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The 8 Best Kobe Shoes Ever Released According to Experts

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The best Kobe shoes are both iconic fashion pieces and high-performance footwear appreciated by those in the know.

Years later, the Mamba’s tragic passing is still felt dearly by sports and sneakers communities. Plus, his Nike shoe collection deal lies in tatters, as Kobe’s estate has reportedly parted ways with the company as well.

The best Kobe shoes are quickly becoming relics known for their unmatched comfort, responsiveness, and iconic style that has marked an era in both the NBA courts and fashion. Sneakerheads, professional athletes, and fitness enthusiasts chase Kobe High Tops and limited Kobe Bryant Adidas to preserve the Mamba’s legacy and elevate their wardrobes.

The Best Kobe Shoes

The best Kobe shoes help you step up your game, your workouts, and your outfits all at once. Whether you’re more of a Nike Kobe High Top shoes guy or a Kobe Bryant Adidas fan, each model stands as a top-notch piece that you can take anywhere you go. You can combine them with the best college party outfits or modern pieces from the best techwear brands to create a fashionable urban ensemble.

Today, we’ve put together a list of the best Kobe shoes for this year. We’ve reviewed the Mamba’s entire shoe collection to hand-pick the best of the best for you this year!

The Kobe 1 Shoe

best kobe shoes 2Source: Nike
The Nike Kobe 1 is one of the most iconic and highly-rated models in the Kobe line.

The Kobe 1 shoe honors the day that he destroyed the Toronto Raptors in his historic 81-point game back in 2006. Bryant had just finished his contract with Adidas and decided he wanted to work with a company that allowed him to be a part of the shoes’ aesthetic and overall design.

The Kobe 1 combines the revolutionary Nike Zoom Air technology with carbon fiber springs to offer next-level cushion and comfort. Kobe, at the time, was recovering from knee injuries sustained in the court and wanted to add extra cushion to his kicks to take his performance to the next level.

The Adidas Kobe 1

best kobe shoes 3Source: Adidas
The Adidas Kobe 1 relaunches as the Adidas Crazy 1 after Bryant went to Nike.

The Adidas Kobe 1 marked the beginning of an exciting partnership between Bryant and the German giant. The slightly bulky, futuristic design was inspired by the Audi TT Roaster build and would seek to mimic the car’s speed, endurance, and cutting-edge technology to the court.

The Adidas Kobe 1 is one of the best Kobe shoes because of its revolutionary EVA midsole and patented Torsion system. These sneakers had a grippy sole and a cushioned inside that responded exceptionally well to sudden stops and bursts of energy, which is present in 90% of all movement in basketball. The half-shell toe, double foam collar, and performance-driven design came together to make the Adidas Kobe 1 a top-tier sneaker in the Mamba’s collection.

The Nike Kobe 3

best kobe shoes 4Source: Nike
The Nike Zoom and its Prelude version are some of the most stylish Kobe high tops out there.

The Nike Kobe 3 are widely regarded as some of the best Kobe shoes because they introduced high-cut shoes to NBA courts. The Nike Kobe 3 marked another chapter in Bryant’s legendary career, earning him the MVP award and a spot in the NBA finals. The Prelude Kobe high tops feature an imperial purple colorway that channels Bryant’s feelings after his loss against the Boston Celtics in 2008 (despite his stellar performance).

From a performance standpoint, these sneakers helped the Mamba snatch the NBA MVP award for that year, so it’s safe to say you’ll play your best pickup games with these high-performance kicks. Fashionable, grippy, and super comfortable, the Nike Kobe 3 is a must-have for sneakerheads out there.

The Kobe Bryant 10 Shoe

best kobe shoes 5Source: Nike
The Kobe 10 offers aesthetic variants to an unmatched design.

The Kobe 10 shoe is, without question, one of the best Kobe shoes ever released. The Nike Kobe 10 comes with fantastic traction and high-energy differential diffusers that allow you to switch directions and confuse your opponent without risking an injury. Which is a fancy way of saying you’re guaranteed to break some ankles with these during your next game!

The Kobe 10 low tops come with a gorgeous obsidian colorway that pays homage to one of the NBA’s legends. These high top Kobes come with an unmistakable Flyknight open-weave texture that Bryant himself loved to include in his favorite shoes.

The Best Kobe Shoes: The Nike Kobe 6

best kobe shoes 1Source: Nike
The Kobe 6 stand as the kings of the Kobe shoes collection.

The Kobe 6 stand as the king of kings: the crown jewel in a fantastic sneaker collection. Like in many other sports, mastering short bursts of energy to confuse or outmaneuver your opponent is what separates exceptional players from the crowd. These sneakers are the best Kobe shoes because they offer the support, stability, and traction you need to execute these explosive moves with finesse, plus they safeguard you from nasty injuries while at it!

The icing on the cake is the super fashionable design and aesthetic options that Nike offers. It’s evident that the Mamba had fashion talent, but Kobe and the design team outdid themselves with this model.

The Kobe Bryant 8 Shoes

best kobe shoes 6Source: Nike
The Kobe Bryant 8 shoes mark a before and after in the sneaker industry.

The Kobe Bryant 8 shoe combines versatility, speed, and precision in an iconic design that both sneakerheads and NBA players love. The Kobe Bryant 8 shoes were the first to incorporate the patented Nike Engineered Mesh in a basketball sneaker, making them the lightest NBA shoes at the time.

The Kobe 8 was one of the best Kobe shoes because of its low-profile cushioning and remarkable stability. Bryant wanted shoes that could shave fractions off the height and weight of the sneakers to maximize his movement control and speed, and the talented engineers over at Nike worked tirelessly to deliver. The Nike Engineered Mesh took the fashionable design to the next level and made it a refined yet deadly fast sneaker that adapts to the foot’s natural biomechanics.

The Adidas Kobe 2

best kobe shoes 7Source: Adidas
Kobe wore these controversial sneakers during the 01-02 season.

Some staff members have an issue with me picking the Adidas Kobe 2 as some of the best Kobe shoes, but allow me to explain. I sincerely believe that the Kobe 2 by Eirik Lund Nielsen was ahead of its time and was harshly judged by fashion critics at the time because of its futuristic design.

From a performance perspective, the Mamba himself played an entire season with the Kobe Adidas 2, so evidently, they have the responsiveness and shock-absorbent soles that top-performing athletes need.

Take a look at Balenciaga’s shoe catalog for this year. You’ll find that many of their best-selling models are not that different from the Kobe two shoes. If anything, I’m convinced that many top manufacturers have taken inspiration from the Adidas Kobe 2 design to create their own futuristic and equally innovative models for this year.

I’m convinced that if the Adidas Kobe 2 are re-launched with some minor tweaks, they’ll earn a spot in our wardrobes for all the right reasons!

The Kobe AD NXT 360

best kobe shoes 8Source: Nike
The Kobe AD NXT takes your game and outfits to new heights.

The Kobe AD NXT 360 is one of the best Kobe shoes because of its masterful 360-degree Flyknit one-piece design and impressive cushion. The dual-density foam midsole combined with the dense Nike and Lunerlon foam layers offer all the support and cushion you’ll need in the court. The detailed, super sleek design, on the other hand, offers all the luxury and aesthetic plus that your urban outfits need.

The Kobe AD NXT 360 is an excellent addition to your casual and sports wardrobe, especially since they come in a wide variety of presentations and colorways you can choose.


The best Kobe shoes are amongst the most versatile and fashionable kicks you can buy this year, according to the best fashion websites for men. You can wear them to classes, downtown dates, or the court down to the street if you feel like breaking some ankles and turning some heads.

The Mamba designed these shoes with some of the best clothing brands in the world to create fashion statements he could wear on NBA games. With many NBA stars still wearing the high-octane Kobe 4 Protros well over ten years after they hit the market, it’s fair to say that Kobe and the engineers over at Nike created first-class sneakers that both athletes and fashion experts revere this day.