Permed Mullets

8 Surprisingly Cool Permed Mullet Hairstyles for Men

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Be bold and different with these ten permed mullet hairstyles!

Permed mullets are making a sick comeback this year. The need for newer and more ambitious hairstyles has sparked hairdressers’ creativity, prompting them to reinvent long-forgotten hairdos using today’s techniques and products.

The Best Permed Mullet Hairstyles

While a mullet on its own is defined by long hair at the back, a modern mullet is more about having the right amount of volume in the right area. Precision cuts, cleanliness, smooth textures (and strategically-groomed facial hair) are all combined to make you look your best.

There’s also an underrated, secret weapon that’s fully modernizing all mullets into masterpiece hairdos: The 21st-century perm. Folks back in the 80s would’ve killed to have one of today’s permed mullet! Thanks to this novel fashion technique, the permed mullet hairstyle is back in force.

Perms are a chemical treatment used to alter your hair’s natural texture, seamlessly altering your hair’s structure from straight to curly in record time. You can perm all of your hair or a specific section through a cold, digital (heat-inducing) or partial perm job.

Here are some of the most fashionable permed mullet hairstyles for this year!

Orlando Bloom’s Shaggy Mullet

Permed Mullets 1Source: Coolmenshair
Nothing better than a shaggy mullet to style a dreamy bohemian look.

The shaggy mullet embodies the carefree aesthetic of those who take life as it comes. Casual, mussy, and visually effortless, this free-spirited hairstyle includes choppy ends and a lot of curls to showcase as many natural curls as your hair can pull off.

Just look at how Orlando Bloom styled his shaggy mullet. The man rocked this careless hairstyle while sporting navy blue outfits during galas or simply wearing comfy white t-shirts alongside some tapered jeans and some casual vans sneakers.

For those blessed with abundant wavy hair, having shaggy mullet is a piece of cake: ask your stylist to keep short layers at the front, limit a bit of hair length to your sides while keeping the most volume at the back with the help of some precision cutlery.

But even if you have straight hair, you can still rock this hairstyle by getting a permed mullet on just about any high-rated, local salon nearby. The process is relatively simple: your stylist can help you develop a curvy mullet by wrapping the hair at the back of your head in small rollers to create plenty of wavey curls. One of the most popular eboy haircuts for this year also requires a perm job, so any barber worth their salt will know what to do.

The Resurgent of the 80s Mullet

Permed Mullets 2Source: Instyle
The 80s mullet it’s all about rock and roll. It’s a hairstyle that reminisces the wild, badass persona.

As time went by, the 80s mullet became so popular that both men and women styled it well into the 90s to the point of being associated with the redneck mullet. From Def Leppard fans to trailer park city, it’s undeniable that the 80s mullet became the undying staple of a rollercoaster decade.

It’s funny how fashion trends (much like history) repeat themselves. Each decade adds a twist that goes hand-in-hand with the ever-evolving pop culture. Just when you thought that the 80s mullet was a thing of the past, a blazing thunderstruck comes down from Netflix to resuscitate this hairstyle and all its rebellious fighting power.

Remember Drace Montgomery (Billy Hargrove from Stranger Things)? He’s the perfect example of how this hairstyle starstruck countless guys and gals back in the day. Of course, you can get the most out of an 80s mullet if you work out, stay tanned and apply some looksmaxing tips on your everyday grooming.

Thankfully, salons and barbershops have come a long way regarding hairstyling techniques, equipment, and products. You can re-create this rockstar 80s mullet with a single visit to your barber, making it one of the most popular choices today.

Curly mullets and permed mullets are now way cooler than those from 40 years ago, adopting more of a loose California beach wave to convey a more natural, attractive appeal. To create this So-Cal vibe, hairdressers often wrap your hair around tiny uniform rods of different sizes to create curvy mullets, and even cover your head with special cloths to give you that super-soft wave looks to each curl section!

The Futuristic Asian Mullet

Permed Mullets 3Source: HaircutInspiration
Embrace the cyberpunk aesthetic with this fashionable man perm.

The Asian mullet is quickly becoming one of the trendiest hairstyles in the East. It offers stylists the opportunity to combine original fades, cuts, and transitions for a unique futuristic look.

Some Asian mullets emulate permed mullet hairstyles with faded sides and extra curvy backsides. 90s pop music stars with curly hair would let it grow just above their necks, as stylists would later reduce any excessive lengths (while keeping the hair’s weight in check), so their curls wouldn’t flatten over time.

On the other hand, Asian mullets can also adopt a futuristic style to round up techwear outfits and their dystopian fashion. The mohawk style of these mullets keeps their locks at any length (unlike your traditional curly guy perm). The lateral fades allow you to rock tattoos and piercings, just like a tech-enhanced human from Ghost in the Shell’s Newport City.

The New and Improved Redneck Mullet

Permed Mullets 4Source: Kenneth Kiser
Depending on their hair length, a man can either perm his whole head or just the top.

The newest redneck mullets are becoming impressive masterpieces that showcase a stylist’s talent and ingenuity. Each client comes with a unique personality and sense of fashion and leaves with a fashionable redneck mullet that resonates with their free spirit.

Despite the term, redneck mullets no longer look like Joe Dirt’s hairdo. Hairdressers take the latest techniques and products to create cutting-edge, artistic representations that look absolutely rad.

For instance, the work of Kenneth Kiser (master barber at JC MALE Barbershop) shows us how a redneck mullet can benefit from bust fade haircuts on the sides. He manages to create awesome radial features that originate from each ear, while a mohawk-styled redneck mullet flows to the back in true 80’s fashion!

Keeping It Smooth and Simple with A Taper Mullet

Permed Mullets 5 2Source: Instagram
Ask your stylist or barber for a high taper into a textured crop top!

Styling a taper mullet is all about reducing your back head’s hair thickness as it reaches neck level. This version of a not-so curly mullet is quickly becoming one of the most popular haircut styles nowadays simply because it offers a versatile and fresh-cut that accentuates the styling on top.

The taper mullet adapts more to formal occasions than the modern permed mullet style. Its undertone aesthetic lets you choose from a high, mid, or low fade haircut on the sides to determine how sharp you want the cut to look. The minimalist take on a mullet works with tuxedos,  graduation day outfits, and work environments, making it an excellent choice for guys that work and party hard.

You can also add a fade to your sides to add contrast and attitude to your taper mullet. Rest assured that even if your tapper mullet doesn’t have that much volume, it will still look pretty dope!

The Dope Afro Mullet

Permed Mullets 6Source: Instagram
This “business in the front, party in the back” hairstyle has deep roots in pop culture.

Afro mullets might be as big today as they once were more than four decades ago. Curly mullets and permed mullets are becoming increasingly popular because this hairstyle is remarkably low maintenance and easy to vary.

We’ve come a long way from when Rick James dominated pop music and nightclubs while being kicked in the chest by Charlie Murphy. Even if you’re not as eccentric or magnetic as the man himself, you only need a bit of curl and some built-in volume to get some of that swag.

The key to afro mullets is to round it up with any catchy hairstyle design on the sides. Let your barber get creative with it to complement this awesome hairdo’s thickness and natural glow!

If you’re looking to get some serious scrunch, remember to keep your hair fairly hydrated so you can later blow-dry it to get the most out of your curly mullet! Word to the wise: an afro mullet looks absolutely fire with some LeBron’s on your feet!

The Superstar Blonde Mullet

Permed Mullets 7Source: Allure
This permed mullet hairstyle owes its renaissance to a Netflix hit show.

The blonde mullet hairstyle truly showcases just how far fashion has come in the last 40 years. Forget what you know about the classic mullet, and get ready to experience the latest versions of this hairstyle in the form of both long and medium-length blonde mullets.

In Stranger Things, Joe Keery (Steve Harrington) shows us how to rock a permed mullet with swagger and attitude. All you have to do is avoid over-washing it, apply some egg conditioner, and gently dry it before smoothly combing it back.

Even if you don’t want (or can’t) develop enough hair to reach down to the back of your hair, you can still ask your go-to stylist to shape your hairdo into the newest form of a blonde mullet (and even dye it if you’re not naturally blonde!).

Suppose you’re going to a wedding: once you get a permed mullet, you can still brush your hair and add a little bit of gel (like Val Kilmer in the movie Heat) and knock everyone’s socks out. You can also comb it to one side or renovate it with a burst fade on the sides to still look sharp every day, especially if you develop a grooming routine you’re willing to follow religiously!

The Masculine Perm Mullet

Permed Mullets 8Source: IMDB
The perm mullet goes well with suits, bomber jackets, and flannel shirts!

Perm mullets are the perfect way for guys to stand out and try something different than your regular, modern-day faded haircut. The best part? You don’t even need to have long hair to rock this remastered 90s classic!

You also don’t need to be into soft boy aesthetics to ride the wave of fashion nowadays. If you prefer a more rugged and masculine style, you might want to take a look at Van Damme’s early 90’s perm mullet style from Hard Target (1993).

Perhaps the best part of getting this type of permed mullet is that you’d only need to have slightly wavy hair. This minimally curly mullet looks best if your hair is naturally long, but even if you have short hair, just ask a stylist about getting some short extensions: the key here is to keep the hair on relatively short while strings of hair fall back past your shoulders.

What’s more, a Van Damme permed mullet looks super fresh while wearing bomber jackets, jeans, and some easy to combine black sneakers. You can also rock your permed mullet by wearing some top-of-the-line, inexpensive rimless sunglasses on a sunny day, or get that surfer mullet vibe when going to the beach, just like some of the most popular Australian surfers do right now!


The permed mullet is making a huge comeback this year. We’ve gathered some of the best curly hair mullet and guy perm hairstyles for anyone looking to grow their hair throughout the season and ride the trend’s wave.

Feel free to use these cool-looking permed mullets as a reference and get yourself a treat at the nearest, highest-rated salon at your location!