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Original Grain: Wood Watches of Quality, Style, and Sustainability

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Original Grain creates timeless, stylish pieces with a unique backstory. Their watches combine authenticity and outstanding craftsmanship to distinguish their exclusive clientele from the rest.

Original Grain watches stay true to characters and patterns ingrained in each piece of timber to create fashionable timepieces. By integrating reclaimed wood, their wooden watches feature a unique backstory that stays true to its owner.

The company has combined sustainable hardwoods and stainless steel to redefine everything you’d expect from a watch. These wood grain watches display a level of craftsmanship capable of weathering the outdoors or dazzling savvy trendsetters on any given day.

Watches Made of Wood

Original Grain combines age-old woodworking techniques with premium, time-tested wood to create their one-of-a-kind pieces. The company exclusively creates watches made of wood handcrafted to perfection. The artisans that work on these pieces preserve the timber’s pattern to ensure their creations are one-of-a-kind timepieces.

The company is also famous for creating some of the best-looking wooden watches, designed to strategically make the most out of every grain of the wood. The company is also partnered with Trees for the Future and plans a new tree for every watch sold, allowing them to create eco-friendly watches built to impress.

The Barrell Sustainable Wood Watches

best wooden watches 1Source: Original Grain
The Barrel incorporates reclaimed American oak bourbon barrel wood as an essential part of its design.

Every Original Grain wooden watch is a masterful fusion of uniquely patterned hardwood with plated stainless-steel encasings that perfectly match its timber tones. The Barrel 42 mm piece stands as a classic and stylish wristwatch that allows you to stand out from the crowd.

Ideally, you want to rock this beauty with a nice fitted navy suit and brown shoes (or boots). It’s also a perfect addition to a business casual look that relies on classic button shirts. The Barrel also works as part of everyday outfits that favor simple V-neck shirts and any trusty blue jeans.

The Chrono Sustainable Wood Watches

best wooden watches 2Source: Original Grain

Chrono models are eco-friendly watches with elevated style and great functionalities.

The Chromo 44mm is one of the best-looking wooden watches you can find. This ruggedly elegant wristwatch has an unusual and beautiful grain that makes it perfect to wear while rolling up your sleeves on dinner dates, school, or work.

The Chrono also comes with functions such as its stopwatch timing system, calendar date function, and a versatile design that includes different bands. The wood watch leather band model is perfect for a rustic, adventurous lifestyle in the outdoors.

The Classic Sustainable Wood Watches

best wooden watches 3Source: Original Grain
The Classic Rosewood accents always convey timeless elegance and strength.

Original Grain is one of the best wood watch brands thanks to their sustainable wood watches authenticity, innovation, and next-level craftsmanship. A trait that shows in their Classic real wood watch collection, which features domed glasses and hardwood bezels for a modern-day look.

The Classic wooden watches collection stands out from other Original Grain options thanks to its All-natural Rosewood component. The model comes with distinct rich hues that contrast the wristwatch stainless steel belt for a sophisticated look.

The Modern Minimal (MNML) Sustainable Wood Watch

best wooden watches 4Source: Original Grain
This Hawaiian wood watch is one of Original Grain’s best-selling timepieces.

Original Grain’s design team drew inspiration from the ancient Hawaiian custom of sculpting their gods in Koa wood to design the Modern Minimal  (formerly MNML) sustainable wood watch. The latter is one of the finest textured woods, and it pairs beautifully with a leather band, making the Modern Minimal model one of the best-looking eco-friendly watches on the market.

This casual and super trendy piece perfectly complements any apparel, making it an incredibly well-rounded timepiece for any occasion.

The Alterra Chrono 44mm

best wooden watches 5Source: Original Grain
The Alterra is an all-time favorite Father’s Day and retirement gift watch that lets its wearer exude success and confidence.

If you’re looking for a stunning wooden watch that draws compliments, look no further than the Alterra Chrono model. This timepiece is a beautiful, elegant piece of art with a design that appeals to your inner rebel.

A watch can be a statement piece or a simple accessory to round out your look. The Alterra can serve as a centerpiece of a casual look or a sophisticated timepiece that lets your tuxedo do the talking. Either way, the Alterra Chrono projects trustworthiness, responsibility, and a refined taste.

Is Original Grain Watches Legit

Absolutely. Original Grain is deeply committed to creating eco-friendly wooden watches that project status and luxury. Their partnership with Trees for the Future in Senegal guarantees that for every watch sold, a tree is planted where it matters the most. These strategically planted trees help reduce poverty, feed families, and actively change local lives for the better.

The company exclusively uses reclaimed and sustainably sourced materials for its products. Their men’s wood and steel watches and eco-friendly women’s watches have allowed this company to plan over 500,000 trees and has spearheaded reforestation efforts in the Umpqua National Forest.


Original Grain is deeply committed to creating the best wooden watches, but they strive to do so in an environmentally conscious way. Their talented team of artisans has taken the company to the upper echelons of watches and accessories suppliers today. Simply put; Original Grain strives to lead the push for more eco-conscious products manufacturing by example.

It’s an achievement that fills Ryan and Andrew Beltran (the company’s founders) with pride and joy. Their new wood watches are literal pieces of time encased in a carefully hand-crafted vessel. It’s a vessel with a history etched in its pattern: a history that belongs exclusively to its lucky owner—affording its rich style and elegance.