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20 Fashionable Louis Vuitton Sneakers to Stand Out from The Crowd

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Add luxury to your street-ready outfits with these exclusive Louis Vuitton sneakers!

Louis Vuitton sneakers come with an undeniable aura of exclusivity that is hard to describe. A pair of Louis Vuitton sneakers not only take your outfits to the next level but it fills you with the deep, quiet confidence that only luxury can bestow.

Louis Vuitton sneakers follow the brand’s tradition of combining avant-garde designs and high-end materials into their line of designer shoes. It’s part of what adds that magical touch to every one of the luxury brand’s products.

The Best Louis Vuitton Sneakers

The best Louis Vuitton sneakers come with ultra-sharp designs that effortlessly transmit luxury and refined taste to their exclusive owners. Pitting these striking sneakers against each other becomes a matter of personal preference and current fashion trends because they’re all carefully constructed to last for decades.

Louis Vuitton sneakers come with the high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship that has turned the brand into a luxury staple. The high-end leather, gorgeous signature patterns, and incredibly manufacturing quality are present in every inch of the most popular Louis Vuitton sneakers. Each sneaker is a unique collection piece that grows in value as time passes.

Today we’ve hand-picked the best of the best for you. These Louis Vuitton sneakers are guaranteed to add style and luxury worthy of a royal to your street-ready outfits as soon as you slip them on!

The Trainer Louis Vuitton Sneakers Men

louis vuitton sneakers 1Source: Louis Vuitton
Virgin Abloh designed this classic model.

The late Virgil Abloh designed these Louis Vuitton sneakers men as part of his vintage basketball-inspired collection. The iconic trainer design comes with a luxurious monogram denim pattern and matching Monogram Flowers, along with the signature Louis Vuitton script signature on the side.

These Louis Vuitton sneakers men are made in Italy, where the brand’s legendary artisans take up to seven hours to carefully stitch these designer sneakers. The Louis Vuitton sneakers men come with a sporty silhouette that elevates casual, athleisure, and street-ready outfits, making them a favorite amongst those with a keen eye for fashion.

Because of its iconic design, handy Velcro strap, and carefully stitched construction, we rate these trainer monogram models one of the best Louis Vuitton sneakers men.

The Louis Vuitton Trainer Sneakers

louis vuitton sneakers 2Source: Louis Vuitton
The Trainer collection stands as an all-time favorite amongst celebrities and collectors alike.

These Louis Vuitton trainer sneakers feature a smooth, grained calf leather build that takes inspiration from vintage basketball sneakers. The supple technical lining and thinner in-sock offer tremendous comfort on every step. These features turn these Louis Vuitton trainer sneakers into a world-class model for those who value style and comfort.

The deep black and white contrast present throughout the sneakers’ upper and midsole set the stage for the colorful tie-dye laces. The Louis Vuitton trainer sneakers are a ready-to-wear designer sneaker collection that lives up to the luxury brand’s strict quality standards and avant-garde aesthetics.

Louis Vuitton Trainers Sneakers

louis vuitton sneakers 18Source: Louis Vuitton
These sneakers offer an equally unique and fashionable twist to a classic model.

The Louis Vuitton Trainers sneakers also feature a darker monogram denim variant that sneakers enthusiasts love. This model replaces the Velcro strap with traditional tie laces for an upscale vintage look that matches the designer shoes’ sporty silhouette.

These Louis Vuitton Trainers sneakers also come with a durable rubber outsole, LV initials on the tongue, and signature Monogram flowers on its outsole.

Louis Vuitton Black Sneakers

louis vuitton sneakers 9Source: Louis Vuitton
These LV sneakers combine high-quality leather and suede in their posh build.

When it comes to Louis Vuitton black sneakers, the black Monogram Trainers stand as the market’s favorite. These Louis Vuitton black sneakers feature a patterned high-end leather cover with lateral suede panels. The result is a gorgeously balanced and durable surface built to impress effortlessly. It also comes with the signature LV logo on its toebox, tongue, and back to let other sneaker enthusiasts know that you’re a man of style and luxury.

As far as designer sneakers go, these Louis Vuitton black sneakers are easily one of the most elegant pieces you could add to your wardrobe. They’re incredibly stylish and are guaranteed to take your outfits to a whole new level!

The Yellow Men Louis Vuitton Sneakers

men louis vuitton sneakersSource: Louis Vuitton
These smooth and visually rich shoes were designed by Virgil Abloh, who drew inspiration from vintage basketball sneakers.

The Demin Yellow Men Louis Vuitton sneakers display a sporty, artistic design that marries streetwear with high fashion. These exquisite trainers display the brand’s iconic yellow blossom monogram beneath the white kneaded net of the shoe quarters.

Louis Vuitton designers are famed for applying artistic principles in their pieces. For these yellow Demin men Louis Vuitton sneakers, the team applied a resource known as harmony, which uses different colors, textures, and positions to create a cohesive whole made from different parts. It’s how they seamlessly combine various patterns across their late 90s design.

The rich, luminous, and eye-catching contrast between the Demin yellow and white color combo of these men Louis Vuitton sneakers makes them perfect for rounding up white polos and tapered blue jeans. Furthermore, these stylish men Louis Vuitton sneakers perfectly complement fashionable accessories such as Demin yellow bracelet watches and similarly toned hairbands.

Monogram Purple LV Sneaker

louis vuitton sneakers 12Source: Louis Vuitton
As extravagant as it is mysterious, these sneakers are guaranteed to draw looks and compliments wherever you go!

These LV sneaker channels the emperors’ and western royalty’s authority and superior status. In the past, an ounce of purple dye would take up to a quarter of a million snail’s juice to create, making it an exceedingly rare color that only those with divine favor could wear. These LV sneaker incorporate this unique and exotic color into their iconic Trainer design to birth something that stands head and shoulders above regular sneakers.

These shoes feature the worldwide recognized Louis Vuitton pattern, top-of-the-line leather, and contrasting LV logo imprints. These shoe channel status and quality materials are worthy of a modern royal, making it a must-have for anyone with a keen eye for fashion and luxury.

Beige and White LV Sneakers

louis vuitton sneakers 3Source: Louis Vuitton
These basketball-style sneakers come with a luxurious leather upper.

The Trainer collection features some of the best LV sneakers to date because they introduced athletic footwear into the realm of high fashion. This model comes with a mesh-covered embroidered monogram flower on the side that adds contrast to its imposing design.

These LV sneakers check all the boxes: superb craftsmanship, top-of-the-line materials, and substantial celebrity endorsement to boot! The collection’s iconic style and extra-cushioned interior make these designer shoes some of the most comfortable and stylish kicks this year.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Sneakers

louis vuitton sneakers 4Source: Louis Vuitton
Monogram sneakers are perfect for those with a keen eye for high fashion and minimalism.

The Louis Vuitton Monogram sneakers are a sneaker enthusiast’s dream. The luxurious patterned surface comes with the signature LV logo and the collection-exclusive signature flowers. This expertly crafted model is carefully stitched by Italian artisans, featuring a high-contrast, durable white sole that is built to last.

These Louis Vuitton monogram sneakers are the perfect, upscale addition to your black sneakers collection. Black sneakers are notorious for their limitless fashion potential because they’re easy to combine and weave into ensembles. However, these pairs of designer shoes are guaranteed to elevate even your favorite outfit to a whole new level of lux and detail.

Louis Vuitton Runway Sneakers

louis vuitton sneakers 14Source: Louis Vuitton
The gold-tone Louis Vuitton initials pin on the sneaker’s lateral adds elegance and contrast to your outfits.

Louis Vuitton Runway sneakers are a symbol of status and exclusivity, one that is respected even amongst the most demanding fashion circles. The Louis Vuitton Runway sneakers come with the world-famous Monogram canvas and a black technical mesh that sharply contrasts its durable sole.

This luxurious reinterpretation of a classic running shoe is guaranteed to become a staple in your wardrobe. Its rich colorway allows it to combine with high-end techwear pieces, tapered jeans, and just about any modern jogger you’d slap on ahead of a casual date.

Louis Vuitton Run Away Sneakers

louis vuitton sneakers 15Source: Louis Vuitton
You can customize the iconic Run Away sneakers model into a one-of-a-kind model!

The Louis Vuitton Run Away sneakers can now be personalized to your heart’s content! You can unleash your inner fashion designer and create a one-of-a-kind colorway that will have people thinking you got your hands on a collector’s model. And guess what? They’d be right!

These Louis Vuitton Run Away models come with the iconic calf leather exterior, expertly-stitched body,  LV metallic accessory, and durable rubber outsole.

Mens Louis Vuitton Sneakers

louis vuitton sneakers 5Source: Louis Vuitton
You can’t go wrong with a pair of all-white designer sneakers!

These mens Louis Vuitton sneakers are a stellar addition to any guy’s wardrobe. These Louis Vuitton sneakers are a luxury statement that combines the collection’s emblematic design with a beautiful minimalist exterior. You can weave these mens Louis Vuitton sneakers into your favorite street-ready ensemble or add lux to a trendy softboy outfit to get that iconic K-pop look.

White sneakers have never gone out of style, but with the rise of athleisure outfits in modern fashion, it’s fair to say that these mens Louis Vuitton sneakers are, more than ever, a must-have for those in the know.

The Green Louis Vuitton Men Sneakers

louis vuitton sneakers 6Source: Louis Vuitton
Add style and lux to your outfits with these colorful Louis Vuitton men sneakers!

This pair of Louis Vuitton men sneakers embody originality, boldness, and luxury all at once. Green is trending big time this year because it represents renewal, abundance, and life itself, representing a colorful alternative to black and white ensembles. Its darker hue matches the owner’s calm confidence and success-driven lifestyle.

We can’t praise the Louis Vuitton Trainer collection enough since it perfectly channels the luxury brand’s top-tier craftsmanship into sporty or casual outfits, and takes it to new heights.

Louis Vuitton Men’s Sneakers

louis vuitton sneakers 7Source: Louis Vuitton
Add some orange and lux to your wardrobe rotation with these stylish LV sneakers!

Louis Vuitton men’s sneakers will always project confidence and sophistication, even when they’re part of a casual outfit. However, the Monogram denim orange Louis Vuitton sneakers offer that eye-catchy orange hue that only fashion-savvy guys know how to match and wear like a king.

Adding contrast to a navy blue blazer or creating a semi-formal ensemble with some tapered jeans and orange shoes is a major fashion trend for this year. This versatility makes this pair of Louis Vuitton men’s sneakers a must-have for bold guys that like to add energy and color to their semi-formal outfits.

Louis Vuitton Denim Sneakers

louis vuitton sneakers 8Source: Louis Vuitton
Denim sneakers open the door for endless trendy outfits combination!

This pair of Louis Vuitton denim sneakers are, by all accounts, worth the splurge! Denim sneakers have revolutionized fashion in the last few years, and it’s pretty evident that they’re here to stay.

These Louis Vuitton denim sneakers are perfect with a pair of black jeans for street-ready outfits or white trousers for a summer, sporty look. If you’re looking to dazzle your date, you can match these with a quality denim jacket or a trusty flannel jacket for a more bohemian, artistic look. These Louis Vuitton sneakers allow you to add an upscale, original accent to just about outfit combinations, making them a must-have addition to your wardrobe this year.

Louis Vuitton Mens Sneakers

louis vuitton sneakers 10Source: Louis Vuitton
These low-top grey Trainers are a refreshing alternative to black sneakers!

These grey Louis Vuitton mens sneakers match well with pretty much anything, but a couple of killer combinations truly make them stand out. Navy blue and grey are classic combinations, especially if you’re going for a casual smart outfit with your favorite navy suit blazer. You can also try some tapered jeans and a bomber jacket for an upscale, ultra-stylish Friday night date ensemble.

If you’re into high-end athleisure looks, you can match these gray Louis Vuitton mens sneakers with your favorite hoodie. The possibilities are near endless, making this model a top pick in our list.

Louis Vuitton Shoes Sneakers

louis vuitton sneakers 11Source: Louis Vuitton
These unisex Frontrow Louis Vuitton sneakers are perfect for your streetwear wardrobe.

Lean, slim, and imposing are some words that pop up whenever I see these unisex Louis Vuitton shoes sneakers. White designer sneakers are, by far, one of the safest investments you can make both from a financial and fashion perspective for two reasons: first, white sneakers will never go out of style, and two, Louis Vuitton shoes are guaranteed to go up in value over time. It’s precisely why the Frontrow Louis Vuitton shoes sneakers are so popular in resale and collector circles.

You can match these Louis Vuitton sneakers with some tailored chino shorts, a relaxed blazer, and some rimless sunglasses for an opulent summer outfit. Alternatively, you can try some black jeans and a sheepskin jacket for the winter season for that casual (yet fancy) ensemble. Either way, these Louis Vuitton shoes sneakers will make you look great!

The Monochrome Louis Vuitton Trainer Sneakers

louis vuitton trainer sneakersSource: Louis Vuitton
The LV Monochrome trainers come with a handwritten #54 Louis Vuitton signature embossed on the side.

The monochrome Louis Vuitton trainer sneakers can upscale your gym outfits with the vintage swag of 90s basketball sneakers. These carefully made high-fashion treads have a smooth and grained calf leather upper design for incredible durability and style, displaying monogram flowers on their outsoles while adding a lining of cream beige above their grey soles.

Going for a white print crew-neck t-shirt and some charcoal joggers will give you a fashionable, contemporary look that’s easy to pull off when going to the gym, jogging at the park, or casually running some errands without losing class. Adding your favorite sunglasses to the mix can take this Louis Vuitton trainer sneakers outfit to new heights.

Louis Vuitton High Top Sneakers

louis vuitton high top sneakersSource: Louis Vuitton
These Luxurious LV white and green high-top sneakers elevate any ensemble.

These Appealing tattoo sneaker boots are among the best-selling Louis Vuitton high-top sneakers, and with good reason. These Louis Vuitton high top sneakers combine their supple, grained calf leather upper design with a tried-and-true padder skate sole and a smooth calf-leather trim for comfort.

The white and emerald green high-top design shields your ankles and provides support, while its grippy rubber sole gives you the stability and traction you need on slippery surfaces. Hinting at the legendary basketball spirit of the 1986 Boston Celtics, these Louis Vuitton high top sneakers fill your eyes with bicolor laces and the brand’s Paris golden logo on its tongue.

Pair these white and emerald green Louis Vuitton high top sneakers with a dark green zip jacket, some soft grey cargo shorts, or even some beige slimmed high water pants, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a summer outfit!

Louis Vuitton White Sneakers

louis vuitton sneakers 13Source: Louis Vuitton
The brand’s take on a wardrobe must-have is even better than we imagined it to be.

The Louis Vuitton white sneakers check all the boxes: top-tier materials, superior Italian craftsmanship, and a softly cushioned interior that will introduce your feet to next-level comfort.

These designer sneakers feature the signature Trainer collection’s monogram details in its thick, grippy sole. The Louis Vuitton logo embedded in its small meshed surface adds contrast to an otherwise elegantly minimalist design that effortlessly steals the show. White sneakers are guaranteed to outlast seasonal trends, allowing you to get the most mileage out of these designer shoes.

These Louis Vuitton white sneakers are fairly easy to match and combine, making them an incredible gift for anyone with a taste for fashion.

Louis Vuitton Pink Sneakers

louis vuitton sneakers 16Source: Louis Vuitton
This Spring-Summer collection classic is perfect for bold, confident guys that understand how to wear pink.

The Ollie Richelieu Louis Vuitton pink sneakers come with a unique vaporware-Esque aesthetic unlike anything else in the prestigious Louis Vuitton catalog. This Spring-Summer 2022 show collection model comes with a Monogram-embossed, grained calf leather body and a stunning colorway that welcomes pink, navy blue, and hints of purple that seep into its rich color gradient.

These Louis Vuitton pink sneakers embody personality, confidence, and boldness. Due to how exclusive this model is, you could pull off smart-casual outfits or colorful street-ready assembles in seconds.

Louis Vuitton Blue Sneakers

louis vuitton sneakers 17Source: Louis Vuitton
This Rainbow Ready-to-Wear capsule collection model remains one of the most popular models in the LV sneakers catalog.

These Louis Vuitton blue sneakers are a beautifully crafted luxury item that sneaker enthusiasts all over the globe wish to add to their exclusive collection. The legendary Virgil Abloh first introduced these Louis Vuitton blue sneakers in the Rainbow Ready-to-Wear Capsule collection. The talented designer took inspiration from vintage sneaker models and elevated the Trainer design with a gel-injected outsole and embedded Monogram flowers.

The Louis Vuitton blue sneakers come with premium calf leather, carefully stitched for over 7 hours by expert Italian artisans. It’s undoubtedly an ultra-modern design that incorporates old-school crafting methods to create an equally sophisticated and durable model for men that appreciate quality and luxury.


Sneaker lovers, resellers, and collectors from all over the globe are all known to pursue these exclusive models aggressively and with good reason. They represent the pinnacle of luxury and fashion in the prestigious designer shoe industry, making them a powerful fashion and monetary investment.

Whether you’re looking to add exclusivity and luxury to your outfits or wish to add unique items to your designer shoes collection, you’ll find that our list of Louis Vuitton sneakers covers the best of the best.