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Jord Wooden Watches: Novel Designs for Timeless Appeal

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Jord creates timepieces for exclusive customers that demand efficiency and sustainability. Their modern wooden watches are breathtakingly luxurious and come with an incredible price tag. Check out our favorite models for this year!

Jord wooden watches are nothing short of incredible. Their timepieces are modeled after a modern lifestyle, making them ideal for first-time watch users that wish to take their outfits to the next level.

These watches made of wood feature raw material and a refined design that works for casual and formal occasions, making them versatile accessories for men and women of all ages.

The Best Looking Wooden Watches

Jord creates some of the best-looking wooden watches today: their models feature a vintage spin on modern timepieces designed to project status and good taste. Whether the occasion demands formal or casual wear, these eco-friendly watches will help you stand out from the crowd instantly.

Today our review team has put together a list of our favorite Jord wooden watches for this year. We’ve prioritized performance, durability, aesthetics, and how well they can adapt to formal and casual occasions alike. The idea is to make sure you get the most out of this visually stunning piece throughout the years. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Jord Series of Eco-friendly watches: The Meridian Horizon

jord wooden watches 1Source: Jord
Jord is ushering in a new era of discerning design in sustainable wood watches.

Today’s wooden watches combine reinforced steel and wooden accents to project a luxurious look. The contrast between organic materials, metallic components, and a Safire blue dial make the Meridian Horizon model one of the best-looking wooden watches you can find. This model is an excellent option if your wrist measures between 6 to 7 inches, as the Meridian will stand out while adapting to your morphology.

Jord Series of Women’s Eco-friendly Watches: The Cora Polaris

jord wooden watches 2Source: Jord
The Cora Polaris is a gorgeous outfit accessory full of feminine charm.

One of the reasons behind Jord’s rise as one of the best wood watch brands is that their collections focus on aesthetic details that add flair to your outfits. Jord’s talented design team decided to create a feminine, super-comfortable wooden watch with a coquette appeal.

The result? The Cora Polaris: A beautiful, sustainable wooden watch that accounts for every detail (from the dial to the bracelet) while featuring Swarovski crystals that adorn a midnight blue dial. Its gorgeous walnut accents were assembled within a hand-polished, rose-gold metal encasing that makes it as charming as it is reliable.

The Jord Dover II Bocote

jord wooden watches 3Source: Jord
The Dover II Bocote is a limited edition, a vintage spin of sustainable wooden watches.

Wearable centerpieces such as the Dover II Bocote wooden watch are your biggest allies when going for a powerful and confident look. This model’s clean lines and next-level engineering complement its refined vintage look.

The Dover’s steelcore™ frame and machined gunmetal components highlight the ingenuity and great taste for which Jord’s design team is known. Even more so, by crafting this wooden watch through an activated resin bath under a vacuum, you get a splash-proof wood watch ready for any countryside adventure.

The Jord Harper Terrazo

jord wooden watches 4Source: Jord
The Harper wooden watch models form an ambitious collection constructed from exotic materials in classic style.

The Harper Terrazo is a high-quality, super-light wooden watch ready to be worn ahead of any occasion. Aesthetically speaking, it’s a sophisticated model that keeps your metals, leathers, and outfit formality level consistent.

The Terrazo merges crushed glass & marble with exotic materials within a traditional wristwatch design, inspired by Italian and Egyptian ancient mosaics. Naturally complementing any gold accessories, it’s the perfect piece for a neutral-colored outfit classically used in semi-formal lunches.

Jord Eco-friendly watches: The Harper Kosso

jord wooden watches 5Source: Jord
This watch makes use of durable, fully sustainable Kosso wood.

The Kosso is your Harper Collection’s alternative to the previously featured Terrazo model. More importantly, it’s one of those sustainable wooden watches that provides an extra layer of class, flair, and individuality to a sharp outfit.

A watch should always be proportional to the wearer’s wrist, which is why the Harper Kosso Model features a slim silhouette thin enough to slip in and out of your cuffs easily. The Kosso wood accent makes it a great addition to blue-themed outfits and formal suits that require you to highlight its golden details.


There’s no doubt about it: a hand-crafted wristwatch will take your outfit’s aesthetics to the next level. A luxurious wristwatch projects confidence, charm, and a clear appreciation for all things refined that will impress observant friends and strangers.

Jord sustainable wood watches excel in this department. Their commitment to creating the best men’s wood watches and eco-friendly women’s watches is imprinted into each of their hand-crafted pieces. Their modern design helps veteran and novice watch users elevate even the most casual apparel into sophisticated, well-thought outfits that project refined taste and confidence.