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Earth Wood Watches: Expertly Carved Timepieces

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Earth Wood watches are exclusive timepieces that let you hold nature on your wrist. These eco-friendly watches are all-natural, sustainable products perfect for environmentally-conscious people with a strong sense of fashion.

Earth Wood has earned a reputation for making the best wooden watches for casual and formal wear. Their artisans take pride in using traditional techniques that allow them to create unique, handcrafted timepieces that never go out of style.

Earth Wood’s wooden wrist watches adapt to all apparel and occasions, making them a must-have addition to your accessory list.

Best Eco Friendly Watches

All Earth Wood watches feature refined craftsmanship with only the finest sustainable materials available. Our planet is elegantly carved in its dials and represents an unwavering commitment to preserving Earth. It also acts as a fashion statement that lets others know the wearer is not only well-versed in fashion but is actively involved in our generations’ most critical fight: our planet’s conservation.

Today our review team has picked the best-looking wooden watches from their catalog for this year. Let’s take a closer look at what they can do for you!

Earth Wood Eco-friendly Watches: The Castillo

earth wood watches 1Source: Earth Wood
The Castillo Model is a super-light timepiece with a naturally luxurious look.

The Castillo wooden wristwatch is the kind of accessory you can wear during hikes or casual outings. Earth Wood watches are passionate about creating stylish and functional eco-friendly watches, and the Castillo lives up to their dedication. This elegant timepiece comes with a rustic aesthetic that will impress classmates, coworkers, or a lucky date!

Made from Olive Wood, this luxurious timepiece features silver luminous hands and markers together with a 24 hours sub-dial and a 60-second chronograph. Highly functional and fashionable, this model has everything you’d need!

Earth Wood Wooden Watches: The Blue Ridge

earth wood watches 2Source: Earth Wood
The Blue Ridge adds an unexpected natural flair to your outfit.

The best men’s wooden watches should resonate with its wearer’s personality. The Earth Wood creative design team came up with an all-natural wood watch that projects confidence and charm during formal meetings or special events: The Blue Ridge.

Earth Wood created this luxury wooden watch and packed it with high-end details to achieve a luxurious look. This stunning timepiece features a non-glare scratch-resistant mineral crystal across its 42mm diameter, granting splash protection to its trusty Japanese quartz movement mechanism.

Earth Wood Eco-friendly Women Watches: The Wisteria

earth wood watches 3Source: Earth Wood
The appropriate timepiece to complement summer outfits or pastel-themed apparel.

The Wisteria is a gorgeous women’s timepiece that shares all the traits displayed by the best eco-friendly watches (and more). Earth Wood Goods created a stunning wristwatch that prioritizes finesse and elegance above all.

The Wisteria stands among the best-looking wooden watches thanks to its slick silhouette and rich color choice. This chic wooden watch features a mother-of-pearl dial inside a non-glare, scratch-resistant mineral crystal. The Wisteria is feminine, sophisticated, and durable, arguably one of the best gifts for anniversaries and birthdays.

Earth Wood Eco-friendly Watches: The Acadia

earth wood watches 4Source: Earth Wood
If you’re looking for a modern and distinguished wood watch, look no further than Earth Woods Acadia Model.

The Acadia is one of the best wooden watches for men with burly wrists you can find. Ideal for the modern gent, this dark & redwood timepiece features a commanding octagonal shape that makes it stand out from other models.

The fashionable combination of contrasting timbers adds an edge to any of your outfits. The timepiece features silver-luminous hands, a precision quartz movement, and a 1-year limited warranty to boot!

Earth Wood Watches: The Hyperion

earth wood watches 5Source: Earth Wood
The Hyperion is a luxury watch available in different presentations: from light brown to rich chocolate hues.

The Hyperion is one of those beautifully-crafted, watches made of wood that features a 45mm case diameter, luminous hands, and a matching bezel. This stylish wooden wristwatch comes with hardened, scratch-proof glass that preserves your timepiece during challenging hikes.

By choosing the Hyperion in its Black wood watch & dark brown leather band presentation, you get a phenomenal piece that matches leather shoes and belts of similar tones.

Earth Wood Watches: The Inyo

earth wood watches 6Source: Earth Wood
The Inyo combines sober colors and next-level craftsmanship to create a trendy yet casual timepiece.

It’s hard to find an all-wood watch that can match the modern look of trendy sunglasses brands and summer outfits. Thankfully, Earth Wood Goods’ Inyo model is an eye-catching, eco-friendly watch that displays a creamy look and superior craftsmanship.

Even more so, The Inyo is one of those watches made out of wood that matches light-colored apparel usually worn for beach days or summer pool parties with friends.


Earth Wood watches are unique because no two watches constructed with hardwood can ever be the same. Each wood grain varies according to the species of the tree, how it’s cut, as well as the stain that preserves it.

The level of detail behind these watches made of wood is part of what makes it so incredibly fashionable since the material breaks away from your standard, almost generic, sport and racing models.

Wearing an all-natural wood watch allows you to add a touch of class and sophistication that will make you stand out from the crowd effortlessly. Plus, you get to lower your carbon footprint and help save our planet! Talk about a win-win!