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6 High Water Pants You Can Use Throughout The Year

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Revolutionize your wardrobe with the best high water pants for this year!

You can’t talk about avant-garde men’s fashion without mentioning high water pants. Men’s cropped jeans first took the Italian high-fashion world a few years back and have slowly permeated the mainstream ever since.

Florence, and other Italian cities known for their bold menswear and hot summers, first introduced high water pants to the world a few years back. Today, men’s cropped jeans and highwater pants symbolize excellent taste and status, especially amongst those with a keen eye for fashion and style.

The Best High Water Pants

The best high water pants are year-long menswear that you can combine with shoes and boots to fit any weather and occasion. They offer unmatched breathability and style to your summer wardrobe and can be used with a pair of dress boots and socks during winter. The result is a clean, stylized look true to Italian fashion.

Men’s cropped jeans offer the opportunity to show some ankle or create contrasts with monochromatic navy, black or white socks. Because of its versatility and unique cut, it’s one of those garments that makes your entire outfit look more expensive and effortlessly stylish.

Today, we decided to list the most stylish men’s high water pants for this year. You’ll notice pieces from the best clothing stores for men, each designed to elevate your wardrobe to stylish perfection this year!

The River Island Mens Cropped Jeans

high water pants 1Source: River Island
These trendy stretch denim jeans add style and a touch of elegance to your casual outfits.

These River Island trousers are a durable, top-fashion alternative to standard jeans. Perfect for social occasions and everyday routines, these high-quality men’s cropped Jeans are as versatile as your go-to denim pants.

The River Island Mens Cropped Jeans feature a cotton & elastane fabric blend for increased comfort and a clean tapered-leg design. The soft fabric and its vibrant colors highlight your shoes and accentuate your socks’ colors and contrast.

Wearing these men cropped jeans with a blue wooden watch and long sleeves shirts that match your sneakers can give you a refined look. Remember: never underestimate the power of a well-groomed and sharply dressed appearance during job interviews and dates!

ASOS Mens Cropped Pants

high water pants 2Source: ASOS
The black ASOS cropped pants are versatile trousers that go well with rugged and sophisticated outfits.

The ASOS Men’s Cropped Pants feature a higher rise and an extra folded design, making them perfect for semiformal occasions. Straight from a Pitti Uomo fashion event, the ASOS spearhead the high water pants renaissance in mainstream fashion, making them a must-have for this year.

The ASOS highwater pants feature a black lain-woven fabric made from recycled polyester for increased comfort and a formal look. Their tight fit gives you a stylish and sophisticated look that matches unbuttoned blazers, white button-ups, and invisible socks.

The black ASOS highwater pants are also perfect with suede boots and black leather bomber jackets, providing you with a rugged and elegant appearance during cold-weather seasons.

The REISS Cropped Trousers

high water pants 3Source: Reiss
The Hammonds are the perfect cropped pants to match camel coats and earth-colored sports jackets.

The Hammond relaxed fit pants are the perfect cropped trousers to match timeless camel coats and rich colored button-ups. Thanks to their five-pocket traditional design and comfy cotton fabric, these cropped trousers act as a versatile element in your autumn wardrobe.

If you’re looking for an easy daytime outfit, pick some vintage shades from your sunglass organizer, go for a stylish hairstyle (such as the Low Fade Wavvy Slick Back w/ Beard), and pair these high water slacks with a long sleeve t-shirt and your favorite low profile brown shoes. You’re guaranteed to make the perfect first impression during dates and business lunches alike.

The REISS Navy Blue Highwater Pants

high water pants 4Source: Reiss
These cropped pants adapt to casual and formal outfits, no matter the occasion.

The Navy-Blue Hammond trousers style a classic soft cotton fabrication and a relaxed fit design, making them as easy-to-combine as men’s cropped pants can be.

The REISS Navy Blue Highwater Pants work perfectly alongside stylish outfits that include red bottom hats. Feel free to pair them up with a navy-blue blazer, red or white dress shirts, and matching colored loafers to complete a unique look.

The brushed cotton fabric and subtle stretch of these highwater slacks make them feel comfortable during work and social occasions alike. Furthermore, its five-pocket design gives you plenty of room for your keys and smartphones as you scratch daily errands from your list.

The ASOS Gray Ankle Length Pants for Mens

high water pants 5Source: ASOS
Give your jeans a day off and update your classic outfits with these ASOS gray plaid cropped pants.

These gray plaid trousers from ASOS help you make a bold fashion statement while keeping it classy. Plaid cropped pants are a clever way to expand your wardrobe since they offer almost endless outfits alternatives and new spins on tried-and-true combinations.

These skinny-fit highwater pants pair up nicely with black long sleeve shirts and low-profile loafers and slip-ons. You can wear them with a burgundy t-shirt and white leathered sneakers for a trendy look that turns heads wherever you go.

You can also pull a stylish formal outfit ahead of job interviews by matching these highwater pants with a black blazer, a ghost grey button-up, and a dark grey patterned tie. However, if you’re looking to elevate your clothing aesthetics and personal appearance, we highly recommend you check out our looksmaxing guide for some next-level advice.

The Cos Highwater Pants

high water pants 6Source: Cos
The Cos highwater pants slim your figure with their deep navy blue presentation.

The Cos highwater pants are perfect for fashion-forward, confident men that wish to take their casual outfits to new heights. You can either show some ankles or wear navy blue socks with your white sneakers to create a masculine yet relaxed look whenever you hit the downtown area with your friends or your date.

The Cos men’s cropped jeans are year-long garments that you can easily combine with boots, sneakers, or no-show socks, depending on where you’re going. The tapered leg cut, belt loops, and multiple pockets system add convenience and style to just about any outfit and occasion and make this model one of the best highwater pants out there, according to the best fashion websites for men.


Men’s cropped jeans have earned themselves a spot on this year’s fashion trends list. The innovative design allows for all sorts of fashionable combinations: casual blazers, sheepskin bomber jackets, and casual shirts are all equally viable options for your next favorite high water pants outfit.

Even if you’re not the kind of guy that likes to show his ankles and rarely go out without socks, a patterned pair of socks and a layered sweater can be just what you need to switch things up in a very manly way.

As always, we’ve hand-picked these high water pants from the best online clothing stores for men to guarantee that you get plenty of mileage out of these super stylish and affordable pieces.