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5 High-Performance Parkour Pants You Need to Try

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Only the best parkour pants offer safety, superb range of motion, and style. Take a look at the best models this year has to offer!

Parkour has emerged as one of the most popular sports in the last decade, and this increase in popularity has caught the attention of industry leaders and underground brands alike. These brands seek to equip traceur with high-tech, fashionable parkour gear that will take your flow to the next level.

Finding the perfect balance between comfort, performance, and aesthetics is often challenging and costly. Today, we’ve decided to list the best parkour pants from top brands to guarantee you never settle with a subpar loadout. Here’s how we ranked the best of the best for you:

The Best Parkour Pants

Parkour requires you to practice and execute maneuvers that often defy what the human body can accomplish. Pushing yourself to the limit (without hindering your movement) requires pants that maximize your range of motion and comfort at all times. We consider this the first of three criteria parkour pants must pass with flying colors.

Next, we evaluated their abrasion-resistant potential. Dinging your legs and ending up with accidental scrapes on your shins is almost guaranteed to happen if you don’t use the best parkour clothing. The best parkour pants will protect you from bruises, scrapes and make your sliding that much smoother too. The models we’ve picked will not only keep your legs in top shape, but they’ll also weather the elements and intense training sessions to come.

Making sure that your parkour pants accentuate your movements and increase your flow is another factor we considered. The best parkour pants must ease you in that flow state and make every move look and feel flawless. These hand-picked models are also easy-to-combine pieces you can easily use for last-minute runs to the store or casual outings.

Now that we’ve gone over what only the best parkour pants can do for you, it’s time we show you the best of the best for this year!

Total Comfort: The Tiro 19 Sweatpants

parkour pants 1Source: Adidas
The Tiro 19 keep you comfortable and scrape-free.

The Adidas Tiro 19 sweatpants are, by far, one of the best parkour sweatpants for this year. It combines stretchy fabric with a cut close to the body, allowing you to maximize your range of motion while promoting clean footwork.

These sweatpants also come with a breathable, moisture-absorbing fabric that quickly dries, thanks to its increased airflow design. Stylish and comfortably worn even in hot weather, the Tiro 19 are some of the best parkour pants Adidas has released.

Southpole Fleece Jogger: Comfortable and Durable

parkour pants 2Source: Southpole
The Southpole Fleece Sweatpants prioritize comfort and mobility.

Southpole has grown into a well-recognized brand, known for its stylish, durable, and affordable catalog. Their Fleece Sweatpants are currently one of their top-rated products and with good reason. The elastic waist, ribbed ankle cuffs, and soft fabric take the best that sweatpants and jogger design have to offer and merge it into a single product.

The result? A durable parkour pant you can also use for free running circuits or casual trips to the mall. The brushed-back fleece aesthetic has also become a staple in today’s casual outfits, making this stylish piece an easy-to-combine parkour pant for everyday use.

Nike Classic Fleece Pants: Tried and True Design

parkour pants 3Source: Nike
The Nike Sportswear Pants offers next-level flexibility and protection.

The Nike’s Classic Fleece strides are flexible, breathable, and durable parkour pants that will keep you dry and comfortable throughout your training. These pants feature strong fleece threading to deliver top-notch protection as well as a unique aesthetic that sets them apart from generic models.

This Nike model comes with an adjustable waistband that guarantees a great fit at all times, ensuring your body remains unhindered during challenging circuits. It also comes with a breathable fabric that keeps your legs dry even during extra hot days.

Take Flight Ultra Pants

parkour pants 5Source: Take Flight
The Take Flights Ultra Parkour Pants offers that old-school, baggy pants parkour aesthetic that many love.

Take Flights Ultra Parkour Pants are perfect for fans of the classic parkour aesthetic. Take Flight is one of the best parkour clothing brands out there: their products prioritize performance, comfort, and style for veteran traceurs that know exactly what they need to reach new heights.

The Ultra Parkour exceeds other models in terms of protection, thanks to its 100% polyester fabric and baggy design. This model also rivals techwear pieces in terms of versatility: the zipper pockets, inner pocket key holder, and back velcro pocket allow you to carry essentials with ease. The Ultra Parkour is the best parkour pant for any traceur that prefers baggy pants over sweatpants or joggers.

The FARANG Stretch Shorts: Ideal for Summer Training

parkour pants 4Source: FARANG
The Farang Stretch Shorts are the ideal summer parkour companions.

FARANG’s Stretch Shorts are an excellent alternative to your parkour pants, especially if you plan to train during the blistering summer heat. While parkour pants offer more abrasive protection than any stretch shorts could, weather conditions might force you to go for a short that keeps you cool and comfortable.

FARANG is a brand that specializes in parkour gear and urban-styled apparel, making their Stretch Shorts the best option for summer training. These shorts are second to none in terms of style, so feel free to use them for beach trips or casual outings as well!


As with any other high-intensity sports, only the best parkour clothing can help you reach new heights. Balancing the pros and cons that each of these models offers will allow you to find parkour pants that adapt to your circuits, weather, and preferences to perfection. Thankfully, all of the models we’ve listed today can also be integrated into casual and sporty outfits, ensuring that you’ll get the most out of your money in the long run!