Flannel Over Hoodie

Complete Flannel over Hoodie Guide [Outfit Ideas + Products Included!]

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Learn how to style these rugged men’s flannel shirts with your favorite hoodies with our quick guide!

Flannel is any processed fabric (usually cotton and wool) that has been yarn spun, weaved, or napped on one or both sides. This protective clothing material is known for its fuzzy finish, comfortable feel, and superb heat retention during cold weather.

Flannel vs. Plaid: An Important Distinction

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Flannel is a textile material, while “Plaid” refers to a specific decorative pattern.

Flannel is a soft fabric that’s often used in shirts, jackets, and sweatshirts. On the other hand, plaid refers to a grid-like pattern of horizontal and vertical lines that create colorful squares across its surface.

Men’s flannel shirts can show either monochromatic or plaid colorways. Single-colored flannel shirts convey a dressy appeal, rounding up formal outfits that need some extra protection against cold weather. Comparatively, plaid flannel shirts add visual flavor and versatility to casual and outdoorsy ensembles through complex, colorful patterns.

Layering Flannels

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Hoodies and flannels perfectly complement each other, especially during the colder seasons.

When it comes to fall or winter layering, men’s flannel shirts are incredibly adaptable. You can wear them as mid-layers to bundle up over t-shirts or as an extra layer on top of your sweatshirts for those cold, windy days.

Using flannels over hoodies was all the rage in the mid-90s, but it’s quickly making a comeback in today’s fashion. Men’s flannel outfits merge cozy monochromatic hooded sweatshirts with colorful men’s flannel shirts to create vibrant and versatile ensembles.

Flannel over hoodies are, after all, perfect complements for a pair of jeans and leather boot outfits. You can even combine them with some stylish shorts and sneakers and make them part of your favorite college party outfit.

How To Style Flannels over a Hoodie

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Combining flannels over a hoodie is surprisingly easy once you follow some basic rules.

Men’s flannel shirts are lightweight, heat retentive, and easy to layer and match with almost any weather protective piece in your wardrobe. This makes them ideal pieces for fall and winter since they keep you comfortable even as temperatures fluctuate throughout the day.

Matching a plaid flannel shirt over a hoodie is perfect for outdoor work scenarios, autumn birthday parties, and barbeques that last well into the evening. The key is to use your flannel shirts as your outfit’s statement piece and let their colorful squares and lines contrast the monochromatic tone of your sweater.

What’s more, this style gives you plenty of freedom, as you can match a flannel over a hoodie with colored corduroys, dark stitched jeans, and fitted cargo pants alongside sporty sneakers, or even dress shoes.

Given their popularity, choosing a stylish and high-quality men’s flannel shirt can be challenging. Some of the best clothing brands for men compete with each other to offer beautifully colored flannel shirts of all kinds.

To expand your wardrobe’s potential, we narrowed down a diverse list of these stylish and durable men’s flannel shirts (together with some fashion suggestions!)

The CQR Black Flannel Shirt

Flannel Over Hoodie 7Source: CQR
The CQR black flannel shirt is a versatile, classy piece for your wardrobe.

The CQR original classic is an elegant black flannel shirt that suits men of all ages. CQR designed these rugged black shirts as the focal point of clean, neat, and cohesive flannel outfits. Feel free to button it up to match brown and black corduroys and high-top leather boots to achieve a timeless and manly appearance.

Despite its formal look, the CQR is one of the most suitable flannels to wear over a hoodie, thanks to its brown corduroy-lined collar and cuffs. We recommend using this flannel on top of a camel hoodie (or a black hooded jacket) to stay warm and comfortable while looking super-sharp.

The Alimens & Gentle Green Flannel Shirt

Flannel Over Hoodie 4Source: Alimens & Gentle
Soft and stylish at the same time, this Alimens & Gentle flannel is the perfect gift for an outdoorsman.

This Alimens & Gentle green flannel shirt comes with a super flattering cut to make it one of the best black and green flannels to wear over a hoodie.

This men’s flannel shirt offers warmth through a comfy cotton fabric design that has the perfect weight for an overshirt. Plus, the camp collar design and flat hem look great on top of a black hoodie and matching black jeans.

You can go with a pair of black boots and sunglasses for daytime occasions or go with some stylish black sneakers for an everyday casual look.

The Dokkia Black And White Flannel Shirt

Flannel Over Hoodie 5Source: Dokkia
This black and white flannel shirt showcase a plaid checked tartan printed pattern.

The all-purpose Dokkia black and white men’s flannels shirt is perfect for daytime occasions that call for stylish outfits. This black and white flannel shirt pairs nicely with black Levis and leather sneakers for semi-formal events thanks to its unexaggerated patterns and classically handsome exterior.

Furthermore, the Dokkia is the perfect daytime flannel to wear over a hoodie, especially with tight grey jeans and a pair of suede Chelsea boots.

The Wrangler Red and Black Flannel Shirt

Flannel Over Hoodie 6Source: Wrangler
This red Wrangler flannel is perfect for layering in the winter or during cool fall evenings

The Wrangler Authentics red and black flannel shirt is an American winter-weather staple that conveys a relaxed, manly look.

Despite its casual look, you can wear this flannel over a gray hoodie and some navy pants. Round up your outfit with a pair of well-polished brown leather boots or your favorite high-top sneakers and you’re set!

Alternatively, if you want an airier and more fashionable outfit, wear this black and red flannel shirt with some blue jeans and a white t-shirt underneath for a timeless, casual look.

The Quiksilver White Flannel Shirt

Flannel Over Hoodie 8Source: Quicksilver
This Quicksilver flannel shirt looks great with a camel hoodie!

The Quicksilver long sleeve white flannel shirt breaks away from the typical plaid pattern to offer a unique, elegant look.

This Quicksilver piece offers a classier long sleeve flannel design that works in office environments, business meetings, and brunches under cold weather.

The Quicksilver long-sleeve can easily match a creamy or beige slim-fit hoodie. You can also use it over a black or brown leather hoodie for an extra-cozy sophisticated look capable of braving cold winter nights.

The Venado Mens Buffalo plaid shirt

Flannel Over Hoodie 9Source: Venado
This Venado plaid flannel shirt features a double brushed buffalo check fleece for extra warmth and comfort.

The Bonfire long sleeve buffalo plaid shirt is perfect for cold days at work or casual urban outfits. This charcoal grey plaid shirt adds warmth and style, be it on top of a t-shirt or as a flannel over a hoodie.

Made from heavyweight fleece materials for comfort and warmth, this buffalo plaid shirt’s stylish and functional design grants a rugged aesthetic to any outdoorsy outfit. Pair it up with some timeless Levis and a pair of shiny black leather boots, and you’ve got yourself a top-tier outfit that is guaranteed to impress your date.

The CQR Red flannel shirt

Flannel Over Hoodie 10Source: CQR
This comfy vintage flannel shirt uses a cool-weather fabric lining for increased durability and warmth.

The CQR all-cotton red flannel shirt combines wind protection and durability in a stylish vintage design.

This comfy shirt conveys a sober and rugged professional appeal, making it the perfect outer layer for deep blue hoodies. The CQR red flannel shirt also excels as part of outdoor work outfits, just get some navy-blue cargo pants and a pair of work boots and you’re good to go!

We recommend wearing this monochromatic flannel with deep blue chinos, navy-blue undershirts, and some leather sneakers (to match the shirt’s brown corduroy-lined collar and cuffs) for a killer office outfit.


The flannel shirt is a stylish wardrobe staple worthy of any man’s closet, and you can wear any hoodie under a flannel shirt as long as its color complements the flannel’s oversized fit and complex colorways.

We strongly recommend using a fitted hoodie and an oversized flannel to keep the layering tight and elegant. Likewise, remember to pair up colorful plaid flannel shirts with patterned hoodies to make the most out of that rich contrast in your outfit.

Whether you’re exploring the outdoors, hanging out with friends in the city, or going for a rugged professional look, we hope this list of high-quality flannels to wear over a hoodie can help you create the right outfit for your style!