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9 Easy to Combine Techwear Shirts

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Looking for stylish, easy to combine shirts? These comfortable techwear t-shirts will expand your wardrobe choices instantly!

T-shirts are the centerpiece of an outfit: not only can they make or break your entire look, but they’re also the first indicator of whether or not you have good taste in clothing. Finding the right fabrics, stitching, and cut for you is no doubt important, but you’ll also need versatile colors and prints that’ll help you expand your wardrobe combinations.

Today we’ve gone through the best techwear brands collections and listed, what we believe, are the best techwear shirts right now. We’ve taken into consideration materials used, stitching, comfort level, and how easy they are to combine into high-performance urban outfits. Without further ado, here’s the best of the best:

The Y-3 Classic Chest Logo Tee

best techwear shirts 2Source: Adidas
The 100% cotton Y-3 Classic shirt comes in two colors.

When it comes to versatile and super comfortable techwear shirts, the Y-3 classic Adidas model stands as one of the best of their kind. This essential, minimalist style is elevated by the brand’s sophisticated tailoring and superior materials. This all-time favorite is an excellent gift choice as well since it’s so easy to combine and weave into urban outfits.

The Adidas Y-3 Craft Techwear Shirt

best techwear shirts 6
The Y-3 Craft Tee features exclusive materials, an elegant cut, and unique aesthetics.

This techwear shirt’s aesthetic is based on the Japanese bōsōzoku gang’s modern look. The Y-3 Craft techwear shirt features premium, breathable materials that are soft to the touch and offer maximum comfort.

This techwear shirt also comes with an embroidered Y-3 Adidas logo on the front and a Y-3 bōsōzoku graphic on the back. It’s no doubt a piece that works for any occasion.

The 20110 Printed SS Catch Pocket Shirt

best techwear shirts 1Source: Stone Island
The SS Catch Pocket-T comes with a frontal catch pocket and a delicate ribbed neckline.

Made from 100%  mako cotton, this Stone Island short sleeve t-shirt is an iconic piece in the brand’s techwear collection. The shirt’s large print on the back delivers a vibrant contrast perfect for your black and red techwear outfit.

The Y-3 Sports Top for Women

best techwear shirts 7Source: Adidas
Easy to combine and smooth on the skin, the Y-3 Sports Top offers style and comfort.

The Y-3 Adidas Sports Top remains one of the best techwear pieces today. The Adidas Sport Stop uses a stretchy, soft to the skin version of swimwear fabric that actively dissipates sweat.

With a fashionable look, The Sport Top helps you look sharp at all times, while the half-zip on the chest allows you to regulate temperature during high-intensity activities.

The Nike ACG Shirt

best techwear shirts 5Source: Nike
This 100% cotton shirt comes with a loose, comfortable fit.

The Nike ACG T-Shirt comes with wind-proof and water-proof fabric that protects you from untimely downpours during your hike (or late-night food run!). This soft and highly breathable shirt comes with the classic/retro ACG graphic on its center front, making it a perfect piece for your modern urban outfit.

The Urban Protection Graphic T-Shirt

best techwear shirts 10Source: C.P Company
The 30/1 Urban Protection contemporary style is perfect for urban apparel.

Made in C.P Company’s renowned 30/1 jersey fabric, this 100% cotton t-shirt offers unmatched comfort in a slightly loose fit.

The Graphic T-Shirt features exclusive graphics inspired by the Urban protection series. Its aesthetic and trendy design makes it perfect for a modern black and white outfit, a timeless combination that works for just about any occasion.

The Gabardine Zipped Lens Shirt

best techwear shirts 11Source: C.P Company
The Gabardine Zipped Lens Shirt instantly unlocks new outfit combinations.

This C.P Company best-seller is built with cotton gabardine, a tightly woven and durable fabric originally used in military outfits during the 1800s. The techwear shirt can be zipped shut or worn as a light jacket, depending on the kind of weather you’ll be facing.

Its two-in-one presentation allows you to combine this stylish gabardine with contrasting undershirts, unlocking entirely new combinations and outfits. This zipped shirt also comes with two secure chest pockets for your everyday essentials.

The Veilance Component Techwear Overshirt

best techwear shirts 8Source: Veilance
Veilance uses unique fabrics for each of their high-status pieces.

Perfect for climates that don’t require a full jacket, this wind and water-resistant overshirt is part of Veilance luxury techwear line.

The Component Overshirt features two large zippered chest pockets (with internal pockets) for your everyday essentials. This minimalist shirt truly offers versatility and protection for just about every environment, making it a classic high-status garment.

The Engineered-Knit North Face T-Shirt

best techwear shirts 9Source: The North Face
Perfect for a casual look, the Engineered-Knit shirt features a delicate logo on the front.

The North Face Black Series line re-imagined the brand’s exploration gear for urban environments, making them some of the most durable techwear pieces today. The engineered-knit techwear shirt features cutting-edge fabrics, mesh side and underarm panels encased in a casual, fashionable look. If you’re looking for a casual yet sturdy all-occasions shirt, this is the go-to choice.


When it comes to shirts, investing in highly fashionable pieces from the top techwear brands is the best way to get your money’s worth. These brands have a history of transferring their expertise (and an elevated sense of fashion) into every piece they create, and their shirts are not the exception. We hope our selection of shirts will help you expand your wardrobe options and help you create fresh urban outfits for any occasion!