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5 Creative and Sharp Graduation Outfits for Men This Year

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Look sharp and handsome with our top men graduation outfits for this year!

The day is finally here: you’re finally done with those grueling midterms, and strenuous all-nighters college put you through. Today, you stand tall as a man that beat everything college had to throw at him.

You might, however, be wondering what to wear to your graduation.

The Best Graduation Outfits for Men

While picking your graduation outfits men is a simple process, there are some things you need to take into consideration before grabbing that dusty old suit you haven’t worn for years.

Most colleges require you to adhere to a strict uniform code. Some universities might even require you to graduate in absence if you fail to comply with their uniform rules, turning an otherwise happy occasion into an embarrassing mess.

Thankfully, a business casual or a professional attire will adhere to (and exceed) most colleges’ uniform codes. We included a colorful graduation outfit for those looking to wear something different and fresh. Just make sure your school approves it before committing to it!

Something else to consider is just how important your graduation pictures will be in the long term. Your graduation photos will end up framed in your living room, all your social media accounts, and even hog a spot in your family albums. You’ll also look back to these pictures often since they’ll represent a professional and academic milestone few get to achieve, so you need to looksmax big time!

We’ve listed graduation outfits men with layering options to keep you breezy or warm, depending on how the weather looks. These graduation outfits for guys will also take you from the ceremony to the party looking sharp and handsome!

Without further ado, here are the best men’s graduation outfits for this year!

The MYS Mens Graduation Outfits

graduation outfits men 1Source: MYS
The MYS collection offers bespoke quality suits at affordable prices.

The MYS Line of Suits offers some of the best mens graduation outfits (and graduation outfits for boys) thanks to their quality fabrics, precise tailoring, and super competitive prices.

By looking at the second size chart in their amazon store (the one that considers shoulder-width as well as chest, belly, and waist cinch), you’ll notice a large variety of options that will get you the best match for your figure.

When it comes to graduation outfits men love versatile, modern, and stylish ensembles that make you look like a movie star. MYS suits come with a tailored cut that looks expensive and feels comfortable even with a cap and gown. Plus, they’re perfect for prom, formal parties, fancy dates, and even job interviews!

Take, for instance, the Black and Red MYS Tuxedo: This three-piece suit adds fiery sophistication and style to any occasion, making it a must-have for this year.

Alternatively, the MYS brown and black tuxedo model nails it for those who like a daylight-friendly option: You can perfectly round it up with any white bottom-up shirt or turn it into a super stylish men’s graduation outfit by wearing a black dress shirt underneath.

The Stacy Adams Men Graduation Outfit

graduation outfits men 2Source: Stacy Adams
The Stacy Adams collections feature classy, durable suits you can wear well beyond your graduation party.

The Stacy Adams Bud three-piece suit is a timeless mens graduation outfit known for its distinguished class sign. This elegant ensemble provides you with a dignified look through a single-breasted, two-button jacket, a four-button vest, and flat front pants, all tailored from a polyester and rayon fabric blend.

Its rich black color and modern cut make it stand out, especially when wearing an all-black ensemble (black dress shirt and tie) or paired with a white button-up shirt and a glossy navy-blue tie.

Few graduation outfits men can contrast textures and fabrics like a Stacy Adams suit. The vest and blazer combo offer layering options that adapt to warm and cold weather alike, making it an excellent year-round choice for future graduates.

Remember: you can wear this graduation outfit for men at weddings and interviews since both scenarios call for a well-groomed, formal look. You may even take your Stacy Abrams suit to fancy dates and private shows if the mood strikes!

The Opposuits Rich Green Graduation Outfits for Guys

graduation outfits men 3Source: Opposuits
Opposuits add modern aesthetics and color to any graduation ensemble.

The Rich Green Dinner Jacket from Opposuits adds style and sophistication with its modern cut, smooth velvet fabric, and contemporary aesthetic.

This fresh and modern take on a dinner jacket perfectly matches any dark (or emerald) dress pants and bottom-up shirts. You also can wear this blazer underneath your cap and gown during the ceremony, thanks to its comfortable cut and lightweight build. Add some cool accessories (such as black wooden watches), and you’re guaranteed to look like a million bucks!

When it comes to graduation outfits men usually prefer suits that work for formal and semi-formal events. Thankfully, this jazzy blazer comes with a black shawl lapel that matches night-out ensembles, as well as chambray shirts for daytime events.

Overall, the Rich Green Dinner Jacket is guaranteed a modern spin to your outfits and expands your wardrobe’s options for this year.

A Navy Blue J Crew Male Graduation Outfit

graduation outfits men 4Source: J Crew
This J Crew suit adds elegance and quality to any wardrobe.

The Navy Blue Factory J Crew 2-piece is a top-of-the-line male graduation outfit.

This Navy Blue suit and brown shoes ensemble perfectly convey a self-accomplished look that commemorates important milestones in your life. Thanks to its durable fabric and elegant cut, this ensemble is the ideal companion for interviews, business lunches, and most formal occasions. Truly a piece worthy of one of the best clothing brands for this year.

J Crew also offers a Truefit service that helps you find the perfect suit size for your body type. These super underrated pieces also come with a fantastic price tag, especially when you factor in their high-quality fabric and tailored feel.

Opposuits Graduation Outfit Ideas For Guys

graduation outfits men 5Source: Opposuits
Opposuits offers stylish and creative alternatives to traditional graduation outfits.

The Soft Grey Sporty Jacket by Opposuits offers guys an eccentric take on traditional graduation outfit ideas. Anyone that has lived in warmer weather knows that an elegant 3-piece suit could quickly turn you into a sweat puddle before the ceremony even starts.

Opposuits offers a highly detailed, fresh grey blazer for those who’d like to prepare and celebrate a special day by staying true to their style. This unconventional blazer is perfect for boys and men who share a different approach to formality and prefer something practical and fun. Their site is filled with bold and stylish options that break away from the classics to favor those with a stronger sense of independence in clothing matters.

This Soft Grey Blazer and Sports Jersey showcase a unique design filled with sporty details (such as shoulder patches, detachable pins, and embroidered cuffs) that strike a perfect balance between fun and formal.

The downplayed aesthetic of this suit exudes considerable drip, making you look effortlessly cool at prom or graduation parties. Round up grey chinos and multicolored dress shirts alike with a deluxe grey blazer that adds a refreshing, summer-style flair to your wardrobe. Add a pair of stylish rimless sunglasses, and you’re all set for your next daytime hangout by the coast!


Graduating from college is a major milestone, not just for you but also for your entire family. It’s no small feat, so please take a moment to pat yourself on the back and enjoy the ceremony (and the party!) to the fullest.

As a parting piece of advice, I recommend that you go with a sharp, easy-to-comb hairstyle. You’ll be wearing a mortarboard (graduation cap), and it’ll ruin any complicated hairstyle you decide to rock that day. Once the ceremony is over and you’re about to have some fun with your friends, you can use all the hair gel that you want!

Also, never underestimate the power of accessories in your graduation outfits men! They might seem like a bit too much, but they’ll make your graduation ring and overall look pop! Plus, most universities’ dress codes are lenient with flashy accessories, so go wild!