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6 Eboy Haircuts that Everyone On TikTok Likes

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Check out the six most popular eboy haircuts on TikTok this year!

An eboy haircut can instantly turn an average-looking dude into a handsome guy.

Eboy hair takes inspiration from the 90s grunge fashion, anime-inspired aesthetics, and even semi-emo subculture to create a unique aesthetic. Here are the basics you need to know:

Eboy Haircut

An eboy haircut holds artistic depth, expression, and deep-rooted confidence in who you are. Modern eboy also rebel against traditions and cultural conventions, challenging the typical “popular jock” stereotype. An eboy prefers to spend his evenings playing League of Legends ranked matches or binging Arcane with his friends instead of watching a football match.

An eboy is not preoccupied with what society expects him to be and instead fosters a large social media presence where he can be himself. His unique hairstyle and modern take on 90s grunge fashion reflect this generational shift and have become a staple on TikTok.

Today we’ve rounded up the seven most influential eboy haircuts for this year. We’ve also added tips to help you replicate (or add your own twist!) to the best TikTok boy hair.

Without further ado, here are TikTok’s top picks!

Lil Peep Hairstyle

eboy haircut 1Source: Instagram
Lil Peep influence in music and fashion lives on forever.

Lil Peep had an undeniable impact on music and fashion. His untimely death in 2017 left a scar on each of his fans, who choose to immortalize and honor his memory by sporting their favorite Lil peep hairstyle.

Lil Peep embodied freedom in self-expression and showcased several iconic hairstyles throughout the years.

The half black and half pink Lil peep hairstyle had a long, parted, disconnected undercut. With a #2 guard fade on the sides and back, he’d easily rock this look for several months on end.

The key is to allow some of that natural grease to build up before styling your eboy haircut. Push your hair from the back of the head forward and add some texturing spray to add that layered look to it. You can add some product to lock your eboy hair in place, and you’re set!

The Clix Haircut

eboy haircut 2Source: Instagram
Clix Fortnite skills are legendary, but so is his TikTok hair!

Clix revolutionized the Fortnite scene ever since he started streaming back in 2017, but his eboy hair has rocked the TikTok and Instagram scene too!

The Clix haircut is surprisingly straightforward, provided you naturally have the hair for it! All you have to do is ask your barber for a #2 fade on the side and keep your hair up top intact. Brush it lightly before leaving home (you can use your hands too), and you’re good to go!

If you have straight hair, you’re going to need a perm done first for long-lasting results. You can then brush your hair back and forth as you blow-dry it, apply some hairspray and finally style your hair using your hands.

This eboy hairstyle requires no dye and minimal maintenance with the right hair, making it an all-time favorite.

Lilhuddy Haircut

eboy haircut 3Source: Instagram
Lilhuddy is one of the most influential figures on TikTok and co-founded the Hype House.

Lilhuddy is not just a talented musician and entrepreneur; he’s also a major eboy haircut icon. The eboy middle part haircut takes inspiration from the iconic 90s curtain hairstyle that Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonny Depp showcased many years ago, but it comes with a twist.

This Tik Tok hairstyle takes a 90s classic and adds textures, colors, and takes on various hair lengths to adapt to all face types and bone structures. Timothee Chalament and Zayn Malik sport their own personalized version of the Lilhuddy hair, proving how versatile and stylish this eboy haircut truly is.

Eboy Middle Part

eboy haircut 4Source: Pinterest
The eboy middle part hairstyle is, by far, one of the trendiest TikTok hair for this year.

The eboy middle part is a major part of the softboy aesthetic, and it’s a popular choice amongst famous K-pop and K-drama stars. Asian hair is ideal for this TikTok boy hair (in Korea, it’s known as the 5:5) since it has the perfect thickness and texture needed to style it with minimal hair spray. It’s also perfect for guys with straight hair, making it a favorite amongst Instagram celebs.

eboy haircut 8Source: Instagram

This eboy haircut, however, has some equally successful variations. You can do an eboy middle part with wavy hair to create a messy and relaxed look or add some casual bangs to frame your face and enhance your features.

Eboy Haircut Curly

eboy haircut 5Source: Pinterest
Guys with curly hair have it easy this year!

When it comes to eboy haircuts, having curly hair is a blessing. The most popular eboy haircut curly is known for its low maintenance and ease of styling, making it an ideal choice for dudes on a budget.

If you want an aesthetic eboy hair, you can combine a curtain style with your natural curls. Do a traditional eboy haircut middle part, wait for your hair to dry, and its natural texture will do all the talking. Natural curls draw a lot of attention, and it’s guaranteed to make you look like an even cooler version of Timothee Chalament!

eboy haircut 7Source: Instagram
Casual Eboy hairstyle.

You can also opt for wave bangs with an undercut eboy haircut. Just ask your barber for a fade to your sides and let your curls crown your look for an incredible and effortless look.

Lastly, the Broflow is one of the most aesthetic haircuts for this year, and it works for both wave and curly hair. All you have to do is let your hair grow to medium or long length, wet your hair, and wait for it to dry for some 20-30 minutes. Think Bradley Cooper but with some lush curls!

Undercut Eboy Haircut

eboy haircut 6Source: Instagram
Undercut haircuts add a bit of mystery and contrast to your looks.

The undercut eboy haircut is, without question, one of the most popular TikTok boy hair for this year. It complements round, oval, square, and triangular face shapes, making it one of the most versatile and safest choices in terms of eboy hairstyle.

The undercut requires you to shave the back and sides of your head but leaves some length on top. You can then add some product and gently brush it with your hand for a textured hair eboy haircut.

You can also swipe your bangs back and go with a curtain bangs Tik Tok hairstyle to add some interesting contrast. Once your hair starts growing, you can either retouch the sides and top to keep it simple or allow your top to turn into a cole sprouse eboy haircut.

The undercut eboy haircut offers a wide range of possibilities, and it’s considered a great choice for anyone that needs to stay somewhat formal for work or school.


Finding the best eboy hairstyle for you is all about being willing to try something new and potentially life-changing. While we’ve added some tips that will significantly cut down on the guesswork, being brave enough to add your own twist to a popular eboy middle part cut might be just what you need!

Any eboy haircut on our list is guaranteed to add that trendy aesthetic and popular style that drives chicks crazy! Remember to own your style, stay genuine, and follow our complete looksmaxing guide for even better results!