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Red Bottom Hats: Authentic and Prestigious Headwear

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Red is powerful, and nothing spells boldness and style as red bottom hats do. Check out the best red bottom hat models for this year!

Red bottom hats are both a personal and a fashion statement. Celebrities, music artists, and even top athletes such as Floyd Mayweather have rocked these hats in major events and fashion shows with tremendous success.

These unique hats are only fit for those confident enough to find a style that resonates with their personality. Like many other iconic accessories, red bottom hats are unisex and generally sport different crowns to better match specific outfits.

What Are Red Bottom Hats?

red bottom hats 4Source: Keith and James
When it comes to wearing red bottom hats, it’s all about attitude and confidence.

Red bottom hats are a type of dress hat that comes with a red-colored under brim. Depending on the hat’s crown shape, and overall design, they can be homburgs, cowboy hats, or fedoras, but the hat’s under brim always comes with a distinctive red tint.

These hats are luxurious accessories that you can wear in any number of casual and formal events, such as parties, weddings, fashion events, or even casual casino visits. Floyd Mayweather wears his red bottom hats for high-profile events, while Dani Alves wears his for galas or award ceremonies, but any high-roller can rock these at a casual cards game as well.

When it comes to red bottom hats, it’s all about attitude and proper attire combination. The models we’ve picked for you today are the very best of the best: they’re both easy to combine and spell luxury from brim to crown!

The Iconic Demi Blue Red Bottom Hat by Keith & James

red bottom hats 5Source: Keith and James
Bold and classy, the King Red Bottom Hat gives a distinctive mark of quality and stature.

The King Red Bottom Hat sets the standard for almost every hat of its kind due to its elegance and classic aesthetic. It’s a pure wool wardrobe accessory designed to project complete confidence, and it’s the perfect match for any blue wool suit that features cobalt undertones.

Keith & James is a brand known for its dedication to creating modern garments that give way to the timeless elegance of the jazz era. Their King red bottom hat excels at this by making its red-colored accent noticeable thanks to a curled brim, allowing you to pair its red accent and hat decoration with other formal outfit accessories such as red pocket squares and watches.

The Monarch Fedora Red Bottom Hat

red bottom hats 1Source: Bruno Capelo

Bruno Capelo is a world-renowned brand that specializes in red bottom hats.

Hats are underrated accessories capable of elevating your style and aura, and few are on Bruno Capello’s level. The Navy Blue Monarch from Bruno Capello can complete your overall look by allowing you to flaunt this headpiece in style while wearing a formal or casual outfit all the same.

Red bottom hats entered the fashion scene ever since gangster movies depicted them as part of the mafioso apparel. These accessories have caught the attention of eccentric and fashion lovers alike, who seek to reintroduce them to modern fashion. Bruno Capelo hats are typically combined with button shirts, vests, and lavish sneakers to create a luxurious and powerful aesthetic.

The Keith and James Jet Black Red Bottom Hat

red bottom hats 3Source: Keith and James
The Jet Black King is a timeless classic in the Keith and James catalog.

This Keith and James red bottom hat model is a must-have piece for this year. The Jet Black King projects prestige and power as well as a deep, magnetic charm. This red bottom hat is the kind of headwear that commands respect and class the moment it sits atop your head.

True to classic 20th-century fashion, this model comes with the signature Keith and James red suede brim, as well as the brand’s iconic red logo pin. The Jet Black King is, no doubt, a crown fit for a king.

The Wesley Red Bottom Hat by Bruno Capelo

red bottom hats 2Source: Bruno Capelo
Green emerald red bottom hats are versatile, smooth-looking headwear for those who love original wardrobe combinations.

This Green Emerald red bottom hat is both a rock outfit favorite, as it is an elegant emerald suit accessory. Quite a few celebrities enjoy wearing one of these high-quality dress hats, as is the case with LeBron James, who has flaunted his Bruno Capelo in one of his NBA interviews by paring it a green sweater covering a black button shirt.

This Bruno Capelo model is also easy to integrate into outfits. Need to wear a tie? You can match your red bottom hat with a green tie with red accents for a crisp, elegant look. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a casual outfit, you can match your Bruno Capelo hat with a white or emerald Henley shirt. Notice how you don’t even need a matching emerald piece to wear this fashionable headwear.


Red bottom hats are timeless, super fashionable accessories that positively make you stand out from the crowd. They’re also a symbol of good taste because they require a level of confidence and fashion awareness that most never develop. Also, keep in mind that these hats create the illusion of added height, making them the ideal complement to some of the best elevator shoes out there!