for Men

the best shorts for men 9Source: Nike
Running shorts offer a mix of support, sweat-wicking capabilities, and a comfortable fit for any terrain.

The Best Men’s Running Shorts are cost-effective sports gear that makes running the highly engaging and endurance-building activity it’s meant to be.

The Flex Stride shorts by Nike comes with an all-new woven fabric that incorporates cutting-edge DRI-FIT technology in its blend. These running shorts for men come with a relaxed fit that firmly sits at waist level, offering unmatched mobility and comfort during short jogs and day-long marathons.

The Flex Stride also comes with Nike’s signature DRI-FIT technology, which nullifies sweat and moisture build-ups in the pelvic region. We’ve talked in greater detail about this remarkable product (and other top choices) in our best men’s running shorts piece, so feel free to check it out!

The Best Men’s Boardshorts

the best shorts for men 8Source: Quiksilver
Boardshorts are a must-have piece in your summer wardrobe.

The Best Men’s Boardshorts The Best Men’s Boardshorts are the ultimate beachwear piece of clothing. Pro Surfers love their stretchy, performance-enhancing fabric, while weekend beach regulars favor their quick-drying design. However, one feature unites all of its users: their vibrant and colorful aesthetics.

The Highline Kaimana is easily one of the best boardshorts for men this year. The Recycled Repreve fabric stretches in all directions, allowing you to surf and swim to your heart’s content. This stylish model is also easy to combine, allowing you to create near-endless summer outfits possibilities.

The Best Men’s Hiking Shorts

the best shorts for men 6Source: Patagonia
Hiking shorts are a must-have part of your outdoor apparel.

The Best Men’s Hiking Shorts offer a unique mix of comfort, mobility, and breathability that allows you to get the most out of your backpacking adventures. Most hiking experts agree that these specialized slacks are must-have pieces for challenging hikes and weekend trail runs, making Patagonia wares an all-around solid choice.

The Altvia Trail Shorts are built for year-round performance, combining durability and superb comfort. These lightweight recycled polyester & spandex hike shorts are ideal for challenging hikes and trail running due to their breathable and equally durable design.

The Best Men’s Bike Shorts

the best shorts for men 10Source: Gorewear
With virtual races and Peloton becoming increasingly popular, both outdoors and indoors cyclists are looking for the best men’s bicycling shorts.

The Best Men’s Bike Shorts are game-changers in every way. As we explained in great detail in another piece, cycling shorts offer two different yet equally functional designs. Bib shorts come with a pair of comfortable straps that keeps your cycling apparel in place. Traditional models, on the other hand, use adjustable waistbands that keep your chamois perfectly aligned.

While some pro athletes believe that the C5 Opti Bib bicycling shorts offer the high-performance they need, indoor and casual cyclists might favor a traditionally designed bike short for men. All the models we featured on the piece we linked you come with a carefully layered design and padded chamois that protect you from sores and impacts.

The Best Golf Shorts for Men

the best shorts for men 7Source: Bonobo
Golf shorts feature stretchy fabrics and multiple pockets to help you perform at the highest levels of play.

The Best Men’s Golf Shorts are quality garments that need to pass the club-house etiquette test and help you shave a few strokes off your game. The best golf shorts for men must offer mobility and comfort in the form of stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric, but they must also come with a convenient pocket system for your golfing essentials.

Enter the Justin Rose Highland Golf Shorts, an excellent addition to the BONOBOS golf apparel collection. These golf shorts feature a polyester and elastane fabric that lets you maximize your range of motion on every swing. Additionally, their beautiful stitching and stylish color options make it a classy piece you can comfortably wear outside the golf course.

The Best Yoga Shorts for Men

the best shorts for men 3Source: Anjali
Yoga shorts will take your flexibility and concentration to new levels.

The Best Men’s Yoga Shorts prioritize freedom of motion, comfort, and modesty. Several top manufacturers have noticed that men’s yoga has gained traction and is quickly becoming a mainstream weight-loss and cardio activity. The response? A barrage of game-changing designs that seek to elevate your yoga experience to new heights.

The Arlo micro-poly fabric yoga shorts by Anjali offer unrivaled mobility and much-needed modesty to help you master the most challenging yoga stances. The soft micro-poly fabric minimizes the need for mid-pose adjustments and offers superb breathability for outdoor and indoor yoga sessions.

The Best Compression Shorts for Men

the best shorts for men 11Source: Reebok
Studies show that compression shorts improve muscle recruitment and recovery.

The Best Men’s Compression Shorts not only provide performance benefits like enhanced muscle recruitment and improved muscle recovery, but they also provide distinct psychological benefits. Compression shorts are commonly used in a wide range of disciplines and sports, such as weightlifting, cycling, and surfing.

The Reebok Workout Ready compression shorts for men come with an 84% polyester and 16% elastane interlock that is equally lightweight and sturdy. It provides enough compression to improve blood flow and muscle-to-mind connection during compound movements at the gym.


The best shorts for men must come with high-quality materials, ideal length, and fashionable designs that you can wear throughout the year. Thankfully, a wide range of models check all these boxes, and ultimately it comes down to finding quality garments that are specifically designed to excel at a given activity. You know you’ve hit the jackpot once you find a pair of shorts that, on top of everything, also resonate with your style and preferences.

While we’re convinced we compiled the best of the best in our review, we encourage you to take a look at the articles we’ve linked throughout this piece to find other top contenders for the title of best shorts for men!