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OoFos: Recovery Footwear With Astounding Style

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Oofos offers some of the best sandals for helping support active recovery. Their patented OoFoam technology absorbs impact to help provide extra cushioning and support when you need it most. The big surprise? The OoFos catalog doesn’t look like your typical health-first mundane—it’s got style!

OoFos got its start designing footwear to help people recover. Athletics, injuries, medical conditions—you name it. Wherever there’s a chance to help support the foot OooFos has an answer. The technology behind OoFos’ success is their proprietary OOFoam which is the base of their product designs. However, you’ll find a myriad of other styles including shoes, boots, clogs, and more. Let’s take a look at some of the best shoes OoFos has to offer.

OoAhh Sport Flex by OoFos

oofos mens ooahh sport flex sandal blackSource: OoFos
The OoAhh Sport Flex by OoFos features a thick supportive strap

The OoAhh Sport Flex Sandal by OoFos features a single molded OOfoam design with a thick top-affixing strap. This modernized take on the classic slide-on design is built for more active movements. This sandal is designed to absorb impact, support soles, and designed to reduce stress on the knees, back, and feet.

OoCloog Luxe by OoFos

Womens OoCloog Luxe by OoFosSource: OoFos
The OoCloog Luxe is a stylish re-imagining of the casual clog.

The OoCloog Luxe by OoFos is a stylish re-imagination of the Croc-style design that’s captured the casual footwear market. The hand-painted materials offer a sheen that makes this clog really pop. This shoe is perfect for a casual day of shopping, hanging with friends, or even a night out. The dark mystique paired with the deep sheen makes it as versatile as it is comfortable.

OoMG Fibre Low Shoe by OoFos

OoMG Fibre Low Shoe by OoFosSource: OoFos
The OoMG Fibre Low by OoFos is a performance-first athletic design with a breathable mesh upper.

The OoMG Fibre Low Shoe by OoFos is a comfort-first design featuring the renowned OoFoam foam material for impact support and also incorporates OoFos’ Fibreflex fabric tech on the top. This makes for one breathable, comfortable, and impact-absorbing masterpiece. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another orthopedic caliber design with as much style or performance consideration!


OoFos has made a name for itself by working hard to meet the demands of those that need foot support above the measure of average shoe companies. Their sandals have become that of legend; built for comfort, capable of performance, stylish to boot—what’s not to love?

If you aren’t quite sold on OoFos’ style, their charitable commitments might help open your eyes. OoFos’s Project Pink initiative has seen over 3/4 million dollars donated to the Dana-Farber Breast Cancer Research Team. Purchases of any product through their website results in a 2% donation towards the cause.


OoFos stands out amidst an ocean of sandal manufacturers as uniquely designed. Their OoFoam offers a tremendous advantage for those recovering from injury or to performance athletes looking to keep their edge razor sharp. The OoFos catalog features some of the best sandals we’ve seen for those with plantar fasciitis or similar foot conditions. However, you should still consult with your doctor about their relevance to your condition.