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Holzkern Wooden Watches: A Stylish Tribute to Nature

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Holzkern is known for creating some of the best wooden watches in terms of creativity and durability. Their timepieces combine wood and stone to create unique one-of-a-kind accessories that resonate with who you are.

The company’s passion for craftsmanship and responsible use of natural resources is second to none. All of their products are made from wood offcuts or FSC-certified timbers to guarantee that your eco-friendly watches come with a beautiful finish, a low carbon footprint, and a 2-year warranty!

Watches Made of Wood

Whether you’re looking for a casual minimalist timepiece or an elegant wooden watch for formal occasions, Holzkern has the perfect piece of nature for your outfit. A handcrafted wooden wrist watch is more than a trendy accessory: it’s a symbol of a strong fashion sense that deviates from generic models.

Holzkern wooden watches feature hardwoods from various regions from all over the world, creating infinite combinations of color, grain, and hardness capable of elevating any outfit to stylish perfection.

Today we’ve taken a deep dive into their 700+ models catalog and picked our favorite models for this year. Let’s begin!

The Arthur Wooden Watch

holzkern watches 1Source: Holzkern
The Arthur Wooden Watch guides you on your quest to keep the time in the highest fashion.

While many wooden watches rely on a vintage aesthetic for their style, the Arthur model sticks to a flashy, tried-and-true modern style. This wood and stainless steel watch is a tasteful go-to option as your racing or driving watch.

If you’re a fan of button-down shirts, khakis, and dark denim outfits, this beautiful timepiece will perfectly complement this casual apparel. The Arthur comes with vibrant contrasting colors, a grey marble dial, and a brushed stainless steel silver case to accent its padauk wood bezel and band.

The Fall Morning Wooden Wrist Watch

holzkern watches 2Source: Holzkern
An eco-friendly, exotic wooden watch that carries nature freshness on your wrist.

The 4th Season Collection features some of the best men’s wooden watches to combine zebrawood and wenge wood timber. The Fall Morning model is an all-natural wood watch with an exotic appeal and masculine style. The wedge wood dial and metallic blue hands create a luxurious contrast that stands out from the get-go.

Holzkern’s Watches Made Out of Wood: The Amelia

holzkern watches 3Source: Holzkern
Victorian elegance and beauty merge in the Amelia wooden watch.

The Amelia is one of the best-looking wooden watches that you can gift to any special lady in your life. Holkzern pays homage to Amelia Edwards, naming this wooden watch after the famous English novelist, journalist, traveler, and founder of the Egypt Exploration Fund in 1882.

The Amelia is one of the best eco-friendly watches to sport a case of golden stainless steel, light marblewood, and dark leadwood together with its slim, genuine green leather band. This elegant timepiece adds a unique emerald accent that complements your favorite summer dress or a chic spring outfit.

Holzkern’s Eco Friendly Watches: The Emotions Collection

holzkern watches 4Source: Holzkern
The Calm Amaranth is one of those wooden timepieces that glow with feminine power.

Amaranth is commonly known as purpleheart wood, and it’s rare to find in wooden timepieces. The Calm model is one of the best wooden watches in terms of performance and originality, featuring a vibrant violet color across its case, dial, and band. Violet is often associated with royalty, luxury as well as introspection, and creativity. The Holzkern Calm timepiece is an excellent gift that perfectly transmits all of these qualities in a thoughtful manner.

Holzkern’s Best Sustainable Watches: The Coastal Collection

holzkern watches 5Source: Holzkern
The Balos is an elegant, hobo-chic wristwatch of great taste and simplicity.

The Balos wooden watch evokes the sensual sights of the island of Crete by using a blue marble dial as its aesthetic focal point. The zebrawood structure masterfully combines with the deep cerulean gradient to surface distant beach summer memories.

Blue is known to be a deep, spiritual color that channels honesty and tranquility. It can also represent wisdom and serenity, making this wooden timepiece a symbol of who you aspire to be, even when faced with adversity.


Holzkern is an Austrian startup currently partnered with some of the most experienced watch manufacturers today. They’ve developed a reputation for transforming raw, natural materials into one-of-a-kind timepieces that make their customers stand out in casual and formal events.

Holzkern’s core philosophy consists of offering unique and personal pieces of nature for their clientele in hopes of reconnecting our urban lifestyles with nature and all the bounties it offers. Their logo symbolizes the annual growth rings of a tree, and it fittingly refers to the company’s mission towards creating sustainable products at fair prices.

This successful startup also believes in reinvesting in our planet and society. Their reinvestment portfolio features reforestation initiatives, development of sustainable packaging, and the occupation of people with physical or mental disabilities. Holzkern firmly believes that by giving back, they’re helping create a better future for Earth and humans for many years to come.


After reviewing their extensive online catalog, it’s clear that Holzkern’s artisans have a unique connection to wood and stone. Each of their stylish product is uniquely natural and features minimalist, classic and modern designs that elevate urban and outdoors apparel alike.

Each timepiece tells a story, but they’re all intimately related to one of self-reflection and re-discovery of nature. Our busy urban lifestyle often takes for granted all the boons and wonders that nature offers tirelessly throughout our stay on Earth, and it’s something that Holzkern seeks to reclaim with their wooden watches.

Their watches come in a variety of premium hardwoods sourced from all over the planet and helps them create gorgeous timepieces with a wide range of designs. Holzkern 700+ products catalog offers stylish, lightweight wooden watches that will elevate your aesthetics into detailed perfection overnight, so be sure to visit it!