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20 Joggers Pants for Men That Will Permanently Replace Your Sweatpants

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Upscale your casual outfits and gym wear with the best jogger pants for men!

The best jogger pants for men are no longer just for sports enthusiasts. With the rise of athleisure, they’ve become a staple in every guy’s wardrobe.

A pair of jogger pants for men is the sports luxe version of traditional baggy sweatpants. They come with a unique fabric blend and a tailored look that offers maximum range in motion and style all at once.

The Best Jogger Pants for Men

A stylish pair of jogger pants for men are the perfect gift for guys across all age brackets. They’re easy to match and add comfort and accessibility to your everyday outfits. You can easily weave them into your college party outfits or pair them with a plain shirt before dashing for your 8 AM class.

They’re also a must-have for sports or fitness enthusiasts that understand the importance of range in motion and proper execution. Gym-goers will appreciate how the best jogger pants for men help you make the most out of leg days, and runners will love the sense of freedom and comfort that its fabric blend delivers day after day.

Whether you’re going for a smart-casual look or need to revamp your gym outfit rotation, our list has the best jogger pants for men that the best clothing brands offer!

The Gymshark Slim Fit Joggers for Men

joggers for men 1Source: Gymshark
These joggers for men are perfect for gym workouts or daily errands.

The Crest slim fit joggers for men by Gymshark are a staple for fitness enthusiasts that value performance and style. If you’re done with traditional sweatpants that bunch up or get in the way of a squat set, then these slim fit joggers for men are the natural upgrade for your gym wardrobe. The four-way fabric blend and adjustable drawcord waistband effortlessly provide all the mobility and range in motion that you’ll need for leg days or supplemental cardio activity throughout the week.

The ribbed ankle cuffs and a fashionable tapered design make these joggers for men a superb addition to your casual wardrobe. These slim fit joggers for men also come with convenient zippered pockets for your essentials and a hidden phone sleeve that secures your phone during demanding plyometric work or commutes.

Because of its high-performance fabric, stylish tapered design, and convenient features, we consider this one of the best slim fit joggers for men.

The Under Armour Grey Joggers for Men

joggers for men 3Source: Under Armour
These joggers are the ultimate athleisure piece for men.

The Under Armour grey joggers for men are the perfect example of how athleisure has changed our wardrobes for the better. Sweatpants have traditionally offered a level of comfort, warmth, and freedom that other pieces can’t match, but they come with significant disadvantages in terms of overall style and aesthetics. These grey joggers for men offer that much-needed balance, providing all the benefits of your favorite sweatpants with an updated, refined look.

The ultra-soft mid-weight cotton-blend fleece build comes with convenient ribbed cuffs that keep your joggers locked in place. You can watch the big game on Sunday with your friends, run errands, or hit the weights with these grey joggers for men, making them a super versatile and reliable piece for any guy out there.

Because of their upscale take on traditional sweatpants and year-long usage potential, we rate this Under Armour model as the best grey joggers for men.

The AE Khaki Joggers for Men

joggers for men 17Source: American Eagle
Add color and gentle contrasts to your casual outfits with these stunning Khaki joggers!

The AE Khaki joggers for men combine your sweatpants’ coziness and comfort levels with a classy look you can confidently wear outside. The 97% cotton and 3% elastane fabric blend allow these joggers for men to stretch and adapt to their busy lifestyle without ever losing their original shape and size. The elastic waistband and slightly tapered leg opening add unmatched comfort and style to your outings and dates, allowing you to look great when you need it the most.

Khaki joggers for men are ideal for casual looks and are also a favorite for softboy outfits. Many softboy outfits favor that tailored, tapered look that joggers for men can offer and introduce the color and contrasts that K-pop stars love to show off. Match these with some softboy accessories and jewelry, and you’re good to go!

The Champion White Joggers for Men

joggers for men 23Source: Champion
These 3-in-1 joggers for men are a must-buy this year.

The Champion white joggers for men are, without question, one of the most ingenious additions to any guy’s wardrobe. This 3-in-1 piece is simultaneously a sporty jogger, an everyday jogger, and a lounge jogger due to its trendy tapered cut and durable heavyweight fleece.

The 82% cotton and 18% polyester fabric blend allows you to execute heavy compound movements and break personal best records at the gym without a care in the world. The signature rib gusset in the crotch area and double-needle construction build make these white joggers for men one of the most tear-resistant choices. They’re flexible and durable, so it’s no wonder they’ve remained a best-seller for quite some time now!

While I’m partial to the oxford gray model (that pretty much looks white with natural light and gym lighting), there’s also an all-white presentation that looks great. All in all, these Champion models are the best white joggers for men this year.

The Lululemon Black Joggers for Men

joggers for men 26Source: Lululemon
The Lululemon ABC technology has taken joggers for men to the next level.

These black joggers for men by Lululemon come with the legendary anti-ball crushing technology that men around the planet can’t thank enough for. These fashionable joggers for men come with an extra panel near the crotch that gives you and the family jewels room to breathe. The wide paneled gusset seamlessly fits into a streamlined fit that you can use any day of the week.

The Nylon and elastane Lycra fabric blend has superb shape retention properties to prevent wrinkles and actively wicks sweat during demanding workout sessions. The fabric itself also feels smooth to the touch and feels just as great as it looks on the outside.

Because of its trendy tapered look, wrinkle-resistant build, and comfort-first design, we rate these as the best black joggers for men this year.

The Champion Joggers for Short Men

joggers for men 4Source: Champion
These joggers are perfect for that smart-casual look you’re looking for.

These joggers for short men by Champion come with a street-ready cut and a soft fabric blend that keeps you cozy and mobile throughout the year.

They’re also a fantastic alternative to standard shorts since they feature a relaxed tapered look that makes your legs look longer. They might not add inches to your height (like a pair of fashionable elevator shoes), but they certainly won’t make you look short.

When it comes to the best shorts for men, we carefully selected pairs that won’t make guys look shorter but finding these products took considerable time and nuance to find. If you’d rather go with a 100% safe choice and warm weather is not a particular concern, then these joggers for short men are second to none.

Because of their classic tapered leg fit, handy pocket system, and street-ready design, we rate this Champion piece as the best joggers for short men.

The Aeropostale Denim Joggers for Men

joggers for men 14Source: Aeropostale
These joggers are fun to wear and easy to match!

These denim joggers for men by Aeropostale are the perfect alternative to a tapered jeans outfit. The 79% cotton, 20% polyester, and 1% elastane fabric blend guarantee you’ll feel smooth, mobile, and breezy throughout the day. The elastic waist with drawstring allows these joggers for men to gently sit on your waistband for a relaxed, bespoke fit.

The Aeropostale denim joggers for men also come with an undeniable elevated look. The flattering tapered look and stylish light wash denim finish give way to all sorts of outfits combinations. You can combine these with your favorite special edition Vans and a fitted white t-shirt to add contrast and a dash of creativity to your casual outfits.

Because they’re so easy to match and work as a more casual alternative to your trusty tapered jeans, we rate this Aeropostale piece as one of the best denim joggers for men.

The Amazon Cheap Joggers for Men

joggers for men 5Source: Amazon
These joggers embody comfort and accessibility.

These Amazon Essentials cheap joggers for men are all about comfort, accessibility, and considerable style. With a 97% cotton and 3% Spandex fabric blend, these cheap joggers are more of a comfortable, versatile pair of joggers that you can incorporate into your everyday casual outfits.

You could take these to the gym, but we’d avoid using these on leg days to preserve their shape and fabric integrity. Instead, pick one of the 4-way stretch fabric options on your list. The Lululemon, Gymshark, and Alphalete models feature this performance-first fabric.

These cheap joggers for men are easily combined with casual shirts, polo jackets, or even a nice leather bomber jacket for an upscale look guaranteed to draw eyes and compliments.

We rate these the best cheap joggers for men because of their tremendous versatility and affordable price tag!

Adidas Joggers for Men

joggers for men 6Source: Adidas
The legendary sports brand has branched out to athleisure gear with tremendous success.

These performance-first Adidas joggers for men are a must-have for this year. These tapered track pants come with a moisture-absorbing Aeroready technology that keeps your skin dry during challenging workout sessions and warm errand days. The extensive pocket system and zippered closure add convenience to these equally versatile and stylish joggers for men.

Adidas is an industry titan with a proven track record for creating performance-oriented gear for fitness enthusiasts. Their pieces, however, are also known for becoming fashion staples that mark trendsetters avidly include in their fashionable ensembles.

Because of their reputation for creating high-quality products you can feel proud to wear, we rate these Adidas joggers for men as a top pick for this year.

The Southpole Fleece Joggers for Men

joggers for men 7Source: Southpole
These Southpole best-sellers add color and personality to your favorite gym ensemble!

The Southpole fleece joggers for men check all the boxes: stretchy, street-ready, and super affordable. These joggers for men come with a 100% polyester build that bounces back into shape after being stretched, allowing you to squat for full range in motion without a care in the world. Due to how stretchy its fabric is, you’ll get to execute all sorts of compound movements without dealing with any mobility-impairing fabric resistance.

The minimalist printed look and elegant tapered look also make these fleece joggers for men a fashion statement you can rock anywhere you go. Whether you’re hanging out with friends or heading to a packed gym after work, these fleece joggers for men will keep you comfortable and stylish!

The American Eagle Joggers for Men

joggers for men 24Source: American Eagle
The AE 24/7 joggers for men unlock a world of fashion opportunities for all of us!

The 24/7 American Eagle joggers for men are guaranteed to expand your wardrobe. These joggers for men are not just for the sports-inclined; they’re an athleisure staple that will deliver a relaxed weekend look or a smart-casual look you can take to dates and semi-formal events.

These super-soft joggers for men feature a sweat-wicking fabric blend that keeps you fresh and comfortable during hot summer days. The athletic appearance and leg-tapered design allow you to wear these with the best wooden watches, striped shirts, or even elegant blazers for a striking appearance that is guaranteed to draw compliments and looks.

Because of its elegant style and super versatile cut, the Active 24/7 are the best American Eagle joggers for men.

The WT02 Twill Joggers for Men

joggers for men 8Source: WTo2
The WT02 are some of the most comfortable joggers for men out there.

These twill joggers for men by WT02 are the ultimate go-to piece for last-minute runs to the store or a late-night taco run with your friends. They’re snug and taper down to their elastic cuffs, providing you with that relaxed streetwear look that lets your shoes take the spotlight. With 14 different presentations, you can match these with the best Adidas Ultraboost colorways to get a trendy casual outfit ready in seconds!

These twill joggers for men also come with an elastic hem, waistband, and a fully adjustable drawstring closure to gently lock itself in place. Because of how fashionable, comfortable, and affordable they are, we believe the WT02 are the best twill joggers for men.

The ASOS Camo Joggers for Men

joggers for men 9Source: ASOS
This Champion classic spices up your fashion life!

These camo joggers for men by ASOS come with an elastic drawstring waist, cargo leg pockets, and an undeniably cool camouflage design. It’s hard to pinpoint when camo clothing exploded in popularity, but they’re a present-day fashion favorite amongst all age brackets.

Camouflage clothing was initially designed to conceal soldiers by helping them blend in with their surroundings. These camo joggers for men, on the other hand, will help you stand out from the crowd. The stylish camo pattern, convenient pocket system, and unique fabric blend will keep you light, comfortable, and ready for whatever life has to throw at you!

Because of their fashionable camouflage pattern and super stretchy fabric, we believe these are some of the best camo joggers for men this year!

The Alphalete Skinny Joggers for Men

joggers for men 20Source: Alphalete
These joggers for men are high-performance garments you can wear in and outside the gym.

The Alphalete skinny joggers for men are one of the most comfortable, performance-oriented pieces out there. The 4-way stretch fabric bounces back into shape every time (even after a particularly demanding sumo squat or lounge set), allowing you to maximize intensity and push the limits on every workout. The moisture-wicking properties and lightweight build make it an excellent choice for fitness enthusiasts who enjoy yoga, CrossFit, or other demanding physical activities.

These skinny joggers for men also come with a classic tapered look that gives you that equally athletic and sophisticated look we all want. While these are performance-oriented skinny joggers for men, they come with substantial fashion potential you can leverage outside the gym!

The Old Navy Joggers for Men

joggers for men 19Source: Old Navy
Need a last-minute gift for your friend? Try gifting these mega-soft joggers!

The Old Navy joggers for men are, surprisingly enough, perfect for her too! These gender-neutral joggers have a classic tapered shape and a laid-back appeal that works for guys and girls alike.

The elasticized rib-knit waistband, adjustable drawstring, and matching cuffs allow these Old Navy joggers for men to adapt to all body shapes. You can buy a pair of these and treat yourself and your partner to a matching outfit you can both wear next time you’re having lunch outside!

The 58% cotton and 4% polyester fabric blend allow gym couples to hit the weights with comfortable matching outfits. The easy pull-on-style and soft-washed fleece combo maximize range in motion and style like no other, making these Old Navy joggers for men a thoughtful gift, whatever the occasion!

The Fruit of the Loom Joggers for Tall Men

joggers for men 23 1Source: Fruit of the Loom
Add some effortlessly cool bottom wear to your gym ensembles!

Fruit of the Loom products always lives up to the hype when it comes to comfort and quality. Their joggers for tall men feature a 60% cotton and 40% polyester blend that effortlessly stretch and adapt to your body type. The comfort waistband comes with an inner exposed cord you can adjust and double-needle stitching on its hems to keep your joggers gently locked in place.

These joggers for tall men come with a relaxed tapered cut that keeps you comfortable and stylish during your early jog. They don’t taper down as aggressively as other models, but it still looks like a tailored version of traditional sweatpants. They also come with unique sweat-wicking and odor protection properties to keep you fresh during casual Fridays at the office.

Because of their effortlessly cool design and wide variety in sizes, many consider these Fruit of the Loom models the best joggers for tall men.

The Amazon Essentials Camouflage Joggers for Men

joggers for men 27Source: Amazon
Maximize comfort and mobility with these clean camo joggers.

Amazon Essentials is known for providing high-quality wares at a fantastic price tag, and these camouflage joggers for men are not the exception. With a stretchy 80% cotton and 20% polyester fabric blend, these equally soft and comfortable joggers for men are ready for gym workouts or casual downtown strolls.

While its standard olive camouflage pattern stands as a best-seller, its alternative grey camo presentation gives you that clean urban aesthetic that we all know and love. It’s fair to say that these camouflage joggers for men are guaranteed to meet your fashion and athletic needs, especially if you match them with a pair of stylish black sneakers!

The Under Armour Gray Joggers for Men

joggers for men 11Source: Under Armour
These joggers for men are durable, stylish, and incredibly comfortable.

The Under Armour gray joggers for men rivals some of the best techwear pants in terms of overall protection and durability. These gray joggers for men feature wind-resistant materials and a durable fabric blend that helps you brave the elements. They’re ideal for gym-goers who like to jog to their local gym and hikers who need that perfect balance between flexibility and skin protection.

The smooth ripstop woven fabric and mesh lining combination offers unmatched breathability and soft-to-the-skin comfort, guaranteeing that your skin remains dry even during the year’s warmer months. These gray joggers for men also come with the iconic tapered look that works for weekend get-togethers, shopping, or dining out with your friends at your favorite fast food joint.

Because of its fabric blend’s durability and fashionable, all-purpose tapered design, we rate this Under Armour piece as one of the best gray joggers for men.

The Victorious Jean Joggers for Men

joggers for men 25Source: Victorious
Overhaul your wardrobe with these trendy joggers for men!

The Victorious jean joggers for men stand as the perfect mix of comfort, style, and quality craftsmanship. These joggers for men come with a durable 97% cotton fabric that keeps your skin soft and dry and a 3% spandex element that provides that relaxed fit that made joggers so famous in the first place.

You can match these trend-setting jean joggers for men with some rimless sunglasses and a pair of timeless black sneakers for men. It’s a simple yet proven outfit combination that you can wear on dates, errands, and weekend get-togethers with the boys.

Due to their superior craftsmanship and tremendous fashion potential, we rate this Victorious bottom wear as the best jean joggers for men.

The Jordan Joggers for Men

joggers for men 18Source: Nike
These Jordan classics come with zippered back pockets for all your essentials!

The Essentials Jordan joggers for men come with a heavyweight French terry fabric that keeps you warm and fashionable through winter. These joggers for men come with the Jordan standard fit: a relaxed, easy feel that seamlessly blends with streetwear outfits when you have to step out of the house.

These Jordan joggers for men are perfect for grabbing some last-minute food and beverages for our Saturday Twitch marathon. You can lounge around the house with these, then grab a well-fitted shirt (or your everyday hoodie), and look effortlessly cool as you head down to the store!

I highly recommend combining their white presentation with some timeless Jordan One Take II for a quick high-end Jordan ensemble you can be proud to flex in all settings.


It’s incredible just how helpful joggers for men are. Even if you’re not particularly good at putting together outfits, these garments will add considerable style to your casual ensembles. Because they’re designed for athletic use, their fabric is also guaranteed to last, making them an excellent long-term addition to your wardrobe.

Regular gym-goers will also find themselves retiring their sweatpants and turning them into lounging pieces. These jogger pants for men offer comfort and performance-enhancing flexibility that will take your workouts to the next level. They also help you look more attractive and put-together, which is a definite plus that we can all appreciate!