Short Beard Styles

Top 9 Popular Short Beard Styles to Look Stylish in Any Scenario

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Easy to trim, time-saving, and versatile, short beard styles can help you make the most from limited facial hair growth, score some points on interviews, and make great first impressions on dates. The best part? You can do it with little to no product and time!

The Most Popular Short Beard Styles

If there’s an “easy mode” regarding a man’s beard style, we have to say that short beards are the most convenient and practical to pull off, maintain, and modify.

Many find that a short beard style allows them to channel their personality, style, and uniqueness. These things are central to any man’s self-image and confidence, making them anything but trivial.

With the help of a trusty beard trimmer, you can try endless combinations, shapes, and variations of short beards. These styles adapt to your facial shape and complement outfits and hairstyles to guarantee you nail those key first impressions.

Today, we’ll help you bring your beard game to the next level. We’re covering small beard styles such as the practical faded beard styles, the clever-looking Balbo beard, the manly beardstache, and many other best-rated short beard styles.

The Anchor Beard: Perfect for Any Occasion

Short Beard Styles 7Source: IMDB
Robert Pattison’s bearded chin styles have changed and established trends over the years.

Bearded chins offer an extensive range of looks for casual and formal occasions alike. Depending on how you trim it, a bearded chin can turn into just about any short beard style and perform a wide range of aesthetic functions. They can add style to your mustache to create visually appealing symmetry alongside short hairstyles or balance long hairs for a more fashionable look.

One of today’s most popular bearded chins styles is the Anchor beard, which, as its name states, emulates the shape of a ship’s anchor (or that of the Star Wars republic logo if you’re a fan of George Luca’s early masterpieces). The key to this super versatile and easy-to-maintain short beard style is to shape its inverted T form with style, which can be tricky at first.

Once you grow enough facial hair to make your bearded chin noticeable, you can safely draft the shape of your anchor beard with an electric trimmer ahead of shaving. I’ve learned that by pre-shaping your anchor beard’s hard angles, you can judge whether this look will suit you before you fully commit to it.

One of the best things about bearded chin styles (such as the anchor beard) is that they look cool with medium-length hairstyles. Mid-fade haircuts look fresh when you get rid of your sideburns and let your bearded chin build up from the fading chin strips. On the other hand, Taper fade haircuts benefit the most from steering clear from stubbles and using straight angles as you shape your bearded chin.

Short Beard Styles: Grooming a Patchy Beard

Short Beard Styles 1Source: IMDB
Iwan Rheon, the famous GOT actor who played Ramsey, is fond of keeping his patchy beard well-trimmed for formal occasions and a little wilder for a more casual look.

There’s nothing wrong with your facial hair not developing a continuous, luscious beard across your cheeks, jawline, and upper neck. There are many cases in which less is more, especially when it comes to short beard styles, like the well-groomed patchy beard.

A patchy short beard variant of a classic short boxed beard can make you look sophisticated and manly with a bit of low-cost maintenance. The key to grooming a patchy beard into a good-looking short beard lies in maintaining its symmetry:

  • Keep your mustache unconnected.
  • Mirror negative spaces on both sides of your face.
  • Neatly trim your beard’s boundaries.

Nowadays, faded haircuts continue to trend as barbers experiment with shapes and modern hairstyles combinations for their clients. Short beard styles such as well-kept patchy beards perfectly match these modern hairstyles as they look best with trimmed-back sideburns, creating sharp borders around the rest of your face to highlight the jawline.

It’s also important to limit the side-growth of your mustache to prevent connecting it with your beard’s baseline patches. You don’t even have to worry about having low-density hair across your jaw since thin, neatly trimmed sides that don’t connect with your mustache look cleaner. Plus, a short beard style such as this pairs up nicely with long and short haircuts!

Small Beard Styles: The Chin Strap

Short Beard Styles 2Source: Virgil the Barber
Chin Straps are perfect for making the most out of short facial hair.

Small beard styles such as the Chin Strap are perfect for guys that prefer to keep clean, well-kept facial hair.

The Chin Strap is one of those versatile small beard styles that you can emulate with or without a mustache. By keeping your cheeks shaved and a less than 4mm long hair strip across your baseline connecting to your sideburns, you can help define a manly yet sophisticated jawline.

Chin straps are unique short beard styles because they only cover the outer edges of your chin and jaw, looking great no matter your age or face shape.

The modern short beard styles version of the chin strap dramatically differs from the old-school Abe Lincoln look. It’s a great short beard style for anyone struggling to develop a luscious long beard and those that wish to match their facial hair with a faded haircut style.

Creating a Chin Strip short bead style relies on keeping your mustache trimmed and your cheeks (and anything underneath your jawline) clean shaved. If you keep your sideburns feel free to connect them to your Chin Strip, but if you’re struggling to develop enough hair volume at this level, clean shave your sideburns and keep your sides slightly faded, so your jawline’s early hair patches act as the starting point of this short beard style.

Faded Beard Styles: The Easy Going and Mature Stubble

Short Beard Styles 3Source: Hairdostyle
To find your perfect stubble length, start by growing a short beard and then slowly shorten the length of your facial hair until you reach your desired look.

Stubbles are one of the best short beard styles for guys who don’t want to commit to a full-blown, long beard. This short beard is the perfect middle ground between a clean-shaven beard and a notorious one. The best part? It’ll only take you a few days to grow one!

The key thing about faded beard styles is keeping a clean, well-kept appearance. You want to keep the rugged appeal of well-spread facial hair without the visually saturated look of a developed beard, all of which comes down to a good beard trimmer and keeping tabs on your stubble’s daily growth.

By regularly trimming and shaping your stubble, you can project the faded beard style signature masculine and mature appearance. Stubbles can enhance your facial features and define your jawline without making your face look wider, which is also great!

Those of us who have a square face shape (and anyone with an oval face shape) benefit the most from faded beard styles. We can keep our hairstyle and facial hair closely cropped just like Jason Statham, and even try unique long hairstyles such as permed mullets by simply grooming our faded beard styles every 2 to 4 days.

The easy way to do this is by sweeping across your faded beard while using a shorter length on your trimmer. The idea is to clean up stray hairs around your cheeks and below Adam’s apple height. Furthermore, it’s recommendable to go for a natural fade to bare skin on its edges as it looks more hygienic.

Last but not least, it’s also a good idea to use an alcohol-free facial cleanser or moisturizer daily to prevent dry skin and make your face pleasant to the touch—your significant other will love you for it!

The Balbo Beard: A Stylish Look That Exudes Elegance

Short Beard Styles 4Source: IMDB
Robert Downey Junior brought back this cool short-style beard to convey an eccentric, genius personality.

The Balbo beard is a timeless, classy short beard style that combines a stand-alone mustache with a goatee beard. If you lack facial hair continuity between the end of your mustache and have some patchiness in your chin, then this short beard style is perfect for you.

The Balbo Beard is all about carefully trimming and minding the details. You can slightly vary its thickness depending on your haircut or personal style. You can make this short beard thick, long, or turned up or down at the corners of the mouth and get creative with its edges for a sophisticated look ahead of parties and formal occasions.

A quick, step-by-step guide for getting a Balbo beard would be to trim an outline 1 to 1.5 inches wide in the middle of your bottom lip line and keep trimming downwards and outwards for about 1.5 to 2.5 inches on either side of your chin. The latter will give you well-defined, separate styled hair patches around your mouth area to flatter triangular, round, and oval face shapes alike through a slim and clean look.

Regardless of how creative you get with this short beard style, it’s safe to say that you’ll need to care for its shape daily (depending on how fast your facial hair grows). We recommend using a mini foil shaver to make things easier whenever you need high levels of trimming precision and give your cheeks and neck a close shave to highlight your Balbo beard.

The BeardStache: Look Effortlessly Hip and Manly

Short Beard Styles 5Source: MossyOctopus
Combine a chevron mustache with a stubble beard to get an iconic and manly short beard style.

The Beardstache isn’t just making a comeback; it’s currently one of the best short beard styles for guys who appreciate a timeless, classy look that projects manliness.

This short beard style strikes the perfect balance between a mustache and a full beard, enhancing an easily maintained stubble with the visual impact of a properly grown chevron mustache. Growing a Beardstache is super easy: Let your mustache develop enough volume for a couple of months while keeping your stubble at a clean, short height level.

Let your mustache develop that flipped V-shape while making sure it partially covers your lips (use the trimmer to keep your lip line clear from annoying hair tips), then trim its edges to keep them lower than the corners of your mouth. That’s all it takes to grow a Beardstache!

Even though the beardstache is a trademark short beard style of the late 19th century, it arguably became famous among European grenadiers and elite army units such as the famous Cold Stream Guards. Back in the day, the beardstache became a stereotype for men who played by their own rules, projecting authority, confidence, and self-reliance while being stylish enough for formal social occasions.

The best part of this short beard style is that you can vary its length and thickness (depending on how noticeable you want it to be) with minimal grooming. Beardstaches can do wonders for square, triangle, and oval-shaped faces, rounding up short hairstyles and glasses.

A beardstache is also powered-up by keeping a healthy lifestyle. With a healthy diet and plenty of exercises, you can make the most of this short beard style by bulking up and making it the cherry on the cake of a well-developed upper body!

The Chin Goatee: Professional and Confident

Short Beard Styles 6Source: IMDB
The famous actor Djimon Hounsou makes the most out of his oval shape and angled jawline by styling a natural but well-trimmed chin goatee.

The chin goatee is one of the easiest to pull off, elegant short beard styles. It’s also an all-time favorite beard style amongst black men, given its versatile and stylish aesthetic.

As the name states, a chin goatee is a short beard style that resembles a goat’s lower facial hair, specifically their small and natural beard elongated in the chin area. These super-short beard looks are just the thing when going for an easy to maintain, clean and professional look.

The chin goatee looks great on guys with squared, oval, and round faces, making it slimmer and more angled towards the bottom. The lack of a mustache helps in highlighting your cheekbones, and since it lowers the amount of facial hair volume all across your face, it makes it the perfect complement for long and short hairstyles alike (and even more so if you go for a bald style!).

It’s safe to say that the chin goatee is the “team player” of short beard styles, allowing your more elaborate hairstyle to take the spotlight. Any accessories you wear, such as earrings, rimless sunglasses, and even tattoos, will effortlessly pop!

The chin goatee also allows for tons of modifications and tweaks. Depending on what you feel more comfortable with, you can experiment with broader or narrower chin goatee edges as well as different hair volumes.

Overall, the chin goatee provides a stylish yet masculine way to grow limited facial hair. We recommend shaving along your cheekbones often and removing all the hair on your neck whenever you’re going for this short beard style to maximize a clean, sharp look.

The Cool Viking Look: Long Hair with Beard

Short Beard Styles 8Source: Lasse Løkken Matberg
Lasse Matberg places his bun in the center back of the neck to pair his neatly cut beard.

Long hair with beards is one of the most popular combos for facial hair styling. Introducing a man bun while keeping a short beard is always a win for those lucky enough to grow long hair. It’s just a matter of keeping things not too “bushy” in favor of a clean look.

The key to long hairs with a beard is to create a pleasing contrast between your hair’s volume and the thickness of your short beard. Going for a clean, professional style requires that even long beards get shaped and carefully trimmed to preserve your facial hair lines’ definition.

The first thing we recommend when going for a long hair with beard look is to groom your beard top line. Your beard’s upper boundary is an underrated section that, if well-kept, can give you that clean right-out-out of the barbershop look, so always keep your beard’s upper boundary in a consistent shape. Depending on your preference and facial shape, you can go for a curved or straight cut.

An easy way to create and maintain a curved, downward slope in your beard’s top line is to stretch your cheek’s skin upward with your hand and hold it while using your trimmer. You don’t even need to angle the trimmer when clearing the foliage in a bottom-to-top motion, as the pulling of your cheek automatically gives any short beard a natural, well-defined curved top line.

Regardless of your beard’s volume, always keep the bottom line of your short beard adequately aligned. Just like with top lines, trimming the bottom of a short beard style will keep it from looking wispy and, at the same time, will make you look more fashionable and hygienic.

The Carefree and Stylish Scruff Beard

Short Beard Styles 9Source: IMDB
While Oscar Isaac looked great with a long beard when playing Duke Leo Atreides in Dune 2021, he also proves that a scruff beard can be just as cool (and a heck of a lot easier to keep!)

Scruffy beards are easy to pull off, casual and manly. Let your stubble develop to a reasonable volume while keeping its boundaries in check to look rugged but never messy.

For those who struggle to grow a luscious beard and scruffy beards, let us rock a rugged, unshaven look even if there are some patchy areas across our face. The key to this short beard style is to be more casual when it comes to trimming:

Keep your scruffy beard outlines well shaped by keeping your top and baseline clear from outlying hairs (especially across your cheeks and lower neck) and,

Always keep lip line hairs trimmed to avoid annoying tingling sensations around your mouth.

For a more professional version of a scrubby beard, it’s best to wash, dry, and comb it a couple of times each week and trim its volume by setting your electrical trimmer to a 10-12 mm mark.

Consider incorporating some specialized products as well. Beard shampoos aren’t just pleasant to use: they’ll moisturize, clean, and add a pleasant fragrance to your beard. Additionally, a small beard comb is an easy-to-carry addition that doesn’t take up much space in your mirror’s cabinet, helping you realign your short beard style without uncomfortable pulling your hairs.

Closing Words

Short beard styles are perfect for staying cool during the summer or complying with strict workplace codes that ban long beards. For many of us, short beards help us make the most out of patchy facial hair growth and less-notorious hair volume, and are a popular looksmaxing technique.

Even if it’s easy for you to grow a long beard, the short beards listed above are still great for trying something new while looking masculine and fashionable. We hope this piece can help you get the most out of your style, make great first impressions, and revitalize your outfits and overall aesthetics.

Not a fan of short beard styles? No worries! Keep an eye out for our men’s beard style series, as there are many more fantastic styles to check!