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C.P Company: Colorful, Exclusive Techwear Apparels

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C.P Company is an exclusive Italian brand with over 22 years of experience in Techwear design. Known in the fashion industry for their advancements in materials and dyeing techniques, their latest techwear is a must-have.

Not many brands can brag about being true pioneers in the fashion industry, much less boast about birthing entirely new materials and fabrics into the world. C.P Company is one of the few brands that have done both in the last 50 years.

C.P Company & Techwear

Known for their innovation and a stunning level of craftsmanship, C.P Company is today one of the best techwear brands in the world. C.P company adds functions to the form, meaning they take incredibly fashionable designs and transform them into high-performance garments capable of being dyed to their customer’s specifications.

FW Urban Protection Line

cp company techwear 1Source: C.P Company
The C.P Company Urban Protection line includes the iconic Metropolis Jacket.

For the Fall Winter Collection, C.P company developed its Urban Protection pieces, new functional sweatshirts, and the iconic Metropolis Jacket. By incorporating the Infinium and Xenia GORE-TEX fabrics C.P company was able to create a waterproof, extra-light piece that keeps its user cool and protected.

This performance-driven line combines next-level insulation from the elements with a fully integrated face mask. Its secure front pockets offer plenty of storage for essentials, devices, or tools.

cp company techwear 2Source: C.P Company
The Metropolis Jacket also comes with an integrated face mask for additional protection.

Just as it was in 1998, the Urban Protection line prioritizes functionality and utilitarianism over trends. However, thanks to the introduction of highly innovative and conceptual ideas for life in an urban environment, the newer Urban Protection pieces provide protection and style on demand. This makes C.P Company Urban Protection garments highly sought after by Techwear users in the know.

P.Ri.S.M 2020 Collection

cp company techwear 3Source: C.P Company
The P.Ri.S.M (Prismatic Rip-Stop Membrane) Mille Goggle Jacket.

The Prismatic Rip-Stop Membrane is composed of a two-tone ripstop and a polyurethane membrane.  These water-resistant, completely windproof, and breathable garments are considered next-level lightweight techwear. The Mille Goggle Jacket is one of the brand’s iconic designs, and it returns with a rich, complex color finisher that elevates it to techwear Olympus.

Kid’s C.P Shell Techwear Line

cp company techwear 4Source: C.P Company
Soft to the touch, but sturdy enough to weather the elements.

C.P Company also offers an under-sixteen line of high-performance garments for the new generations of techwear users. Featuring technical outerwear, garment-dyed t-shirts, and a wide range of accessories, these pieces feature the same level of expertise and performance found in adult collections.

With built-in stretch capabilities, these techwear pants offer comfort, an increased degree of movement, and secure pockets.

Composed of a weather-resistant skin, the soft shell fabric pieces are light, protective, and easy-to-wear with the style and performance of adult techwear. This line offers complete urban techwear apparel to its exclusive users.


cp company techwear 7Source: C.P Company
For over 45 years C.P Company has hybridized military, work and sportswear garments to create highly functional and stylish clothing.

Massimo Osti, known as the “godfather of sportswear” founded Chester Perry in 1978. The brand would later be renamed to “C.P Company” in 1978 and would be known for its non-conformist interpretation of functional wardrobe classics.

For over 45 years C.P Company has hybridized military, work, and sportswear garments to create highly functional and stylish clothing. By combining decades of creativity and detailed craftsmanship, C.P company can create easy-to-wear clothes that combine tradition, innovation, and the highest echelons of performance.

C.P company is known for being the first in the world to dye fully-finished garments from multiple fabrics, as well as birthing two trademarked materials: rubber flax and rubber wool.

The company first started delving into urban techwear gear all the way back in 1998, with their world-renowned Life Parka built with Dynafil TS-70, a high performance waterproof, oil-proof, and tear-proof nylon. After fusing the popular Goggle Jacket design with HT nylon (another incredibly strong and innovative fabric), the 2008 New Shield Jacket would take the techwear market by storm.

Their Recolor and Bespoke Color collection allowed customers to custom-dye their techwear pieces, making C.P company the first brand to ever do so. The astonishing 2019 Eclipse Collection fully leveraged the company’s 40 years of experience in dyes to create a High Visibility polyester substrate that granted unique visual properties to their techwear pieces.

With the 2020 Release of P.Ri.S.M, C.P company has continued to innovate and introduce new highly resistant and functional fabrics such as the two-tone ripstop and polyurethane membrane urban apparel. C.P Company heralds a new era of incredibly fashionable and resistant techwear pieces for their exclusive clientele.


C.P Company features some of the best urban techwear apparel today. Their Urban Protection line overhaul offers the extreme weather insulation and additional built-in protections all techwear users cherish, while their P.Ri.S.M line brings much-needed color to the techwear world.

The fact that they’ve created super stylish, high-performance techwear gear for younger users speaks volumes of the level of detail and expertise the company delivers on every collection.