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Grenson: Hand Crafted Shoes With Timeless Style

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Grenson is one of the most revered shoe manufacturers in the world. They offer hand-crafted men’s and women’s shoes, sandals, and accessories. They are one of the best sandal brands, shoe brands, and eco-friendly companies on the market today.

The Grenson catalog contains a mesmerizing selection of shoes, sandals, socks, and a myriad of other items. A quick glance through their catalog is enough to make you ditch your current brand and reach for a higher quality design.

Vegan Shoes

grenson nanette hiker boots for womenSource: Grenson

Grenson continues to evolve to meet consumer demand and shifting market trends. Grenson’s Vegan Shoe collection is a Vega Society certified collection of products are that are made from, you guessed it, vegan-friendly materials! That’s a bold step for a leather goods manufacturer!

Chadwick Sandals

grenson chadwick sandalSource: Grenson

The Chadwick is an artisanal sandal crafted from calf leather that features a rubber sole for excellent traction control. The contoured sole is designed to help provide a comfortable stage for one’s foot to rest all day.


grenson bobby mens casual boot brownSource: Grenson

The Bobby by Grenson is a casual men’s boot design with a sharp look. It’s a modern take on the traditional lace-up hiker made popular in the United States by legends such as the Danner Boot Company. This boot is made from calf leather, features the commando sole, and is perfect for pairing with a modern rugged style.

Company History

Grenson has been around since the late 1800s where the founder William Green would hand-deliver all products. After rebranding during the full swing of the industrial revolution, Grenson moved forward to be one of the first registered businesses in the United Kingdom.

During WWI, Grenson diverted their efforts towards making thousands of boots for soldiers. Again, during WWII, Grenson was around to help support allied forces by making boots. Their innovation during this time helped produce the zip-up design to make boots easier to run in.

In 2008, Grenson opens its first retail location in downtown London. by 2014, two additional retail locations were opened and the Grenson name began to forge ahead as one of the highest-quality sandal brands on the market today. Today, Grenson has 6 retail locations, multiple lines of consumer styles, and even a line of accessories that includes perfumes.

Final Remarks

Grenson is a luxury brand featuring a catalog of the finest footwear one is likely to find. They’re UK-based, which may pose issues for some international buyers. With such luxury items, local stores won’t always have a large selection. In addition to offering an incredible catalog of both men and women’s shoes, Grenson is one of the best sandal brands on the market today as well! A crossover few brands are able to achieve.