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12 Mens Loungewear Pieces That Actually Look Fashionable

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Treat yourself to some men’s loungewear worthy of a king!

Investing in long-term comfort is always a wise move, and there’s nothing quite as relaxing as welcoming the weekend with some quality mens loungewear.

With the rise of athleisure clothing and casual streetwear trends, men’s loungewear pieces also see extensive use in outdoor settings. Some upscale loungewear for men is surprisingly stylish, and you might want to be caught wearing these when you go for a late-night pizza run!

The Best Mens Loungewear

The best mens loungewear is a minimalist garment that comes with a comfort-first design: stretchy fabrics, elastic waistbands, and just the right amount of material to keep you warm and cozy.

For most guys, their mens lounge wear pieces come down to a pair of sweatpants and some old oversized t-shirts they’ll wear during their well-earned downtime. Today, however, we’re taking your loungewear for men to the next level!

The loungewear for men on our list is guaranteed to deliver unmatched comfort, but they’ll also serve as upscale pieces you’ll feel good about incorporating into last-minute street-ready outfits. Whether you’re having last-minute visitors or need to run down to the store, these men’s loungewear will serve as trendy options you can use in a pinch!

Gildan Mens Loungewear

best mens loungewear 1Source: Gildan
These cotton shirts provide unmatched comfort at affordable prices!

The 5-Pack mens loungewear by Gildan is, without question, a must-have for men who value simplicity, comfort, and tremendous value. This pack comes with five 100% cotton, moisture-wicking t-shirts that feel super soft to the touch. The taped neck and shoulders design extends your shirt’s durability, while its tubular rib collar preserves the fabric’s stretchiness.

Overall, an incredibly comfortable choice you’ll be happy to wear as soon as you’re back from work or before hitting the sack.

While this Gildan classic is guaranteed to keep you comfortable and has significant layering potential for casual outfits, we’d like to recommend an upscale version that you’ll also love!

Upscale Option: The Under Armour Mens Loungewear

best mens loungewear 2Source: Under Armour
This Under Armour classic is the ultimate loungewear piece for men.

Under Armour’s Tech 2.0 mens loungewear is perfect for guys that wish to get the most mileage out of their loungewear. This 100% polyester short-sleeve shirt comes with patented UA tech fabric, known for its legendary moisture-wicking properties and soft-to-the-skin feel. It’s a mens loungewear piece that you can use throughout the year, no matter how warm it gets.

The streamlined fit and shaped hem make it an ideal choice for gym-goers or guys that often find themselves running to the store for last-minute supplies. You can easily incorporate these into a sporty and casual outfit or just kick back at your place with its soft fabric and exceptionally breathable cut.

You’ll be happy to know that even this upscale mens loungewear piece is actually super affordable. It’s the ultimate pick for guys that sweat a lot in their sleep or need a shirt they can wear throughout the year.

Fruit of the Loom Men’s Loungewear

best mens loungewear 3Source: Fruit of the Loom
Take advantage of these classics’ 2-pack offer!

This Fruit of the Loom men’s loungewear 2-pack is a must-have for guys that wish to take their chill factor to the next level. These men’s loungewear classics come with a soft, lightweight cotton knit fabric that keeps you cozy throughout the year. It also features a comfortable drawstring closure that you can adjust for that relaxed, snug fit that only the best men’s loungewear can offer.

These Fruit of the Loom men’s loungewear pieces are ideal for anyone that struggles to get a good night’s sleep. Pair these with the best memory foam mattress, and you’ll find that the extra soft jersey knit fabric perfectly interacts with the mattress’ cooling gel to keep you breezy and comfy even through summer nights.

If you’re looking for a piece of men’s loungewear you can also confidently wear outside your place, you’ll love our next recommendation!

The Southpole Mens Lounge Wear

best mens loungewear 5Source: Southpole
Southpole is known for its active sports line.

The Southpole mens lounge wear stands as a best-selling athleisure piece for this year. This mens lounge wear piece was designed to offer traditional sweatpants’ comfort but with a fashionable twist: a tapered cut that stylizes your figure. The company went on to create one of the best joggers for men, introducing a street-ready piece that prioritized your comfort above anything else.

The company is known for making some of the best joggers for men, and these stylish bottom wears are not the exception. You can pair these with solid t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and some colorful kicks for a casual look you could confidently wear near the in-laws or your favorite fast food joint.

This 100% polyester mens lounge wear piece comes with everything a guy needs: soft fabrics, a relaxed fit, and tremendous styling potential!

Trendy Lounge Wear for Men

best mens loungewear 12Source: Hanes
The EcoSmart sweatshirt offers value well beyond your indoor settings.

The Hanes lounge wear for men represents how athleisure and lounge pieces have slowly become part of popular fashion ensembles. The EcoSmart lounge wear for men looks like your typical 50% cotton and 50% polyester piece for lounging around during those chilly winter nights, but it also adapts to all sorts of street-ready outfits.

This lounge wear for men piece also fits into softboy outfits thanks to its minimalist design. These ensembles represent an alternative to mainstream masculine fashion and instead embody the confidence and freedom needed to question the norm. You can pair these with some skinny jeans and jewelry, transitioning from indoor lounging to an active street-ready mindset and look.

best mens loungewear 13Source: Hanes
This long sleeve alternative can take you from your dorm bed to your first class without a hitch!

If you’re looking for a safer option from a fashion standpoint, you can’t go wrong with the Dri-Fit lounge wear for men. This 100% polyester lounge wear for men wicks away your sweat and protects you from odor during the nighttime. It also feels super soft to the skin, allowing you to comfortably ease yourself into a night of deep sleep with it.

Once you’re up, you can rush to your first class of the day while shielding yourself from UV light, thanks to its built-in UPF protection. And while you should always bathe and looksmax before every class, if you’re short on time, the odor protection will help you maintain a neutral smell as you slap on a pair of tapered jeans and head out.

These two pieces of lounge wear for men are guaranteed to offer fashion value well beyond your indoor settings, making them a favorite for this year.

Mens Loungewear Shorts

best mens loungewear 8Source: Champion
Enjoy your hard-earned downtime with these comfortable shorts!

No wardrobe is complete without a pair of quality men’s loungewear shorts, especially if you live in warm areas of the globe. These Champion classics stand as the best mens loungewear shorts because of their sturdy double-needle stitching construction and fully customizable fit. The elastic waistband and adjustable inner drawcord combo are tried-and-true designs that allow your shorts to hug your waistband just right.

The Champions mens loungewear above is the better option if you want to take your mens loungewear shorts to the gym or other casual outdoor settings. But if you’re looking for a cost-effective and equally comfortable option, we’ve got you covered!

Affordable Men’s Loungewear Shorts

best mens loungewear 9Source: AE
This AE 2-pack is a best-selling option for this year.

If you’re all about keeping your men’s loungewear shorts on the cost-effective side of things, this Amazon Essentials 2-Pack might be what you’re looking for.

These 100% polyester pieces come with a moisture-wicking stretchy fabric that keeps you breezy and comfy throughout the night. They are, however, on the light side in terms of fabric and overall weight, making them almost strictly for indoor usage.

The Best Mens Lounge Set

best mens loungewear 10Source: Hanes
Welcome a deep recuperative sleep with these lounge sets for men.

The best mens lounge set is meant to be your “rest uniform.” It may sound silly, but preparing ourselves mentally for a night of deep sleep is just as important as having a top memory foam mattress in your bedroom, and only the best mens lounge set can pull this off.

Those who have worked from home understand the importance of not working with your mens lounge set. It throws the brain off because it no longer associates rest with this particular ensemble and level of comfort. This Hanes plain-weave mens lounge set fully represents this from both an aesthetic and comfort standpoint.

best mens loungewear 11Source: Cherokee
The Cherokee mens lounge set offers similar comfort with a unique aesthetic.

This Cherokee mens lounge set features a high-quality cotton fabric that prioritizes breathability and flexibility. The long sleeve knit top and microfleece bottom come with a relaxed fit that protects you from any annoying mosquito or bug that tries to disturb your sleep.

The 3-button neck top offers an alternative look to a traditional pajama set, making it a favorite amongst teenagers and anyone that wants a unique lounge aesthetic.

The Hanes Loungewear for Men

best mens loungewear 7Source: Hanes
Add warmth and affordable style to your loungewear sets!

These Hanes loungewear for men adds warmth and casual style to your ensembles and is essential for any winter wardrobe. The EcoSmart Hooded Sweatshirt comes with a 50% cotton and 50% polyester blend that protects your body from sneaky nocturnal drafts. The durable double-needle construction and cover-seamed neck and armholes make it an excellent choice for guys who love a good morning jog to start the day.

Hanes Hoodie Men’s Lounge Wear

best mens loungewear 6Source: Hanes
The zipper closure design allows you to regulate body temperature in a jiff!

If you’re looking for a well-fitted alternative to a traditional hoodie, then this men’s lounge wear piece is perfect. The cozy 7.8-ounce fleece hoodie features a popular and affordable 50% cotton and 50% polyester blend that we all know and love. The fitted cut makes it a fashionable piece you can incorporate into street-ready outfits too!

This highly-functional men’s lounge wear piece also allows you to min-max your body temperature depending on the day. You can adjust the zipper and wear this hoodie as a jacket for light layering or fully cover your torso with its high-stitch density build to shield you from the elements.

All in all, these men’s lounge wear pieces will keep you warm and stylish during your morning jogs, last-minute food runs, and Saturday gaming sessions.


Fashion has changed for the better this past year. We’ve seen how mens loungewear has managed to stay true to its essence (providing unparalleled comfort) while introducing some fashionable cuts and fabrics to its design. Some of these pieces, when properly matched, are even classy enough to take on dates, which is a major paradigm shift for garments that you’d exclusively use in the comfort of your own home!

Even if you’re old-school and prefer to wear your mens loungewear strictly in indoor settings, you’ll be pleased to know that these affordable pieces will keep you cozy throughout the year. They’re, after all, amongst the highest-rated pieces from the best clothing brands out there!