College Party Outfits

5 College Party Outfits You Can Use Throughout The Year

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Look effortlessly cool with these college party outfits for guys!

Finding college party outfits that are both stylish and affordable is surprisingly difficult nowadays. The best college party outfits for guys need to look casual and fashionable, which is easier said than done.

Many of the top-recommended college party outfits I’ve seen floating around social media are non-sensical ensembles of super expensive clothing that hopes to attract the ladies attention.

I’ll level with you: the best college party outfits are well-thought-out ensembles that play with texture, colors, and a slim fit to make you look great. Expensive price tags can’t beat a good fashion sense, which is excellent news if you’re a college student on a budget!

College Party Outfits for Guys

College party outfits for guys are, essentially, understated. They’re elegant yet straightforward: budget-friendly yet rich in colors and textures. For better or worse, most college students are not exactly fashion savvy. In fact, Just by reading our guide, you’ll be miles ahead of the curve in terms of fashion and overall appeal.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at these five college party outfits that will help you make friends and score some points with the ladies too!

Black and White College Party Outfits

College Party Outfits 1Source: GentBeLike
Look clean and well-dressed with this college party outfit for guys.

This college party outfit uses a timeless combination: black and white. Black in clothing represents boldness, confidence, and strength; white, on the other hand, symbolizes modernity, elegance, and cleanliness. This exciting color combination also combines patterns and classic pieces to create a fantastic ensemble that will make you look great.

The Coevals Club shirt kicks things off with a bold black and white patterned combo. It features a 60% polyester and 40% cotton fabric blend that is soft to the skin and easy to wash. This feature is particularly important for college students since house parties can get rowdy, and you might have to deal with the occasional drink spillage over your shirt.

This college party outfit for guys also features the original 501 Levi jeans. When it comes to jeans, you can’t go wrong with a tried-and-true classic, and that’s precisely what these original straight-fit jeans are. The 501 classic straight leg and iconic styling also come with an incredible price tag that college students on a budget will appreciate.

The Mindi Lace-Up leather sneakers wrap things up, adding a touch of casual sophistication to your black and white college outfit. The smooth leather construction, lace-up vamp, and detailed white, grippy sole perfectly match the rest of your outfit and tie together a well-balanced ensemble that the ladies will notice and praise.

As an optional accessory, we recommend you snag these Foster Gunmetal Polarized sunglasses for daytime parties. The dark gunmetal frame features coated temple tips and adjustable nose pads to guarantee a comfortable fit that adds symmetry and style to any face. The lenses offer 100% UVA-UVB protection and some much-needed resistance to scratches and impacts, making them trustworthy companions for beach trips and casual downtown dates.

Black and Blue College Party Outfit for Guys

College Party Outfits 2Source: GentBeLike
Black and blue is a tried-and-true color combination that your friends and the ladies will love.

This black and blue college party outfit for guys relies on a tried-and-true color combination. The best thing about blue is that it’s the most popular and overall well-liked color in the world since it transmits calm intelligence and sincerity. This ensemble, coupled with black jeans, transmits confidence and power, making it a top-notch outfit for making friends and strengthening bonds.

This college party outfit for guys starts with a fashionable Ariat Western Casual Shirt. Ariat shirts come with a soft twill cotton fabric and a double-needed topstitch for that much-needed durability you’ll need for the next five years. This shirt also features a handsome button-down collar and adjustable cuffs that add elegance and masculinity to your outfit.

These George Big Men’s Relaxed Fit Jeans are an easy top-five pick as far as jeans go. These tapered legs classic jeans add contemporary flair and masculine looks to your college party outfits. This model also comes with a relaxed fit that comfortably sits at the waist while helping you look slim and sharp at all times. The convenient 5-pockets system and soft 100% cotton construction seal the deal, making it a reliable addition to any college party outfit for guys.

Lastly, we got the fashionable Energylux 3 men’s shoes by Reebok. The Energylux 3 comes with a memory foam layering system that keeps your feet comfortable and cushioned throughout the day. These Reebok shoes were initially designed for technical runners, but they’ve entered mainstream fashion thanks to their lightweight, durable and stylish build. You can take your Energylux 3 to classes, downtown taco runs, or use them as part of your college party outfit for guys depending on the day of the week.

The Casual Winter College Party Outfit

College Party Outfits 3Source: GentBeLike
This casual party outfit is perfect for unplanned kickbacks and nights out with the boys.

Winter college party outfits for guys often force us to sacrifice a bit of style to keep us shielded from the cold. This retro-style black sweatshirt with light grey jeans is here to make sure you dont make that compromise ever again.

This ensemble creates a stylish contrast between a dark upper body piece and a brighter lower-body garment. This Lanico Clothing sweatshirt comes with a killer vintage logo design that adds balance and color to the outfit. You can pair this colorful top with some high-quality GAP jeans, and you’re good to go!

The soft wear jeans add a breezy look that perfectly matches your special editions Chuck Taylor all-stars. The light orange hue matches your sweatshirt’s logo and adds warmth to your fit jean’s dominant grey fabric, creating a well-balanced and colorful college party outfit you can wear during the winter.

The Hip Bomber Jacket College Party Outfit for Guys

College Party Outfits 4Source: GentBeLike
You can wear your bomber jacket outfit at any time of the day.

An innovative and cost-effective way to look great is to diversify your wardrobe with clothing pieces that spice up your everyday wear. For instance, adding a hip bomber jacket and some trendy sunglasses to your got-to pants and shirts upgrades your casual wear into some of the best college party outfits.

sturdy and stylish bomber jacket is bound to keep you warm in the colder months as well. This TACVASEN coat keeps you protected from uncomfortable climates and conveys an unmistakable sense of style to your appearance. Bomber jackets have a way of turning any t-shirt and button-up on your wardrobe into a fashionable piece for your college party outfit.

Pairing up this lightweight jacket with some Revtown Jet Black Jeans is the way to go. Dark outfits make you look sophisticated without the need for luxury garments, which is why going for a timeless pair of kicks such as the Club MEMT Reeboks is the perfect way to round off this versatile college party outfit.

The Country-Style College Party Outfit



College Party Outfits 5Source: GentBeLike
Western-style outfits are perfect for barbeques and outdoor parties where you want to look your best.

This combination of a blue plaid button-up shirt with western jeans proves that a rugged ensemble can still be stylish with the help of some basic color theory. The Old Navy Button-Up shirt’s white and blue intersecting pattern naturally flows with these GAP Slim Jeans. Adding a KOHLS Brown Leather Belt to the mix adds a glossy brown color that complements the abundance of blue, creating an eye-catching complementary color scheme. If you wish to take this ensemble to the next level, add one of the best wooden watches as an accessory, and you’re golden!

Last but not least, the Stan Smith Shoes picked for this ensemble makes it one of the best college party outfits for guys. Using these clean and crisp Adidas kicks adds a touch of modernity and freshness to your appearance, making the white stripes on your button-up more noticeable, as well as projecting an attractive, tidy image.


Putting together this list of top-tier college party outfits was reasonably straightforward. It all came down to applying the tried-and-true principles that the best fashion websites for men recommend throughout the year.

You’ll notice that our selection of the best college party outfits for this year features pieces from the best clothing websites for men. We also did our best to select clothing that college students on a budget can afford! We know that buying books and college furniture essentials already eat a significant portion of the budget.

As a piece of parting advice, I highly recommend you take a look at our looksmaxing guide to guarantee that you bring your A-Game to the next house party!