reef sandals review by chipkos

Reef Sandals: Beachwear Made For All

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Reef was founded in the early 1990s by two Argentinian brothers with a single goal: celebrating beach culture! Reef has grown tremendously as a brand since then, has become one of the best sandal brands in the world. While their flip-flops, slides, and strappy sandals may be their flagship designs, Reef has a lot more to offer as well!

While Reef is well known among beachgoers, its catalog has continued to grow steadily over the years. Not only have their styles stayed ahead of the curve, but they’ve been innovating steadily. Their EcoOne lineup offers biodegradable materials, their bottle opener sandals were magic, and their casual women’s shoes are majestic. Check out some of Reef’s most popular designs.

Voyage Lux

mens voyage lux leather sandal by reefSource: Reef
The Voyage Lux by Reef is a high-end sandal designed with comfort in mind.

The Voyage Lux Sandal by Reef features a soft, full-grain leather upper and footbed and comes with that already broken-in feel. The classic toe-strap design is perfect for casual beachwear or more out-and-about scenarios. The molded footbed makes this design more accomodating to longer wear, and the waterproofing ensures the material will last longer than one might expect.

Cushion Sage SE

cushion sage womens casual beach shoe by reef
The Cushion Sage SE features a cork footbed and slip-resistant bottom

This Women’s Cushion Sage SE by Reef is a casual beach shoe is designed for an active lifestyle at the beach. It’s cool, breathable, and classy. The suede material makes it more of a terra-bound design; not particularly fit for water hopping. The complex cork footbed, adjustable heel strap, and patterned bottom make this shoe a one-of-a-kind design. Perfect for hanging out with friends, chilling at beach bars, or even strolling into the club.


fanning bottle opening sandal by reef

The Fanning Sandal With Bottle Opening by Reef includes, as the name implies, a built-in bottle opener on the bottom. No review of Reef footwear would be complete without mention of this iconic design. In retrospect—it seems so obvious to include a bottle opener on the bottom of one’s shoe. Since Reef first introduced this design feature it’s popped up on nearly every other piece of beach clothing possible. When a bottle opener doesn’t work well, companies will just attach one with a string.


Reef’s debut product was a simple, functional, and stylish-at-the-time thonged sandal. Today, one might scuff and say it belongs in the wardrobe of Saved By The Bell. I’d argue it’s just a classic! Soon after catching the eye of the public, Reef began sponsoring notable beach/oceans athletes such as Rob Machado. This helped their exposure start to swell like the waves on which their fanbase so often dwelled.

Reef began expanding aggressively into other beachwear including shoes, shorts, shirts, and also started unrolling designs specifically for women. The Miss Reef calendar has become iconic among teenagers and men around the globe. The sun-bronzed swimsuit model-clad pages helped Reef paddle even further ahead of the competition.

In 2005, Reef launched a new sandal with a bottle opener embedded into the bottom sole. This immediately became a hit among beachgoers on a global scale and quickly became the most imitated feature among beachwear designers for the next decade.

Since their success reached fever pitch, Reef has pioneered itself as stewards among social, ecological, and environmental missions. The WeHeart, Eco One, and Better Beach Alliance programs all funnel Reef’s corporate income into worthy causes to help foster a better beach experience for people around the world. In 2019, Reef doubled down on social equity and launched the Pride collection which funnels 100% of proceeds to the PFLAG organization.


Reef has transcended the label of beachwear and has become iconic within the industry. Their sponsorship of pro surfers, production of the Reef swimwear calendar, and charitable work make them among the best beachwear brands on planet Earth. Their notoriety comes from the sandals—but make no mistake: Reef has a great lineup of shirts, boardshorts, and swimsuits as well.