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5 Next-Generation Parkour Backpacks You Need to Try

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Smashing challenging circuits and parkouring throughout the day is one of the best feelings in the world. The best parkour backpacks carry and protect your everyday essentials so you can spend the day doing what you love the most!

Parkouring demands freedom of movement, and more often than not, carrying your everyday essentials restricts it. Traceurs a decade ago would leave their devices and wallets behind because designers couldn’t offer a proper parkour backpack that could conveniently safeguard them.

Today, technology has given us even more devices and essentials we carry everywhere. But it has also given us the best parkour backpacks we could hope for. Today we’ve hand-picked models that offer next-level mobility, ergonomic protection, and style for day-long parkour sessions. Here’s how we picked them:

The Best Parkour Backpacks

When it comes to parkour backpacks, the review team agreed that weight and dimensions are key factors to consider. If you’re the kind of traceur that leaves their home early and comes back at dusk, then you’ll need a parkour backpack you can effortlessly carry throughout the day. This parkour bag also needs appropriate dimensions that help you execute your movements freely without snagging onto surfaces.

Veteran traceurs also agree that there needs to be a balance between capacity and sturdiness. The parkour backpack needs to have enough space for all your everyday essentials, but it also needs to be sturdy enough to protect them during rolls (the move that tends to damage devices the most).

Lastly, parkour backpacks that offer style and handy features are clearly superior. Additional features such as water bladder or water bottle containers, camera holders, and zippered pockets for devices are great, as long as they keep your bag lean instead of bulky. The best parkour clothing needs to be functional and stylish, and backpacks are not the exception.

Now that we’ve shared our criteria with you, it’s time we take a look at the best parkour backpacks for this year!

The Fastbreak: Tailor-made for Parkour

parkour backpack 4Source: Untamed
The Fastbreak combines high-quality materials and parkour-oriented design in a single backpack.

The Fastbreak by Untamed is one of the few parkour backpacks specifically designed for this high-intensity sport. It merges cutting-edge German engineering and top-notch materials to create the ideal companion for day-long parkouring in urban settings.

It comes with water and tear-resistant materials that you could find in high-end techwear backpacks, but with a weight-saving design that keeps it slim. The Fastbreak comes with a zip closure chest strap and a handy waist strap that minimize chafing and rubbing on your back, plus it keeps the content safe and tight. Keep in mind that its design cuts down on padding to stay slim, so you might need to wrap the contents with a towel.

The Daylite: Best All-Around Parkour Backpack

parkour backpack 1Source: Osprey
The Osprey Daylite is one of the best parkour backpacks for this year.

The Daylite by Osprey is, by far, the most versatile parkour backpack out there. The Daylite is lightweight, comfortable, durable, and spacious all at once. If you’re the type of traceur that can’t leave their home without their trusty laptop, then the Daylite is the best choice for you.

The large panel-loading main compartment easily fits a laptop, tablet, camera, or other devices that you need to take along for your training sessions. The Daylite by Osprey features bluesign-approved recycled fabrics capable of enduring everyday wear and tear without trouble, allowing you to get the most out of your accessory for years to come.

The dual side compression straps, internal reservoir sleeve, and side mesh pockets are some of our favorite additional features for parkour backpacks. Minimalist style is still trending this year, making the Osprey Daylite a fashion statement on its own!

The Camelbak LR 15: Hydration on Demand

parkour backpack 2Source: Camelbak
The M.U.L.E LR 15 gets rid of your bulky water bottle and seamlessly integrates it into your backpack.

The LR 15 Hydration Pack by Camelbak is, hands down, one of the best parkour backpacks for this year. The design centers around a lumbar reservoir that hold up to 3L of water while dynamically adapting to your movements.

The Low Rider design shifts the load from your shoulders to your hips for a lower center of gravity, which in turn maximizes your range of movement. The LR 15 also comes with additional storage in its harness, allowing you to access your smartphone and other essentials without removing the pack.

The Everest Sling Bag: Lightweight and Fashionable

parkour backpack 3Source: Everest
The Everest has skyrocketed in popularity amongst traceurs that wish for an ultra-light alternative to backpacks.

The Everest has it all: a durable, comfortable, and stylish design. This unisex sling bag design is perfect for traceurs that prefer a trendy spin on a classical backpack design. The Sling Back by Everest comes with a 12” shoulder drop that adjusts to your body shape and features two outer pockets that keep your wallet and keys safe and accessible at all times.

This sling bag is also popular amongst commuters and cyclists, making it one of those trendy everyday accessories you can confidently use outside of training sessions.

The CamelBak Hydrobak: Old-school, Lightweight Design

parkour backpack 5Source: Camelbak
The Hydrobak comes with a streamlined design that keeps you nimble and hydrated.

The HydroBak by Camelbak is a no-nonsense parkour backpack that keeps things old school and highly functional. This minimalist backpack has remained a favorite amongst traceurs and top hikers because of its ultra-slim design, ventilated mesh harness back panel, and highly efficient Crux water delivery system.

The Hydrobak 50 oz Hydration Pack also comes with conveniently placed zippered pockets that keep your essentials safe from the elements at all times. This Camelbak model is a stylish, comfortable parkour backpack that we couldn’t leave out of our list.


Each traceur has a unique personality, needs, and style, which makes finding the best parkour backpack a daunting task. We’re proud to say that all of these models are worthy of being used with the best parkour clothing for this year.

Finding the right balance between weight, design, comfort, and utility is a personal journey that all traceurs must endure, but it’s also a very rewarding one. Whether you value hydration, versatility, or comfort, our list offers quality and style for you!