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Manscaping Guide 101: Body Hair, Facial Hair & Everything Else

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Let’s face it, there’s something animalistic and raw yet cultured about well-groomed facial hair. Manscaping is the art of framing this animalistic vigor in a refined manner. You probably don’t even realize the power of a well-maintained beard unless you have grown one yourself, but its dominance is undeniable.

And although beards are definitely sexy and can be a defining feature of a man’s appearance, there is a fine line between looking manly and attractive and looking like you spent the last year on an island with a volleyball named Wilson. This guide will walk you through all the basics of manscaping. First, let’s consider the basics.

What is Manscaping?

This is a relatively new term in the beauty industry, but it is just a glorified term for hair removal for men. It is simply hair removal in different parts of a man’s body. Whether you call it manscaping, mowing your lawn, hair removal, or pruning your bush, the process is still the same.

It can be painful, or at the very least uncomfortable. The following Manscaping tips will however make the process less daunting.

The process involves clipping, use of hair removal creams, waxing, shaving, or trimming of hair in different parts of a male’s body. For many years now, this was reserved for male models, bodybuilders, and sportsmen who had a significant part of their body exposed.

However, the changing fashion trends have seen the modern man get more intimate with the hair removal process. If not for anything else to satisfy their self-image, get a clean look and for that optical inch.

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Getting Started

Before you start ripping with your razor it’s important to keep some basic tips in mind. These guidelines will help avoid embarrassing missteps, keep your skin healthy, and get the sexy look you’re after. Manscaping isn’t rocket science, but these tips will keep you looking fresh.

Patience Is Key 

The fastest way to mess up your beard is to rush the job. Whether you’re doing general clean up, trimming shaping or shaving, patience is the most important element of facial hair maintenance. If you rush through everything, you’ll end up with cuts and nicks and, worse, an uneven trim! So give yourself plenty of time to do a thorough, careful job of grooming.

Skin Care Matters 

Caring for your beard also means taking good care of your face and your neck. Always use shaving cream when removing hair and mix it with a bit of water if you want to get a better lather going. Ideally, use a sharp, clean straight razor and be gentle on your skin. Afterwards, always apply aftershave and moisturizer—especially in the winter when the cool winds can leave your cheeks feeling chapped.

Deal With Ingrowns Properly 

Most men will get an ingrown hair from time to time (after all, we’re all human), but what matters is how you treat your ingrowns. Although it might be temping to squeeze the skin as you might a pimple, this is actually quite dangerous as it can sometimes cause infection. Instead, sterilize the area by steaming your face or placing a hot cloth over the hair and cleaning it with alcohol; next, use a clean set of tweezers to grab the hair by the root and pull it out.

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Manscaping Tools

Manscaping isn’t all about the looks—it’s about the process to get you there. If you don’t use the right tools and materials you’re just SOL. A carpenter wouldn’t set out to build a quality house using crappy lumber and old busted tools. You shouldn’t set out to achieve a sexier look using inferior razers, clippers, or creams. Below are the basics of what you need to get started:

Razors & Blades

These is undoubtedly the most popular choice for manscaping. The reason being; it is the most convenient, quick, affordable, and easy to execute. All you need to do is to invest in the best quality disposable razor blade, have some handy shaving cream or gel with you, and you are good to go.

The downside of shaving is that you should be ready for some prickly stubble for a few days. For some people, they can be prone to ingrown hair in the shaved area. Further, you have to be very careful when shaving lest you tear or cut the skin, particularly around the scrotum.


Creams are common and are often designed for easy and quick hair removal. Because they are made of chemicals, the chemical ingredients dissolve hair in a matter of minutes, softens the hair follicles thus making it easy to easily scrub the hair off.

The products are readily available, quite affordable, and guarantee instant results. However, some products have a very unpleasant odor and may not be ideal for people with sensitive skin. The chemical composition may cause skin irritation, especially around intimate parts.

Trimming / Clipping

This is undoubtedly the easiest manscaping hair maintenance option. However, you should keep in mind that it is all about reducing the length of hair and not really removing hair. Most guys with hairy chests prefer this option. With good hair clippers, you can achieve some good results.


Waxing results are by far the greatest of all manscaping methods. The reason for this is because hair re-growth is finer and slower, the skin is left softer and smooth and often has better muscle definition. Further, waxing guarantees a maintenance-free period of at least 6 weeks.

The drawbacks of waxing, however, are such that there could be skin reaction if aftercare guidelines and tips are not followed, there could be ingrown hairs and further, some parts of the body can be slightly uncomfortable during the waxing process.

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Body Parts Applicable

  • Eyebrows – you can trim, wax, or tweeze your eyebrows. Sometimes all that is required is a trim that helps get rid of the huge bulk especially if you have “bushy” eyebrows.
  • Ears – If there is hair on the inside and outside of your ears, some waxing or/and shaving will do. Hair is common in ears as men age. Just a precautionary measure, you should never put tweezers or clippers into your ear canal. You may never live to tell the experience.
  • Nose – there is nothing as disgusting as having hair from your nose pointing at someone you are talking to. The best method to get rid of this hair is trimming it using sanitized facial scissors.

With all the options available at your disposal, you can be able to weigh in the advantages and disadvantages of the above-mentioned manscaping tips to help you make an informed decision. It is about time you joined the bandwagon and followed on the manscaping trend.

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Other Tips

Growing a beard can give an entirely new look to your appearance, but you have to put effort into grooming and taming your facial hair if you want it to change your face for the better. A well-groomed beard can make you appear older, manlier and research shows it even conveys an air of success. But just because you want to grow a beard doesn’t mean you can ditch the razors and trimmers completely. Here are some important grooming tips to keep in mind to achieve the manliest, most attractive beard.

Flatter Your Face

Everyone’s face is shaped slightly differently, so it makes sense for every man to tailor their beard to a shape that best suits their face. As a general rule, you should try to keep your neckline looking natural, ending somewhere between your Adam’s apple and your chin. The best look for most men is a simple fade out from full beard to stubble before clean-shaven.

Consider Curved Lines

Other than your neckline, consider whether you have a round, oval or square-shaped face. A rounder face can benefit from angular shapes to provide better definition, while an oval face often looks good with shorter chin hair to prevent further elongation. Most square-jawed men can pull off a number of beard shapes, but to minimize the sharpness of your jaw, try a thicker, fuller beard.

Quick Tips

  • Avoid intricacies and patterns in your beard if you want to look clean-cut without being clean-shaven. People will take you more seriously if you don’t have dread-locks or beads in your beard.
  • Remember to trim regularly to maintain the ideal well-groomed beard. Just because you’re growing a beard doesn’t mean you can slack in the maintenance department.
  • Find a shape that works for you and stick with it. The strongest beards are those that have been trained and styled to look a certain way. If you try to play around with different styles every week, your beard will suffer. 

Final Thoughts

Manscaping comes in many shapes, sizes, needs, and goals. You should consider your body type, the look you’re after, and what kind of hair growth you have to work with. Having the right tools makes a huge difference as well. The trimmers, clippers, creams, and other accessories mentioned in this guide will help ensure the best look possible. As a final thought; don’t be afraid to experiment! Hair takes time to grow back but it doesn’t take forever!