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Restoration Hardware: Luxurious Classical Furniture

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Restoration Hardware is a pioneer brand that brings you furniture, accessories, and premium fabrics to energize every corner of your home!

Restoration Hardware is a furniture brand that sets trends worldwide. Their catalog serves as a reference to furniture designers for an ample-spectrum of classical, transitional, art deco, chic, farmhouse, and beach house furniture pieces. Today, we’ll go through their design philosophy as well as reviewing some of their most recent and stunning collections:

Reflecting Human Design at Home

Restoration Hardware’s design philosophy is to reflect human design in home spaces. Its furniture pieces revolve around the idea that balance-based symmetrical proportions should reflect the golden mean (a theory of scale-based proportional values upheld by the Ancient Greek Philosopher Aristotle).

The golden mean is institutively harmonious, which is why when we walk into a space that presents colors, decorations, and furniture pieces in symmetry, we feel good. Restoration Hardware catalog aims to provide you with luxury furniture pieces that can deliver that harmonious energy by integrating high-quality materials with designer-inspirations that can match your taste and style.

The Cloud Sofa & Chair Collection

restoration hardware furniture collectionsSource: Restoration Hardware
The Cloud Sofa & Chair collection merges versatility, ideal proportions, and next-level comfort.

The Cloud Sofa & Chair Collection presents three frame styles of sofas and chairs, available in modular designs that adapt to any particular configuration you may have in mind.

The Cloud style, built for those who proffer a laid-back lounging and sink-in sensation (which includes a low 24 in. back support and broad arms). The Cloud Track style, providing a firmer body-weight response, slender track arms, and a 28-inch back cushion (perfect for accommodating guests after a dinner party). And last but not least, The Cloud Slop style with a classic furniture silhouette that features arms with a sweeping slope as well as the highest back support (33 inches.), being versatile and as elegant as its other two sister options.

The St. James Bedroom Collection

restoration hardware furniture collections 1Source: Restoration Hardware
Classic inspiration for elegant bedrooms.

The St. James Bedroom Collection presents us with one of the most comprehensive arrays of bedroom furniture options we’ve come across. From Panel beds with optional footboards, nightstands, and dressers, to master bathroom vanities & bath cabinets, this collection will fill your eyes with the beauty of classic designs. Each piece pays homage to architectural classicism as its designer, Geoffrey Hawkes, grant the scale and beauty of these furniture pieces with hand-carved fluted cornices carved from hardwood.

The Ames Dining Room Collection

restoration hardware furniture collections 2Source: Restoration Hardware
The Ames Dining Room Collection pays homage to 1950s modernism.

The Ames Dining Room Collection balances soft contrasts and stylish 1950s modernism to create this gorgeous collection. Its transitional appeal derives from a masterfully handcrafted solid oak frame and tailored upholstery. You’ll notice that its clean, sculpted profile is traced with hand-hammered nail heads, which is a stylish detail that further enhances any classical or traditional dining table of your choice. The Ames Dining Room traditional design is perfect for intimate gatherings and classy dinner parties alike, allowing you to create memorable moments with great company at any time.

The Balustrade Salvaged Wood Collection

restoration hardware furniture collections 3Source: Restoration Hardware
The Balustrade Salvaged Wood Collection features a romantic take on British structural wooden planks.

Few things are more romantic than recycling a century-year-old British building and turning it into classical furniture pieces with a rustic appeal. Restoration Home, in a stunning demonstration of how art can spawn from the waste of history, present us with the work of Timothy Oulton. Their salvaged wood baluster table collection is not only handcrafted: it’s also hand-picked, planed, and sanded to bring the most out of the wood’s durability.

These furniture pieces are perfect for modern living rooms. Many designers consider this collection as a go-to choice for remodeled farmhouses because of the furniture size and wide variety of finishes.

Parisian Furniture Collection

restoration hardware furniture collections 4Source: Restoration Hardware
The Parisian Furniture Collection brings luxury and style straight from the city of love.

The Parisian Furniture Collection turns any living space into a luxurious Parisian home. Restoration Hardware brings us an exquisite European interpretation of a classic design. Through track arm sofas, leather club recliners, cornice shelving pieces, and even task floor lamps, the collection gives you furniture inspired in 1920’s Paris. During this time, the postmodern movement was at its peak, embracing centuries of design and combining pared-down modernism with classical detail.

The collection is super-stylish, and it can add beauty to industrial interior designs, transitional lofts, and Art Deco spaces that wish to add a dash of luxury.


Restoration Hardware was founded by Stephen Gordon in 1979, as a boutique-type shop that could help him finance his home restoration project. His initial success in producing ornate decorative pieces made of metal allowed Restoration Home to expand its catalog until it became one of the best online furniture stores.

Today, their designers and artisans focus on creating original and masterfully-crafted furniture pieces that elevate interior aesthetics with style. Their quality and sensitivity for interior designs make it impossible to leave this brand out of our best furniture store reviews.


Restoration Hardware catalog features several look-specific options that cover living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, baths, home art, and textile additions to home spaces. Restoration Hardware has carefully curated collections that fit specific styles and looks, allowing customers to find their dream furniture in seconds. The brand consistently presents high-quality products neatly organized into tasteful collections that keep their customers coming back year after year. For this and many other reasons, Restoration Hardware earns a spot in our top furniture brands series.