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9 Korean Men’s Fashion Trends Straight From The Streets of Seoul

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Spruce up your looks with the latest Korean men’s fashion trends!

Korean men fashion trends embody style, affordability, and unmatched ingenuity like no other.

Their diverse and incredibly nuanced fashion style has positioned K-drama actors and K-pop idols on the cover of fashion magazines and into the heart of its massive female fanbase. Today, we’ll take a closer look at Korean men’s fashion and see how we can build these stylish outfits without breaking the bank!

Korean Men Fashion

Korean men fashion is, at its core, equally rich and straightforward. You can build casual and street-ready outfits with just a few garments (many of which are probably collecting dust in your wardrobe as we speak!) and look confidently fashionable at a great price.

However, if you want to look like a K-pop idol when they’re out and about in the streets of Seoul, all you have to do is properly accessorize your outfits. Adding accessories to even minimalist ensembles will take your outfits to a new level of lux and style.

Thankfully, in this simplicity, there is tremendous diversity. Today we’ll take a closer look at the leading Korean men’s fashion trends and all it offers, and I guarantee you’ll find an outfit combination that resonates with you!

Korean Fashion Men: Casual Outfits

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Korean casual outfits offer a unique spin on western athleisure ensembles.

When it comes to casual ensembles, Korean fashion men prioritize two central pieces: cropped pants and long socks. Cropped pants are a unique garment in fashion because they’re longer than your traditional capri pants for men. Think of them as a masculine version of ankle-length pants.

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Stretchy cropped pants are a Korean fashion staple.

These ankle-length pants can come with a tapered or oversized fit (both are incredibly popular in Korean fashion men). However, if you’re going for a casual outfit, we highly recommend choosing at least one loose-fitting cropped pant.

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You can match these with an oversized hoodie or a monochromatic shirt to create an eastern version of our athleisure ensembles. It’s a look that Moon Gang-tae popularized a few years ago in the wildly successful It’s Okay To Not Be Okay Kdrama.

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Korean long socks are a must-have for this year.

Long socks are the second must-have piece for casual outfits since they’re also prevalent in Korean fashion men. Korean socks are equally affordable and durable, making them an excellent addition to any guy’s wardrobe.

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Casual Korean outfit for men.

Cropped pants will naturally reveal a lower portion of your legs, so Korean fashion men tend to cover it up with socks and a pair of fashionable sneakers during colder days of the year. They’ll just add a pair of loafers or Birkenstocks during the summer and avoid the long socks.

Korean Mens Fashion: Seoul Smart Casual

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Koreans know how to add a dash of luxury to their casual outfits!

Repurposing your suits’ pieces (mainly your slacks and blazers) to glam up your casual ensembles is a Korean mens fashion’s cornerstone. For lack of a better term, we call this the Seoul smart casual look!

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Incorporate your blazer into street-ready ensembles!

Slacks serve as a sharp contrast to your typical Korean cropped pant outfit, with a more “formal” and complete look to them. You can then pick your favorite all-purpose shirt, tuck it in and let your suit’s belt shine. You can add some layering with an unbuttoned dress shirt for colder days, and you’re good to go!

You can also pick up a pair of stylish Korean slacks (which are surprisingly affordable!) if you’d rather keep your suit pieces intact. You can choose between an oversized or standard fit with hemming to add detail to your outfit. Throw a blazer into the mix and a pair of black sneakers, and you’ve got yourself a true Korean mens fashion staple in the works!

Korean Street Fashion Men

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Korean street fashion offers more than just athleisure hybrid ensembles!

Korean street fashion men are known for their creativity above all. So far, we’ve discussed somewhat loose-fitting street-ready outfits, but Korean fashion also offers some tight-fitting options that will instantly make you look more attractive.

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Korean street fashion men heavily favor a pair of black jeans for these street-ready Korean outfits. You can opt for a tucked-in black shirt or a regular monochromatic shirt that adds light contrast to your ensemble. You can then pair this trendy look with a black denim jacket or a stylish bomber jacket to get that edgy look that Hwang In-yeop immortalized in the True Beauty K-drama.

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During the winter months, Korean street fashion men tend to choose a quality sheepskin jacket to stay stylish and cozy wherever they go.

Knitted vests or traditional cotton vests are also fantastic layering options. They’re great for those chilly late-spring days that let you know winter is nearly here. You can combine these vests with the best Adidas Ultraboost colorways to add pop and color to your street-ready outfits.

Korean Men’s Fashion: Minimalist Outfits

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These budget-friendly ensembles are one of this year’s major fashion trends.

Minimalist outfits are, without question, one of Korean men’s fashion most popular trends in the last year for three primary reasons: they’re stylish, practical, and super affordable.

The rules are simple: pick three loose-fitting navy blue, black or brown pieces and build a fashionable ensemble. Oversized white dress shirts are a popular pick because they gently cover your frame with their soft fabric and perfectly fit into the outfit’s relaxed vibe and fit.

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This iconic Korean men’s fashion outfit requires oversized slacks covering you from top to bottom. Cropped pants are very popular in Korean men’s fashion, but they have a tighter fit that doesn’t match this minimalist, relaxed ensemble.

Korean Fashion Mens: Seoul Meets Athleisure

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The Korean version of western Athleisure fashion!

Athleisure has hit the Korean fashion mens scene, and Seoul has fully embraced and modified this comfort-first fashion trend to their liking.

Marrying comfort with style is a recurring theme in the Korean fashion men’s scene, making Athleisure a natural match for Seoul’s fashion-savvy population.

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You can’t go wrong with the best joggers for men, especially those with a looser fit around the waist. Many opt for fleece joggers or oversized cargo pants for their tremendous pocket system. Combine these with some oversized jerseys or minimalist white shirts, and you’ve got yourself a super comfy and neutral-colored ensemble you can wear on any occasion.

Korean Male Fashion: Softboy Outfits

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Softboy aesthetics are quickly becoming this year’s most dominant fashion trend in the west.

You can’t talk about Korean male fashion without mentioning softboy aesthetics. K-pop bands are the unofficial ambassadors of this equally original and colorful fashion trend that challenges traditional fashion tastes and stereotypes in the west.

This trendy Korean male fashion is known for quirky and striking combinations that effortlessly project confidence. Depending on the weather, you build your ensemble from top to bottom with a vibrant shirt, oversized hoodie, sweater, or neck sweater.

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If you’d prefer to go easy on layering, you can pick shirts that offer artistic depth through a striking imprint. If you want something more relaxed, you can pick a colorful striped shirt that complements your shoes.

Next, you’ll want to pick a pair of tried-and-true jeans that adds effortless comfort and quality. Denim is a central part of this Korean male fashion trend due to its equally versatile and affordable nature, making them a must-have for Korean fashion lovers.

Lastly, you’ll want to pick some sneakers with a vintage or retro vibe. Dad shoes are a popular choice, but you can just as easily wear the best Jordan sneakers to add some gentle lux to the outfit. Original Chuck Taylor kicks are also a great choice!

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You’ll want to add accessories to your ensemble to take it to the next level. This Korean male fashion trend requires you to add jewelry, Korean high socks or a pair of stylish glasses to complete the look. Check out our softboy aesthetic guide to get a better idea of what accessories you’ll need!

Jeans Are a Male Korean Fashion Must-Have

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Jeans are a primary garment in male Korean fashion.

Jeans are central to male Korean fashion, period. Street-ready outfits heavily favor black jeans that accentuate your figure and make you look slimmer, while softboy outfits lean towards Levi classics to add balance to their vibrant ensembles.

However, straight cut jeans and ripped jeans are also wildly popular in male Korean fashion and add some much-needed spice and variance to any guy’s wardrobe.

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From the streets of Seoul to a hit K-drama studio, straight cut jeans can be seen everywhere. In the critically-acclaimed K-drama “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”, Moon Gang-Tae’s wardrobe featured denim jeans as a centerpiece to most of his outfits. He’d also occasionally wear denim jackets to complement his outfits, which is an all-time favorite layering option in male Korean fashion.

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You can accessorize your jean by exposing their zips and sporting eye-catchy hemming to add flavor to your ensembles. Regardless of whether you’re going for a casual or street-ready Korean look, you’ll need to re-stock your wardrobes with these fashion staples.

Trench Coats in Korean Fashion for Men

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Trench coats are a staple in Korean fashion for men, especially during the year’s colder months.

Trench coats have redefined Korean fashion for men like no other western garment. You can spot its instantly recognizable style around Seoul during winter and late spring, typically in some form of dark or light grey combination.

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Korean fashion for men constantly seeks to stylize the male figure, which is part of what makes trench coats such an ideal match for Korean wardrobes. These pieces will accentuate broad shoulders and height, especially if you match these with a pair of fashionable elevator shoes.

korean men fashion 26Source: InstagramTrench coats also have a certain air of refinement and elegance, which fits into a recurring theme in Korean fashion for men: weaving upscale pieces into casual ensembles. You can layer these with a stylish turtle neck, vests, or even shirts to create a unique, elegant ensemble that will draw compliments.

Mens Korean Fashion Staples: Jackets

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Jackets allow you to accessorize and add depth to your ensembles.

Jackets are essential in mens Korean fashion, serving as both accessories and layering alternatives that add depth and character to your outfits. Padded jackets are perceived as a Western classic that has recently made its way into Korean fashion. The North Face has spearheaded this fashion movement, with many other brands quickly trying to enter the Korean fashion market.

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Padded jackets are an incredibly safe choice because they look great on anyone and are relatively easy to combine. You can zip it up and enjoy the garment’s next-level weather-resistant properties while concealing your shirt or unbuttoning your jacket to create all sorts of original ensembles. Striped shirts, polo shirts, and even athleisure shirts are all popular choices for this look.

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Bomber jackets, sheepskin jackets, and denim jackets are also favorites in mens Korean fashion. They add bespoke depth and detail to casual and Seoul smart-casual outfits and heavily tie into a central theme: knowing how to accessorize your outfits.


Korean men fashion quickly evolves and change throughout the year, but some fundamentals, principles, and critical wardrobe pieces have remained the same throughout the last decade. We managed to build several outfits that cater to all fashion senses, seasons, and budgets to ensure you’ll carry a piece of Seoul’s fashion wherever you go!

We’ve hand-picked pieces from famous Korean men fashion shops and wardrobe staples from the best clothing brands for men alike. That way, you’re guaranteed to enjoy the same simplicity and diversity that has turned Korean men fashion into a worldwide phenomenon.