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Men’s Grooming Guide: The Hassle Free Sexy Look

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When it comes to grooming men generally have it easier. That doesn’t mean that it’s easy though. This guide will help simplify male grooming into a formulaic approach that produces a sexy look without the hassle. We’ll cover how to keep your beard in check, how to tame bedhead, and the basics of style to turn heads.

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Beard & Facial Hair Grooming

Growing a beard can give an entirely new look to your appearance, but you have to put effort into grooming and taming your facial hair if you want it to change your face for the better. A well-groomed beard can make you appear older, manlier, and research shows it even conveys an air of success.

But just because you want to grow a beard doesn’t mean you can ditch the razors and trimmers completely. Here are some important grooming tips to keep in mind to achieve the manliest, most attractive beard.

Groom To Flatter Your Face

Everyone’s face is shaped slightly differently, so it makes sense for every man to tailor their beard to a shape that best suits their face. As a general rule, you should try to keep your neckline looking natural, ending somewhere between your Adam’s apple and your chin. The best look for most men is a simple fade out from full beard to stubble before clean-shaven.

Other than your neckline, consider whether you have a round, oval, or square-shaped face. A rounder face can benefit from angular shapes to provide definition, while an oval face often looks good with shorter chin hair to prevent further elongation. Most square-jawed men can pull off a number of beard shapes, but to minimize the sharpness of your jaw, try a thicker, fuller beard.

Other Grooming Tips:

  • Avoid intricacies and patterns in your beard if you want to look clean-cut without being clean-shaven. People will take you more seriously if you don’t have dread-locks or beads in your beard.
  • Remember to trim regularly to maintain the ideal well-groomed beard. Just because you’re growing a beard doesn’t mean you can slack in the maintenance department.
  • Find a shape that works for you and stick with it. The strongest beards are those that have been trained and styled to look a certain way. If you try to play around with different styles every week, your beard will suffer. 
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The difference between messy and stylish is sometimes 30 seconds with a comb

Taming Bed Head

Ideally, you would wake up early enough to take a shower each morning before heading off to work. In reality, you oversleep more than once in a while and have to either sacrifice your morning rinse or your caffeine pit stop.

So, what are your options to fix your messy hair in a pinch? How can you make this look work for you? Read on to discover the secrets to taming bedhead and even how to create a sexy, controlled bedhead look.

Face The Facts

Unless you’re bald or have closely cropped hair, you’re going to have to deal with bedhead once in a while. So you may as well invest in a bit of arsenal to help you dismantle this morning predicament. You can try to salvage your bedhead with some styling products that will allow you to shape and tame the mess.

Here’s a list of some helpful products:

  • Baby powder: Lightly dab on any greasy strands near the scalp to reduce shine, but use sparingly.
  • Dry shampoo: For dirty hair days without time to shower, dry shampoo can be your savior.
  • Light-hold styling gel: Tame cowlicks or frizzy hair and create a more respectably shaped hairstyle.
  • Hair spray: Once you’ve got your hair where you want it, make sure it stays in place with hair spray.

You May Have To Start Fresh

If you can’t make that darn hair product do what you want it to, you may just have to start from scratch. Even if you don’t have time to fully shower, shampoo and condition your hair, you can resort to a quick fix. Aside from using dry shampoo, you can simply wet a washcloth and place it on your hair to dampen it. Any weird bedhead shape should melt away, giving you a cleaner slate to work with.

Mastering Controlled Bedhead

Maybe you’re wondering why your own mangy bedhead doesn’t look quite as sexy as whathisface from that movie—how does he pull of bedhead so effortlessly? Well, he doesn’t, because that look took tons of effort and product to create. It’s a calculated mess if you will.

The sex appeal comes from the appearance of not caring and that boyish charm of looking carefree and cool. But it is not, by any means, effortless. So mastering controlled bedhead is not an option for mornings when you’re running late!

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Get A Good Barber

Many men live with the misconception that their sense of ‘manliness’ contradicts anything that resembles pampering. But what about the manliest way to pamper yourself of all? A trip to the barbershop!

Visiting a barber is both a great personal experience and can act as a bonding ritual between men. If you haven’t yet made your first-ever trip to the barbershop, here are three reasons you should do so soon:

Straightedge Shave

A barbershop is arguably the best place for any man to get a good haircut or a quality shave. Why? Because a barber is trained specifically to tailor to men and short hair cuts, whereas many of the more general salon stylists focus on cutting and styling long hair for women.

Another important factor is that barbers can provide perfect shaves using a straightedge razor. Sure, you can do an okay job scraping off that five o’clock shadow at home, but you won’t know what you’re missing until you’ve received an authentic straightedge shave from a barber. Plus, the feeling of a hot towel on your face afterward is about the most soothing thing you can imagine.

Pampered Experience

In addition to receiving an excellent hair cut and close shave, a trip to the barbershop is guaranteed to provide a unique pampering experience that many men overlook. Treating yourself well and taking care of your personal appearance are deeply intertwined—especially in barbershop culture. The barber will provide you with a moment of relaxation when you can let your mind wander as someone else tames your facial hair.

Male Bonding

There’s something about going to get a great shave together that can bond two men like few other activities. Most barbershop visitors become regulars and stick to one barber for many years; this means you will eventually bond not only with your barber or original barbershop companions but the other patrons who

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Taming Wild Body Hair

There’s nothing wrong with men who have body hair; in fact, many women (and men) go crazy for a man with a bit of rugged hair on his chest. But just because you and your partner both love your body hair, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest a bit of time in some basic housekeeping.

Just as a clean-cut haircut and trim can do wonders for your beard and hairstyle, controlling your body hair is crucial to maintaining the sexy lumberjack look without taking on the appearance of a caveman. Here are some tips for how to maintain the hair on different parts of your body to optimize sex appeal. For a deeper dive, check out our comprehensive manscaping guide.

Your Chest Hair                                                       

If you’ve got chest hair, there’s no reason you should shave it asides from being a professional swimmer. Although not everyone prefers hairy men, chest hair is generally perceived as a macho trait that separates the boys from the men. However, it is still a good idea to keep things looking neat by thinning it out or trimming your hair back if it grows more than an inch long.

Your Armpit Hair

Most men don’t shave their armpit hair; and for good reason, it would look quite silly. But it doesn’t hurt to trim it slightly if it gets too unruly.

Your Shoulder/Back Hair 

It doesn’t really make sense that women can enjoy their chest hair but find shoulder hair unattractive, but this is usually the case. Try waxing your back and shoulders or purchase one of these extendable razors that are designed to target all hard-to-reach areas. 

Your Hair Down There

Society’s metrosexual trend tells us that both men and women should remove hair from their genitals, but in reality, it all comes down to personal preference. A little maintenance doesn’t hurt, but don’t feel pressured to shave your junk unless that’s the look you prefer, or you partner requests that you switch things up once in a while. But when you’re single or meeting new women, smooth genitals can make you seem vain.