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Olukai: Hawaiian Inspired Comfort for Your Feet

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OluKai is one of the biggest names in sandals and casual footwear. Their catalog features a wide selection of sandals, shoes, and hand-crafted boots embodying the Hawaiin style and cultural artistry.

Whether you’re shopping for a warm and cozy fuzzy boot or looking for an artisanal hand-crafted leather sandal—OluKai has something to offer. We’ve said their one of the best sandal brands on the market for years but don’t let them fool you: their catalog has a little bit of everything!


olukai hiapo mens leather sandalsSource: Olukai

Translated as First Born, the Hiapo Men’s Sandal by Olukai is built to last. This sandal features natural leather constructed via a tumbling process for softening and aging. This hand-sewn design features ornate tattoo-style art on the soles. This is a wide sandal meant for feet with wide arches. The Hiapo comes in several color variations that accentuate or attenuate the footbed artwork, depending on the style.

Pehuea Hulu

olukai pehuea hulu womens furry bootsSource: Olukai

The Pehuea Hulu by Olukai, translated as A Rising Wind, is a plush, leather-clad design that will help keep your toes warm on cool island days without sacrificing style. This women’s boot features a dual-density footbed, a slip-resistant bottom with inspired Polynesian artwork. This furry boot is great for casual wear but can make do in more upscale settings as well given the quality leather design.


olukai upena girls sandals in silverSource: Olukai

The Upena Girls Sandals in Silver by Olukai, translated to Net, are a fun and energetic design perfect for young girls. This shoe design takes inspiration from the fishing nets used throughout traditional islander life and is meant to embody the energetic spirit of its people as well. This design is great for playing outdoors, wearing in the classroom, or even supporting short to medium-distance hiking.

Company History

Call us old-fashioned, but we feel knowing a bit more about how a company operates is important before buying their products. Olukai got its start while striving to approach footwear in a way that hadn’t yet been done—combining durability with artisanal style. This Hawaiian-inspired brand draws deeply from its islander heritage which is evidenced throughout the Olukai catalog.

Through their Ama OluKai Foundation, OluKai helps provide financial support to those that “celebrate the cultural heritage and Aloha spirit of Hawaii.” This equity, pursued via the 501(c)3 foundation located in Hawaii, partners with upbeat and progressive organizations that share the respect of native Hawaiin heritage and culture. The Ama OluKai foundation seeks to support those that preserve the land and oceans of Hawaii, among many other local goals.

OluKai is a Certified B Corporation which means they are part of a global alliance of environmentally and socially sustainable companies. B-Class certification requires that OluKai undergo rigorous standards assessments to ensure their commitment to the community, the environment, and the rights and wellbeing of their employees.

Typical Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty for Defects

Overall Impressions

OluKai is more than just a shoe company: they’re a cultural beacon with a broad perspective on their role as corporate stewards. Not only do their products speak on their own in terms of design quality and style, but a percentage of purchases go towards helping to preserve the beauty of Hawaii. If that’s not a good reason to upgrade your current footwear, we don’t know what is!