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The Best Parkour Gloves for Grip Strength [Products + Review]

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The best parkour gloves protect you from nasty cuts and low temperatures without compromising your grip. Stop ripping your calluses and take your parkour game to the next level with the best parkour gloves for this year!

Being able to feel and react to your environment is essential in parkour. Some traceurs carefully develop and maintain calluses over the years to that end, but most end up prematurely ripping them and risking nasty cuts and infections along the way.

Most traceurs choose to use parkour gloves that maximize tactile feedback (especially those that practice their circuits in cold weathers). Today we’ve hand-picked (pun intended) the best parkour gloves for this year and took a closer look at what they had to offer. Here’s how we picked them:

The Best Parkour Gloves

When it comes to parkour gloves, all traceurs agree that preserving tactile feedback and finger dexterity is critical. All the models that we picked will help you feel the surface you’re grabbing to ensure your grip remains as strong as you need it to be.

Gloves that enhance your finger dexterity actively protect the rest of your body from slipping and falling. But they must also shield you from other environmental hazards, such as broken glass, sharp edges, and rusty surfaces teeming with tetanus and other bacteria. Even if you carefully maintain callouses and avoid painful rips, there’s always the chance you’ll end up with a chunk of glass embedded in your palm, an experience any traceur would rather avoid. This performance-first approach is what the best parkour clothing tends to have in common.

Lastly, we believe the best parkour gloves must shield you from water and cold temperatures at all times. Snow quickly turns into water and freezes your hands, which in turn messes with your grip and tactile feedback in a matter of minutes. The models we’ve picked will keep your hands responsive and preserve your grip even when faced with adverse weather.

Now that we’ve established what veteran and novice traceurs need, it’s time we take a closer look at the best parkour gloves for this year!

First Tactical’s Slash Patrol Parkour Gloves

parkour gloves 1Source: First Tactical
The Slash Patrol is lightweight, snag-proof, and has a precision fit.

The Slash Patrol Gloves are a high-quality, affordable accessory that allows you to navigate even the most challenging circuits. The Slash Patrol features a Kevlar-lined palm that shields you from rusty metals and pointy edges while preserving your grip strength and tactile feedback. These parkour gloves also come with a minimalist design that seamlessly combines with the rest of your parkour gear.

Harbinger Pro Wristwrap Gloves

parkour gloves 3Source: Harbinger
The Harbinger Wrist wrap gloves prioritize finger mobility and grip strength.

These fingerless Harbinger Weightlifting gloves are some of the best parkour gloves out there. The Harbinger comes with a StretchBack performance mesh that maximizes finger mobility and natural hand movement.

Similarly, their leather palm section offers protection from rough surfaces while retaining sensation in your hands (a big must for any traceur). It’s important to mention that the padding under the fingers is thin enough to hold on to metal rails and bars but padded enough to keep your joints from being irritated after long-lasting training sessions. Plus, these parkour gloves also have a fully adjustable wrist strap to fit different hand shapes, keeping them firmly in place throughout your stunts.

S.O.L.A.G Tactical Half Finger Gloves

parkour gloves 4Source: Seibertron
The Seibertons half-finger parkour gloves are an excellent all-rounder alternative.

The Seibertron S.O.L.A.G gloves are lightweight, durable, flexible, and highly protective, essentially everything a parkour glove should be. Their multi-function design makes them exceptionally versatile, striking a balance between protection and flexibility by combining the right amount of padding with tremendous wrist support.

The S.O.L.A.G are anti-slip, quick-drying gloves that feature state-of-the-art nylon and EVA padding. These parkour gloves keep your hands warm and are machine washable, making them easy-to-maintain accessories that adapt to all weathers and conditions.

Adidas Versatile Climalite Gloves

parkour gloves 2Source: Adidas
The Adidas Climalite comes with moisture-wicking fabric that keeps your grips strong and dry at all times.

Adidas Versatile Climalite is a durable, comfortable, and lightweight pair of gloves that offer fantastic value for your money. The back of this parkour glove features breathable polyester mesh that keeps your hands at optimal temperature during the summer.

The Climalite is the go-to choice for any traceur with natural sweaty hands because it keeps your hands dry without compromising finger dexterity and grip strength. It’s clear that Adidas’ vast experience in sportswear design helped them create one of the best parkour gloves for this year.


Parkour gloves have quickly become must-have accessories for traceurs today. A decade ago, most traceurs preferred to carefully develop callouses over the years to maximize their grip and tactile feedback. This painful and arduous process of ripping callouses and regrowing them was necessary because technology hadn’t caught up to their individual needs.

Thankfully, technology has come a long way since then, and specialized gloves are used in high-intensity sports such as parkour and combat scenarios. The gloves that we’ve picked today check all the boxes in terms of performance, durability, and protection that all traceurs need for even the most challenging circuits out there.