Best Headbands for Men

7 Best Headbands for Men To Take Your Looks To A New Level

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Check out the most stylish and comfortable men’s headbands for this year!

The best men’s headbands keep the sweat at bay and your looks on point. A fashionable headband adapts to most fashion styles and athletic activities, making them an ideal accessory for your favorite summer and workout ensemble.

Top athletes like David Beckham and Roger Federer wore their headbands to keep their eyes and faces sweat-free throughout their games. But celebrities such as Zac Efron and Harry Styles also regularly wear them, proving that they’re equally impressive soft boy outfits and urban outfit accessories for warm days!

Without further ado, here are the best headbands for men this year!

Adidas Interval Men’s Headbands

Best Headbands for Men 1Source: Adidas
Push yourself to the limit with this reversible headband!

The Adidas interval headbands are reversible headpieces that keep hair off your face and sweat off your eyes, no matter how intense the workout gets.

Using men’s headbands at the gym spare you from constantly wiping sweat from your forehead, maximizing momentum, and focus on each rep. These Adidas sweat headbands come with a full-cotton, moisture-absorbing fabric that LeBron James wore during his early years at basketball camp.

The Adidas Intervals gently hug your head to stay in place during intense treadmill runs, plyometric exercises, and challenging yoga sessions. Plus, these highly affordable men’s headbands come in a wide range of colors to match any stylish workout outfit you have in mind. Flip them over and enjoy two different colors at the cost of one!

Nike Headbands for Men

Best Headbands for Men 2Source: Nike
The Fury is one of the most fashionable Nike headbands for men.

The Nike Fury headbands for men are top-performing, modern alternatives to traditional headpieces. Simply put, their updated and versatile design makes them ideal for tennis, basketball, and even airsoft matches!

These sweat headbands have a stretchy Nike Dri-FIT fabric that passively wicks sweat and keeps your lush hair looking sharp at all times.

You can wear these Nike headbands for men beneath your helmet since it features a breathable polyester, silicone, and spandex blend. The latter creates a comfortable yet secure fit that won’t clamp or pull your hair.

Junk Hairbands for Men

Best Headbands for Men 3Source: Junk
JUNK overcomes conventional thinking by designing fully customizable headbands.

The Big Bang Lite Headband is one of those Junk bands for men that quickly become an everyday essential for dudes with long hair. The Big Bang Lite minimalist design makes it one of the most convenient, comfortable, and stylish options for fitness enthusiasts.

Headbands are cost-effective accessories that keep you comfortable during all sorts of activities. Getting your eyes slapped by sweat-drenched hair is nothing short of annoying, which is why JUNK released a headband with enough gripping power in its upper section.

The JUNK Brands headbands are also an ideal replacement for subpar headbands that roll to the back of your head. Junk hairbands for men are becoming somewhat of a trend nowadays as their team continues to pump out one beautifully designed headband after another, providing plenty of options to suit your favorite athletic shorts.

You can spend hours looking at the extensive online catalog of their Big Bang Lite hairbands collection and picking your favorite from countless models full of vivid colors, patterns, and just about any popular logo you can think of.

Nike Men’s Hairbands

Best Headbands for Men 4Source: Nike
The Nike Swoosh holds your hair in style without losing elasticity, even after heavy usage.

The Nike Swoosh Hairband pack brings you tough, strong, and durable hair ties for men. The strip’s silicone inner material preserves the headband’s shape and elasticity even after heavy use, making them a surprisingly sturdy and cost-effective option.

Having a lush mane is great, but it can just as easily distract you while you drive, work or perform your daily workout routine at the gym. Thankfully, the Nike Swoosh men’s hair bands stand as an equally affordable yet minimalist alternative to headbands.

One of the best things about these Nike hairbands for men is that they offer plenty of grip, meaning they won’t inadvertently fall in the middle of a game, running, or doing some high-intensity jumping jacks. Plus, they look great on the wrist as their sober colors and textured outer fabric helps project a more masculine and elegant aesthetic.

Nike Large Hairband for Men

Best Headbands for Men 5Source: Nike
Get ready to rock the Head tie 2.0 in full swagger thanks to its personalized fit!

The Nike Head Tie 2.0 is one of the most iconic and reliable men’s hairbands you can find. The soft-to-the-touch, durable, and performance-tested DRI-FIT fabric keeps you dry and comfortable with its superior sweat-wicking capabilities.

In Japanese culture, men’s hair bands embody a man’s determination and devotion. Putting them on was (and still is) part of a mindfulness ritual that helps the wearer remain focused on the task at hand.

Nike’s design team drew inspiration from Japanese martial artists to pay homage to a long-standing tradition. Through self-confidence, preparation, and a burning desire to surpass your limits, you’re able to transform into a better you.

The Coolmade Sport Sweatbands For Men

Best Headbands for Men 6Source: Coolmade
The Coolmade sport sweatbands for men come with a smooth fabric blend.

The Coolmade Sport Walmart headbands are just great for all hair types and styles. Long hair guys will surely appreciate the smooth-to-the-touch feel of these sweatbands for men, each made from chinlon and lycra spandex, eco-friendly materials.

These sports headbands aren’t just super soft, they also provide superb sweat absorption during yoga, gym workouts, and any of your favorite outdoor athletic activities. The breathable and stretchy fabric is also super-versatile as you can also wear them as neck warmers or scarves during colder seasons.

Each of the Coolmade Sports headbands features an easy to adjust, elastic band closure to suit your specific needs, ensuring maximum comfort at all times. Plus, if you go for a bundle, you’ll get 10 different vibrant colors to match workout shirts, the best shoes (and even sunglasses), so you can get rid of any old and boring sports headband still lingering in your drawers.

The Ecofriendly Terra Hair Ties for Guys

Best Headbands for Men 7Source: Terra Ties
Add an eco-friendly twist to your hair ties for guys!

The Terra pack of hair ties for guys is perfect for runners, gym rats, and athletes. The Terra ties rubber texture is extra grippy and completely prevents chunks or strands of hair from falling out of your man bun or ponytail.

Keeping your hair away from your face is a good idea from a practical and hygienic standpoint. These hair ties for guys serve as super handy support pieces that pin your hair back, preventing your pores from coming into contact with natural oil or hair products.

Furthermore, the Terra hair ties have a slip-resistant design, preventing them from falling when your hair is wet (or drenched in sweat) thanks to their natural rubber and cotton eco-friendly materials.

The Willbond Metal Headbands

Best Headbands for Men 8Source: Willbond
Stylize your hairdo with these handy metal headbands!

The Willbond Headwear Pack gives you three metal headbands to comfortable style your hair. These metal hairbands coil around your hair and plug it back into place using a thick, high-quality, rustproof metal.

The Willbonds add that fashionable wavy look to your hair that looks straight out of a model catalog. If you’d like to go for an Afro/Frizzy hairstyle, these metal hairbands are great at keeping your curls out of your face as you lay back for some inclined presses.

The Willbond metal headbands are super stealthy and often go unnoticed. They’re ideal for bicycle rides, mind-clearing jogs, and intense soccer matches alike thanks to their understated design and considerable grip.


Men’s headbands feature a perfect mix of form and function. Aesthetically speaking, they add flair to summer outfits and help you shape that unruly, thick hair without resorting to products and chemicals.

On the other hand, if you’re all about performing to the fullest in your favorite sport or pushing your boundaries in the gym, then headbands for men are also a must-have. A breathable headband will help you maintain the focus and momentum you need to pull those last five reps without a care in the world. Plus, you get to add a fashionable accessory from the best clothing brands for men to your workout apparel!

While these fun accessories can help you keep your hair in check and keep the sweat at bay, we recommend you avoid wearing these for more than a few hours a day. If you overdo it, there’s a chance it can damage your hairline in the long run, so please use these models sparingly!