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Feiyue Parkour Shoes: Discover New Horizons

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Feiyue is the most talked-about shoe brand in the parkour community. With an unbeatable grip and unmatched precision, these super comfortable parkour shoes will help you discover new horizons!

Feiyue means “Flying Forward” in Chinese, and its century-old design has elevated the body and mind of its users since 1920 when it first hit the streets of Shanghai. By incorporating feedback from athletes and casual users, Feiyue shoes are known for their flexibility, comfort, and timeless minimalist style.

Feiyue is considered the best parkour shoe brand by veteran traceurs, but their products see widespread use in mixed martial arts where precision and flexibility are equally important. It’s, without question, a brand that reunites traceurs, free runners, fitness enthusiasts, and martial arts practitioners like no other.

The Best Parkour Shoe Brand

Feiyue has become one of the best parkour shoe brands by taking a classic design and slowly improving it over a century. Most veteran traceurs agree that the best parkour shoes offer flexibility, comfort, and a perfect balance between grip and shock absorption. Feiyue shoes tick all the boxes and wrap their products in a super stylish minimalist style found in only the best parkour clothing available today.

Next-level Grip

feiyue parkour shoes 1Source: Feiyue
The Feiyue 1920s come with the perfect balance between grip, traction, and padding.

Feiyue Parkour Shoes are amongst the best when it comes to grip strength. The Feiyue comes with maximum traction tread and a gum rubber sole combo, perfect for rail tricks and precision landings.

With the grip of a mountain goat, the Feiyue is a tried-and-true product that has taken top traceurs to the heights of success and will do the same for you.

Comfortable Parkour Shoes

feiyue parkour shoes 2Source: Feiyue
Feiyue shoes are remarkably flexible, allowing you to feel and adapt to your environment without breaking a sweat.

Proper technique, body mechanics, and overall mental strength are necessary for parkour and other high-intensity sport. But it’s no secret that the right equipment often gives athletes an edge, and it’s a concept that Feiyue shoes intimately knows.

The Feiyue 1920s are amongst the most comfortable parkour shoes, mainly due to their firm, flat sole and minimal compression. Keep in mind that over a century ago, Feiyue shoes were adopted by martial artists who would otherwise practice combat barefoot. This design marked a transition for an entire discipline, and it has also changed the face of parkour for good.

Parkour Shoes for Precision Landing

feiyue parkour shoes 4Source: Feiyue
The Feiyue low profile structure maximizes tactile sensitivity, feet balance, and overall body alignment.

Being able to feel your environment through your hands and feet is central to parkour. Feiyue shoes come with a vulcanized rubber sole that prioritizes flexibility and tactile sensitivity, making them ideal for balancing on rails and ledges.

The 1920s by Feiyue low profile design is also great for developing muscular balance and strengthening the feet, which improves overall body posture and balance in the long run. These super comfortable parkour shoes actually grow with you and become a must-have part of your parkour loadout over time.

Stylish Parkour Shoes

feiyue parkour shoes 3Source: Feiyue
Feiyue parkour shoes are known for their authentic Plimsoll design and minimalist style.

Feiyue shoes are not only known for their performance-oriented design and build: they’re also incredibly fashionable!

The Feiyue 1920s shoes are lifestyle sneakers that you can weave into semi-formal and casual outfits. These parkour shoes are a fashion statement you can incorporate into your everyday wear without skipping a beat, allowing you to get the most out of these shoes even outside of training circuits.

Remember, it’s not all about improving your technique: it’s also about looking good while you do it!


Feiyue shoes have remained popular amongst high-intensity sports athletes and enthusiasts for the better part of a century, and with good reason. Their performance-oriented shoes come with an unbeatable grip, top-notch comfort, and a precise feel and control second to none. They’re ideal for getting the most out of your body and feet and come with an affordable price tag, making them some of the best parkour clothing accessories out there.

Their timeless design also makes them super popular casual footwear, making these parkour shoes an all-time fashion favorite. Whether you’re going for performance or style, Feiyue shoes are a safe pick that you’ll be happy to add to your wardrobe.