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Herno: Fine Italian Tailoring meets Techwear

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Tailor-made to the highest of specifications, Herno pieces offer style at the service of functionality. With over 40 years of experience, these experienced Italian craftsmen create highly efficient and downright elegant Techwear.

With an obsessive attention to detail and the perfect fit, Herno has weaved technology, craftsmanship, and luxury together for over 70 years. Herno’s Laminar collection introduces high-end Italian tailoring to the expanding world of Techwear.

Precision & Style to Create Functionality

Operating from their Lesa quarters in Italy, their repurposed 19th-century factory (now fueled by solar panels) self-sufficiently creates unique Techwear pieces infused with passion, cutting-edge technology, and innovation. It’s in this rare setting that these revolutionary techwear outfits are made in adherence to the highest standards of Italian tailoring.

Let’s take a look at their latest techwear collection: Laminar.

The Herno Laminar Collection

herno laminar techwear 9Source: Herno Laminar Collection
The Hermo Laminar collection offer style at the service of functionality and comfort.

Featuring premium materials such as GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ and polyurethane-coated accessories, these incredibly elegant pieces will help you brave the elements with style and comfort. True to superior Italian tailoring standards, Herno stresses the importance of a perfect fit for each body, allowing you to squeeze every ounce of performance out of your techwear.

WindStopper Techwear Pieces

herno laminar techwear 1Source: Herno Laminar Collection
The Laminar Windstopper Parka uses a 2Layer GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® fabric.

Featuring extremely practical (and durable coats), their Windstopper pieces are designed to actively protect you from temperature drops. The completely windproof, water repellent, and extremely breathable Parka come in different presentations.

herno laminar techwear 2Source: Herno Laminar Collection
Looking for a slimmer fit? The Laminal Slim Windstopper Coat uses premium materials soft on the skin, and tough on the elements!

If you prefer variety in your techwear, you’ll be pleased to know the Windstopper coat also comes with a slim fit presentation in a wide range of colors. With a detachable hood, stretch inner cuffs with thumbholes, and plenty of welt invisible-zip pockets, these pieces also offer versatility and storage for all your devices.

Laminar 2Shape Garments

herno laminar techwear 3Source: Herno Laminar Collection
The Laminar 2Layer A-Shape is perfect for your urban techwear outfit.

If you’re looking for urban Techwear apparel, The Herno Laminar 2Layer pieces are perfect for you! Featuring well-defined lines, these waterproof garments offer outstanding performance and state of the art protection from the elements at all times.

herno laminar techwear 4Source: Herno Laminar Collection
The Laminar Coat is made with Gore-Tex 2Layer fabric and a comfortable goose down padding.

The minimalist Gore-Tex 2Layer coat made with goose down padding is another exclusive piece offered in the Laminar collection. Sporting the new Herno Laminar Sartorial Engineering label, this extremely breathable garment is the best techwear outfit for a dynamic lifestyle.

Laminar Technical Gear

herno laminar techwear 5Source: Herno Laminar Collection
The Laminar Impact Bomber features an external waterproof and windproof membrane.

Herno’s techwear bomber jackets deliver a strong sense of style, absolute comfort, and next-level insulation from temperature drops and water. With plenty of waterproof pockets for your electronics and essentials, this timeless piece remains a highly functional symbol of status and good taste.

herno laminar techwear 6Source: Herno Laminar Collection
The Laminar Oversize Windstopper Coat comes with stretch inner cuffs with thumb-holes to prevent sleeves from riding up.

The Herno Laminar techwear also accommodates anyone that prefers a baggier, plusher fit to their coats. This oversized coat comes with a water repellent, 100% windproof, and yet extremely breathable material that’ll keep you cozy during the coldest of seasons.  This snug piece of Italian high-fashion is a perfect combination of functionality and style.

Herno Techwear Blazer

herno laminar techwear 7Source: Herno Laminar Collection
The Technical Flannel Laminar Blazer is the ultimate city wear: highly functional and stylish for all occasions.

The Herno Laminar collection also includes a Blazer that fuses the finest Japanese fabric with superior Italian craftsmanship and style. This water repellent (and yet superbly breathable blazer) is the functional techwear city apparel you need to add to your dresser. With an easily detachable bib with hood, flap pockets, and stylish buttons, this blazer keeps you safe from the elements with great style.

The Herno Laminar collection features almost 20 different pieces made with their signature sartorial & couture engineering process. The process imbues these fine pieces of tailoring with superior performance under adverse circumstances with a solemn yet powerful style.


herno laminar techwear 8Source: Herno
With over 50 stores located across multiple continents, Herno is one of the best techwear brands today.

Herno’s long-standing history starts at the end of the Second World War. At age 24, Giuseppe Marenzi established his factory in Lesa, surrounded by the climate and geography of Lake Maggiore and the Erno Valley with its cold, rainy winters and hot summers and exuberant vegetation.

Marenzi’s work experience, coupled with his military experience during the war, allowed him to come up with ingenious solutions to further waterproof fabrics for his clothing. Giuseppe and his wife Alessandra Diana took over an old plant and baptized the company under the name of “Herno” paying homage to the river that fueled the factory’s mill.

Giuseppe Marenzi had one goal: to create well-made, functional coats, and jackets that could weather the harshest of elements without sacrificing quality, elegance, and Italian style.

Through hard work and dedication to their craft, Herno expanded all the way to Japan. It was at the start of the 21st century when Claudio Marenzi (Giuseppe’s son) would then take control of the company and take the thriving business into a new golden age.

Claudio encouraged new, young talent and modernized Herno’s entire line of clothing, creating new collections that respected Herno’s exquisite craftsmanship, unique taste, and distinctive signs of the company and its Italian heritage.

Herno successfully modernized their facilities and technologies to create a unique fusion where modernity and tradition coexisted in a powerfully symbiotic relationship. Just like his father, Claudio and his team became obsessed with one goal: creating coats that were waterproof but breathable; light but warm; luxurious but with a sporty feel.

By introducing revolutionary fabrics to the creation process, the Herno Laminar collection successfully transferred these materials into urban fabrics. Herno’s Laminar collection is the result of the lifetime work of the Marenzi and their commitment to superior performance and style, transforming each piece into a symbol of status and good taste.


Herno stands today as one of the best techwear brands in the world. Under Claudio Marenzi’s direction, the company follows the strict standards of production that his father imposed during Herno’s foundation, over 70 years ago. The goal remains the same: creating highly resistant and functional pieces that boost the wearer’s performance without sacrificing style. Herno’s methods have modernized throughout the years, but their timeless style and commitment to fashion of high status remain the same.