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The Complete Soft Boy Aesthetic Guide [Products+Review]

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Tik Tok and K-Pop have turned soft boy aesthetics into a worldwide fashion trend. Start dressing like an e-famous softboi today!

Soft boy aesthetics challenges our culture’s traditional concepts of masculinity. A soft boy explores more modes of self-expression, sensitivity, and a deep affinity to everything artistic.

A soft boy prefers to play League of Legends while listening to K-pop in the afternoons, instead of watching a soccer or baseball match with the boys. Born from today’s progressive ideals, the soft boy aesthetic embraces a healthy dose of femininity and inherently rejects toxic masculinity.

The Soft Boy Aesthetic

The soft boy aesthetic has permeated all layers of society: from social media to cafes and college campuses, this vintage look has transformed into a fashion trend that ladies find irresistible. The soft boy aesthetic welcomes emotions and free expression through vintage pieces. A soft boy outfit ideally projects an artistic, sensitive, and yet confident soul.

While many celebrities such as Harry Styles and Timothée Chalame have popularized the soft boy aesthetic, a typical soft boy outfit is surprisingly affordable! Today we’ll recommend our favorite soft boy aesthetic pieces for this year so that you can be as fashionable as a K-pop star while sticking to a budget!

The We Gathered in Spring Soft Boy Shirt

soft boy aesthetic 1Source: Design by Human
The We Gathered in Spring shirt bursts with colors and creativity.

The We Gathered in Spring by FrankMoth is the ultimate expression of the soft boy aesthetic. This 100% combed ringspun cotton shirt features a wide frontal print that bursts with color.

This shirt design expresses the kind of artistic depth and creativity a soft boy outfit needs. The piece is also easy to combine and incredibly affordable, making it a must-have for this year.

The Levi 510 Skinny Fit Soft Boy Jeans

soft boy aesthetic 4Source: Levi
The Levi 510 comes with a skinny fit through the seat and thigh.

The Levi 510 feature a stylish skinny fit and an extra-stretchy fabric for added mobility. This model also comes with a gorgeous Sinaloa medium wash color that perfectly matches light, pastel, and even dark tops. The 510 is an all-around stylish piece for everyday use and a staple in soft boy aesthetics.

The Farfetch So Fly Oversized Sweater

soft boy aesthetic 2Source: FarFetch
Oversized sweaters are super popular amongst soft boys and e-boys.

The Farfetch So Fly Oversized Sweater is a clear representation of the soft boy aesthetic. Oversized sweaters are fashionable throughout the year but really come through when it’s freezing outside. They’re comfy and fit the soft boy aesthetic perfectly since they’re energetic and artistic pieces when properly styled.

The So Fly sweater comfortably hugs you at wrist level to make sure your legs don’t look short. But if you need to add a couple of inches to your height, we highly recommend you combine your oversized sweater with minimalist elevator shoes.

The Levi Original Fit Men’s Jeans

soft boy aesthetic 5Source: Levi
This all-time classic is a perfect fit for a trendy soft boy outfit.

The Levi 501 was invented by Levi Strauss all the way back in 1873, and when it comes to classic and iconic designs, this model takes the cake. Soft boy aesthetics is all about incorporating vintage pieces that project confidence, style, and good taste without breaking the bank, making these jeans the best soft boy outfit pants today.

The Levi 501 find their way into the outfits of different eras and social movements. Just as it was all the way back in the 70s and 80s, these pants find themselves in the wardrobe of activists, fashionistas, and soft boys alike.

Loose Levi Jeans: Timeless Appeal

soft boy aesthetic 6Source: Levi
Get the most out of a streetwear-styled outfit with these timeless LEVI Jeans.

The Loose Levi Jeans bring you all the glory that retro, high-quality pants gave everyone during the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Their loose fit goes straight from your hips and down to your ankles, making them super comfortable and super fluffy on the inside.

These Levi Jeans are designed to help the rest of your outfit stand out. They delicately contrast with brightly colored shirts, monochromatic sweaters and make your footwear naturally stand out. It’s the perfect complementary piece for the soft boy aesthetic.

The ASOS Design Funnel Neck Sweater

soft boy aesthetic 3Source: ASOS
Funnel Neck sweaters are essential parts of K-pop and soft boy fashions.

The ASOS Design Funnel Neck Sweater is an iconic piece of K-pop and e-boy fashion. This gorgeously soft knit piece features the iconic funnel neck, drop shoulders, and ribbed trim design that K-pop stars recently popularized.

Funnel Neck sweaters project an artistic and sophisticated aura that perfectly fits into the soft boy aesthetic. It’s equally elegant as it is charming and perfectly combines with dark jeans or other vintage pieces for casual events and gatherings.

Saucony All-Time favorite: Men’s Jazz Original Shoes

soft boy aesthetic 7Source: Saucony
The iconic silhouette of the Jazz Originals also holds plenty of ergonomic advantages.

The Jazz Originals are the go-to shoes for retro and classic looks. These sneakers come with the brand’s iconic style and next-level ergonomic features that keep your feet comfortable and fashionable. The Jazz Originals are perfect for everyday use and can even help you improve your posture over time!

Classic Chuck Taylors: Your High Socks Best Allies

soft boy aesthetic 9Source: Brian Hall
Converse lets you make your own Soft boy Chuck Taylor design on their website.

Everybody knows that the Classic Chuck Taylors became the unofficial sneaker of many great artists and musicians. Their legacy is part of pop culture, as their low profile and slim silhouette reflect a vintage urban style.

The Chuck Taylor All-Star comes with just enough padding to keep your shoe light, comfortable, and super durable (a pair can last you for years!). Their curvy shape, next-level comfort, and iconic design perfectly combine with the soft boy aesthetic in general.

The Nature Sensitive Jazz Court RFG by Saucony

soft boy aesthetic 8Source: Saucony
The RFG’s lets you go on full mother nature mode without losing your soft boy aesthetic appeal.

The Jazz Court RFGs are the go-to choice for lovers of soft boy aesthetics and the environment. These shoes represent the future of eco-friendly clothing: they use natural materials and avoid any form of factory-produced plastics.

The Jazz Court RFGs are perfect for soft boy outfits with pastel colors and are great for beach trips, picnic outings, or casual boba runs to the mall. They’re also easy to clean, which is a huge plus!

Accessories for A Soft Boy Outfit

Soft Boy Aesthetics are all about flipping everyone’s expectations of masculinity. It’s an alternative fashion style that reflects artistic and intellectual tendencies while being sensitive to your bank account. The beauty of this clothing style is that you can make any outfit pop by introducing a few couture accessories such as glasses, socks, and even rings. Let’s take a look at some smooth options and what each of them bring to the table:

Complement Your Outfit with the Numero 61 Argento

soft boy aesthetic 10
The Numero 61 Argento’s have a fresh design with an intellectual vibe.

The Numero 61 Argento glasses are an elegant soft boy accessory that makes you look more artistic and scholarly. These handcrafted, metal-frame optical glasses are also stylish and sturdy enough for everyday use. Retrosuperfuture is known for adding a contemporary spin to vintage pieces, which makes their accessories ideal for a soft boy aesthetic.

Knee High Socks for an Artistic Soft Boy Look

soft boy aesthetic 11Source: Skatersocks
Comfort meets retro in these Knee-High Socks designs.

The White Tube High Socks from SkaterSocks have an iconic retro design thanks to their black-green top stripes. High socks are a must-have piece for any soft boy aesthetic outfit, mainly because they can hide your bare legs while holding a casual look. Plus, these knee-high socks match any pale textures and pastel color pieces at an excellent price.

Sophisticated and Trendy: Jstyle’s Stainless Steel Rings

soft boy aesthetic 12Source: Andrew Hughes
Stainless steel rings add a layer of minimalist sophistication to your soft boy outfit.

The Jstyle Stainless Steel Ring Set offers minimalist sophistication to any outfit. These rings are carefully brushed to create a smooth, charming texture that delicately covers your fingers. This versatile set offers you three finishes (golden, platinum, and obsidian) to match different outfits, allowing you to sport attractive jewelry at any time.


The soft boy aesthetic is yet to peak in popularity: K-pop and vintage style is, without question, in for this year.

More than a trend, the soft boy aesthetic delivers a powerful message: traditional standards of masculinity are a thing of the past. Embracing your artistic side and boldly rejecting toxic masculinity requires the kind of confidence that makes K-pop artists so attractive and fashionable. The entire aesthetic is not expensive to replicate and will surely make you stand out with the ladies too!