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15 Stunning Haircuts and Hairstyles for Men for 2021

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The path to new and exciting opportunities often starts with a haircut. It helps build a sense of transformation that helps propel one towards their personal and professional goals. The toughest part about rocking a new hairstyle is finding the one that’s right for you. This article should help.


Men’s haircuts vary wildly depending on many factors. Hair thickness, hair length, and even hair color influence how hairstyles may look for you. Knowing your hair is the first step but second, to that is finding inspiration.

While the need to cut one’s hair is almost innate—the propensity to consider styling is not. However, the stylistic manner in which one chooses to present one’s hair has strong echoes throughout the entirety of one’s aesthetic. For example, dropping bank on the newest techwear outfit may be conflicted slightly by pairing with a more natural hairstyle. Or not—the point is one should make the consideration!

Without further ado, you’ll find a long list of the best hairstyles for men below. One final note: with regards to length—we’re only talking about the top, not the beard.

Short Haircuts

Short hairstyles are all about the texture and presentation. Here you’ll find undercuts, hard parts, wavy texture, and skin fades taking the forefront of stylistic precedence. One common contrast with short haircuts for men is to feature a longer-length beard. We keep a complete list of the best short haircuts for men but here are a few of my favorites:

Crew Cut with Messy Top

short crew cut messy topSource: @davidbeckham

Classic is almost synonymous with “crew cut” when it comes to men’s haircuts. This gentleman (who needs little introduction) showcases how a short hairstyle resonates with whatever fashion and accessories it’s paired with. A bit of texture and messy styling give a modern touch that’s great for a range of occasions.

Short Tapered Top with Low Skin Fade

10 high skin fade short top taperSource: @rafaxhair

Nothing says casual like a short haircut with a low skin fade. This style isn’t likely to win any awards for making lasting impressions but its versatility isn’t to be underestimated. The low skin fade and slightly tapered top add a bit of flavor here that keeps things exciting!

High Skin Fade

15 high skin fade crew military cutSource: @antonio.j.j.g

This style is popular among Veterans and active Armed Service members and popularized by many military-inspired TV shows and movies. It’s as masculine as haircuts come, short of a clean shave, and helps present with a strong presence.  This hairstyle won’t do much to hide scars or head tats!

High Skin Fade with Reverse Taper

16 high skin fade reverse taperSource: @ge_barber

Skin fades can get a bit simplistic—especially when the top length is cut short. This hairstyle shows a great way to keep things short without sacrificing style. Notice the longer length on the back here—a reverse taper. This modern style is casual and works for nearly any occasion.

Short-Fade with Wavy Slicked-Back Top + Full Beard

7 low fade wavy slickback long beardSource: @diego_djdgaf

A wavy, textured, top cut is another popular variation of the classic slicked-back look. This haircut presents a subtle sense of intrigue that causes many to take a second look. This hairstyle is best shown with a little added texture and even some highlights to make things pop a bit more.

Medium-Length Haircuts

These haircuts are the go-to for the majority of men. Medium-length allows a wider range of suitability for different occasions. It’s easy to slick back for a formal look, texturize for a messy casual look, or do something in the middle somewhere. We have a complete list of the best medium length men’s haircuts but here are a few of my favorites:

Undercut Quiff with High Skin Fade

8 high fade undercut quiff hairstyleSource: @rafaxhair

Fewer hairstyles resonate as timelessly as the quiff. The Quiff’s long history, dating back to the 1950s officially, is characterized by shorter sides and a medium-length top. This style reflects the contrasting modern look of an undercut side length with a tall fade to skin.

Faded Medium-Length Slick Back

6 short fade slick back medium lengthSource: @diego_djdgaf

Slicked-back hairstyles have been around forever. Modern trends reflect more texturing and less oily products to support the look. This men’s hairstyle is a casual look that can easily be adjusted for more formal occasions.

Medium Fade with Messy Textured Top & Beard

2 mens hairstyle beard medium fade messy textured topSource: @ryancullenhair

This haircut isn’t as messy as many I’ve seen but definitely isn’t a combover! Notice the texturing done to this cut as well as the styling to flip the front. The sharp contrast in lengths between the beard, skin-tight fade, and upper hair really makes this hairstyle pop.

Low Fade Wavvy Slick Back w/ Beard

4 mens hairstyle low fade wavy slickback with beardSource: @giuse_laguardia

The slick back hairstyle is as timeless as any—popularized in a Mad Men era of men’s lifestyle and fashion. It conveys a sense of sophistication and refinement without going overboard. This wavy expression keeps things casual.

Slicked-Back Hard Part Comb-Over with High Skin Fade

9 high skin fade combover slicked backSource: @rafaxhair

Comb-overs scream formal and institutional but modern twists can still make them exciting. This hairstyle features a hard part, given special attention by the barber, to accentuate the form of this cut. The slicked-back styling works to further spotlight the shaping.

Crewcut Quiff with Part and Highlights

12 skin fade crew cut quiff highlight partedSource: @erichagberg

Highlights help showcase the details that might otherwise go unnoticed. This modern take on the quiff hairstyle for men shows how highlights can make an otherwise unimposing haircut much more pronounced. The crewcut fading and part help further this haircut’s lasting impression.

Textured Spiked Messy Top Crewcut w/ Short Beard

5 short beard spiked textured long top crewcutSource: @mattyconrad

Crewcuts are the Ivy League standard and are guaranteed to present with a sense of refinement and affluence. The textured look combined with the messy top keep things casual and fun—saying more about confidence than one’s alma mater.

Curled Tapered Quiff with High Skin Fade Undercut

11 long wavy top quiff taper undercut 1Source: @rafaxhair

This take on the classic quiff presents with a look of intrigue. Reminiscent of early 1900s French Poets, this tapered quiff screams artistry. The tapered length accentuates the look and adds a modern flair and the curled-top length works to deepen the complexity. Not for the faint of heart.

Long Haircuts

Long haircuts have the largest range of stylistic variations of any type of hairstyle. The reason is that long hair affords a greater range of opportunities! Ponytails, man buns, braids, and even natural free-flowing wonder are but a few ways to wear long hair! Here’s some more:

Undercut Pulled-Back Ponytail & Beard

1 long fade long pullback ponytailSource: @blackwoodformen

Ponytails can get messy fast. Keeping things tight on top with a pulled-back look and sharp on the bottom can help keep your image tight. A longer beard with a shorter midsection offers a fresh, modern look.

High Bun Full-Length Middle with Beard

3 mens hairstyle long high bun medium beard 1Source: @freizo_

Long hair can convey a strong sense of mysteriousness and intrigue but can also be difficult to manage. The high bun look is an alternative to the pulled back ponytail that offers convenience without sacrificing style.

Low Bun with Cascading Back

pulled back low bun low fall hairstyle with beardSource: @thorrosland

The man bun has found a permanent place among popular men’s hairstyles. It’s showcased here to pull back the long hair of the gentleman while allowing the bottommost parts to still flow freely in the back. The pairing with the full-length beard makes this hairstyle of warriors—seemingly pulled straight from an early-1300s battlefield.


We’ve seen long haircuts, short haircuts, and everything in between. There’ve been high fades, low fades, and even skin fades (easy with the razer!) The hairstyles shown here represent a long list of possibilities but are still far from complete. Whether you’re a high-cut kinda guy, a low-cut, or something in between—these should help get you inspired for your next cut.