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Nike All Condition Gear (ACG): Performance-Based Techwear

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Looking to revamp your dresser with a futuristic look? Nike’s All Condition Gear (ACG) collections are not only hailed as top performance clothing, but they also sport some of the best-looking Techwear aesthetics today!

Nike is one of the world’s best Techwear brands but—despite the brands’ popularity— most are unaware of this fact. Nike’s techwear lineup is found within the Nike All Condition Gear (ACG) collection.

Pioneers in Techwear

Nike’s ACG origins trace back to their late 1970’s hiking collections, responding to a fad for hiking in which highly comfortable, environment protecting apparel had a great demand. Precursors of what is now known as Techwear, Nike’s ACG is all about providing you with highly functional wardrobe pieces that look super modern.

The hottest techwear brands of today are known for providing performance, comfort, and fashionable looks in the most innovative way possible. Competitively, NikeLab’s All Condition Gear (ACG) collection weighs heavily on the functional side of the scale. Designed for active lifestyles that seek to enjoy life to the fullest, Nike’s ACG creates unique designs with plenty of storage, elegant cuts to project a stylish figure, and adaptability to both outdoors and urban activities.

All Condition Gears Advantages

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Nike ACG pieces combine high-end materials with creative design.

Nike is no newcomer when it comes to clothing design. As such, their techwear gear showcases a medley of features from high-end designers such as Errolson Hugh. With materials such as Tech Fleece, Dri-FIT Wool, and Flyknit, their waterproof GORE-TEX fabrics keep you protected from wind, UV light, heat, and cold depending on the season.

Thanks to Nike’s experience and strong roots in outdoor and extreme weather gear, their ACG collections offer utility pockets to store smart devices. Today’s techwear allows us to find ways to conveniently keep our everyday essentials with us, in that regard Nike stands out as one of the best techwear brands out there by allowing apparel to work as everyday carry clothing.

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Nike All Condition Gear unlocks your hidden potential.

Nike’s vision is to get more people into the outdoors and appreciate the environment while embracing the benefits of today’s technology. To that end, Nike designed their ACG clothing to be elegant and hip, serving their wearers with semiformal apparel that work great for night social occasions, strolls in the park, camping, or any casual bike riding.

Let’s take a look at some of their most recent collections and their advantages:

The ACG Collection: Protection From the Elements

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Jackets and Pants presented reinforced knee and elbow areas, as well as insulation for cold and wet hikes.

Nike’s ACG Jackets and Pants are presented with reinforced knee and elbow areas, as well as insulation for challenging hikes.

Nike’s winter-focused ACG collections have strengthed the company’s position as one of the best techwear brands in the market. The ACG collection centered on designing clothing pieces ready to withstand the environment across all elements.

Waterproof, windproof, and breathable capabilities checked all the boxes for these hooded jackets and trail paints, not to mention that all these pieces were specially designed to be packed into a pocket for quick storage. No doubt a smart addition made by one of the best techwear brands.

Starting the Year with Color and Comfiness

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Colorful Designs and Comfort are the focus of one of Nike ACG Spring collections.

For the ACG Spring collections, Nike has focused on a colorful and comfy design. Using Polartec fleece technology for warmth and breathability, these clothing pieces are defined by fashionable prints. Notice how their color and designs work perfectly well for outdoor strolls as well as stay at home clothing.

This collection also incorporates matching footwear in various light and dark colors for any sport and nighttime activities. Performance-wise, the Air Terra Antarktik model ensures warmth and weatherproofing as well as traction focused rubber outsole, not to mention a convenient Velcro closure with reflective lights.

Reliability for Transitional Weather

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Lightweight, weatherproof garments that work perfectly during transitional seasons.

The ACG Fall collections present stylish outfits that offer all the comfort and protection needed for any trailing hot days from summer and the many rainy days ahead. Paying homage to Japan’s Mt. Fuji, these pieces feature a super cool camouflaged poncho and lava-patterned overall shorts with matching sandals and footwear.

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Handy and portable weatherproof garments with artistic designs.

Ponchos are handy pieces to have around, nonetheless, they often lack fashion value. Therefore, Nike decided to add artistic features to the naturally packable, wind, and water-resistant poncho. Overall shorts on the other hand are extremely versatile and can go with any fitness top, adding a dash of fine craftsmanship and creativity to any outfit.

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Lightweight footwear with anti-slippery soles perfect for outdoor strolls and hiking.

These pieces revamp the 90s classic Air Humara with its rubberized mesh upper and reflective detailing. Performance-wise, both pieces present anti-slippery soles perfect for outdoor strolls and hiking.


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Nike offers decades of experience and talent behind each of its high-performance pieces.

Nike is an American sportswear company founded in 1969 and headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon. From the late 1980s, what is now one of the best techwear brands, steadily expanded its business and diversified its product line, giving outdoor enthusiasts various options of reliable and comfortable clothing.

Techwear, short for technical wear, isn’t anything new as Nike’s history proves. Despite being pioneers in the all-condition gear area, it wasn’t until 1996 that the company formally created the Nike ACG, apparel family. Based on their outdoor dedicated wardrobe design, Nike ACG now presents clothing pieces that integrate all the characteristic styles of Techwear.

Their designs now match performance outdoor wear with fashion and streetwear designs, gaining favor within today’s tech-centered culture. By staying techy and utilitarian, Nike ACG remains one of the best techwear brands in the market, offering gender-neutral, aesthetic collections that inspire their users to enjoy an active, dynamic lifestyle.


Nike ACG is one of the best techwear brands in the market, actively helping people appreciate the adventure and environment with high-performance clothing. The need for outerwear that meets the demands for mobility and weather protection in any urban setting, has prompted Nike’s ACG design team to present these unique clothing collections.

Nike’s Techwear favor portable storage, stylish designs, and excellent performance through top-of-the-line materials. They offer a wide range of techwear jackets, shoes, pants, and shirts. If you’re looking for more utilitarian accessories—like techwear aesthetic backpacks—you’ll likely need to look to other brands like The North Face. Nike’s techwear collections consist mostly of clothing.