Chest Hair Style

6 Popular Chest Hair Styles that Are All Over Social Media

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Take a look at the most popular chest hair styles for this year!

With over 70 percent of men trimming their body hair, several chest hair styles have emerged amongst celebrities and guys who wish to looksmax their way to the beach and the outdoors. It’s a recent trend that seamlessly introduces men to body hair grooming since chest hair is prominent and easy to maintain.

Like a well-kept beard, chest hair styles allow you to turn a chaotic patch of prolific hair into a symmetric sartorial accessory that complements your body type and facial hair. If you follow our guide’s trimming and shaving fundamentals, you’re guaranteed to rock a natural-looking chest hair style that will feel and look right.

Chest Hair Styles

With so many iconic sex symbols rocking opposite chest hairstyles, it’s become apparent that it all comes down to choosing the perfect one for your body and facial hair. You’ll want to carefully balance both, so if you’re rocking a beard, you’ll want to avoid completely shaved chest hair styles to avoid unnatural contrasts. Guys that regularly shave also have plenty of fashionable and easy-to-maintain chest hair styles that will look natural whenever it’s time to take the shirt off.

We’ll focus on chest hair styles that require trimming or shaving your body hair since they’re the easiest and cheapest to pull off. They both require a body trimmer to get that initial shave down to perfection, so you’ll need proper equipment regardless of your choice. They also reduce the likelihood of dealing with irritation or ingrown hair, making them ideal tools for guys that wish to look their best at all times.

Without further ado, let’s look at the best chest hair styles this year!

Trimming Chest Hair for a Tree Style

1 TreeSource: Twitter
A safe, popular choice for guys with moderate to thick chest hair.

A tree chest hair style is, by far, one of the most popular choices amongst guys with medium to thick chest hair. This trimming chest hair style is also great for guys with a stubble or a medium beard, which further cements it as a safe, popular choice for guys with well-kept facial hair.

This trimming chest hair style gets its name from its iconic shape: it features a moderate bush on the upper chest area, followed by a trail that resembles the tree’s trunk. You’ll want to focus on trimming your upper chest hair to a moderate amount with a clipper on the longest guard setting. Carefully adjust the guard to a lower setting and start trimming chest hair until you get that moderate hair density that the style requires.

trimmer 1
The Phillips Norelco offers a multitude of guards for all your body hair styling needs.

When trimming chest hair, you’ll want to shave in the direction your hair grows, following a clear, deliberate pattern across the upper chest area. With that being said, if needed, you can go against the grain, meaning you can try trimming chest hair in the opposite direction for better results. After that, you must groom your stomach to keep that trunk shape that spans from your upper chest area to the nether region.

Trimming Body Hair for an Upper Heavy Look

2 Top HeavySource: IMDB
This chest hair style is an incredible choice for guys with medium to long beards.

The heavy upper look requires trimming body hair in two different styles: minimal trimming in the upper chest area and a careful trim and possible shave in the stomach region. First, you’ll want to start trimming body hair with your body groomer of choice, using the longest guard for the upper chest section. If you have copious amounts of hair, trim it down slightly to keep that full, heavy appearance going.

trimmer 2
This electric trimmer will help you get your desired body hair length.

Nest, you’ll want to continue trimming body hair in the stomach area. Use the lowest guard to remove as much hair as possible since we’re going for a shaved look that contrasts with your heavy upper region. Once you’re done, if you still have visible hair messing with your clean-shaven look, then take a hot shower, lather some shaving cream around your torso area, and carefully shave the remaining hair. You’ll also want to follow our after-shave recommendations further below under our “clean shave” chest hair style.

Trim Chest Hair for a Rug Look

3 The RugSource: Reddit
The rug is an all-time favorite that works for men of all ages.

This trim chest hair look is nothing short of a classic, with old-school sex symbols like Tom Selleck and David Hasselhoff in the original Baywatch rocking this chest hair style. Unsurprisingly, this look has remained a popular choice amongst guys with copious body hair since it exudes manliness and requires minimal trim chest hair maintenance.

One critical aspect of this badass chest hair style is knowing how to shave your neck area properly. Before you start to trim chest hair, you need to remove all the hair around your neck area to set up the contrast and well-kept look you’ll need, which is easily accomplished with a clean shave. You can keep your stubble or short beard if you’d like; just keep the neck area clean!

Next, you’ll start to trim chest hair with the longest guard your body trimmer has. Move very slowly around the collarbone area since it’s a tricky section that most beginners tend to overdo, which throws off the ideal length for this chest hair style. After that, move the trimmer slowly down the chest area in straight lines, and do the same around your torso. Drop down a guard for your torso area to keep your body hair slightly below the upper chest level. Repeat the process as many times as needed to get a clean, deliberate look that you can easily maintain once a week.

Shaving Chest for The Snail Trail Look

4 1 The SnailSource: Instagram
This clean, simple look was immortalized in the 90s and remains an all-time favorite.

The Snail Trail chest hair style is, quite simply said, an excellent look for those with minimal or no chest hair. The premise is simple: you go for a clean shave around the chest area, and then let a trail of well-kept body hair stream down your lower chest area all the way down to your nether region.

The process is simple: start shaving chest hair with your body trimmer on a low guard to clear the chest area as best as possible. Depending on how little chest hair you’re able to grow, you’ll notice that your body groomer might be able to replicate that clean shave look without actually shaving chest hair.

trimmer 3
This Remington model comes with an all-in-one grooming kit.

Once you’re done shaving chest hair, proceed to trim all the body hair around your chosen snail trail path. Use a high guard initially to limit your snail trail, then switch to a low guard to clear out the rest of your body hair.

Shaving chest and remaining body hair is a personal choice since it mainly depends on your body hair density and thickness. Since most guys that choose this look have low hair density, it ends up being completely unnecessary, but it’s still an option for guys with copious hair looking for a new look.

Thick Mens Chest Hair Styles

5 Woolly JumperSource: Reddit
This chest hair style is reserved for guys with thick, copious body hair.

The body hair sweater, also known as the woolly jumper, is one of the rarest mens chest hair styles because few can grow enough body hair to rock this look. It’s a trendy look amongst guys with a bit of extra weight since it covers up any fat deposits quite well, but again, most guys settle for some of the other looks on our list since they don’t possess the necessary hair density.

Another significant upside behind these mens chest hair styles, is that they require minimal maintenance. A body trimmer with a high guard will keep any weird-looking stragglers and coiled hairs in check to keep your body hair looking solid and thick but not entirely unkempt. That’s pretty much it! As we said, growing the necessary amount of hair is the “hard” part behind these mens chest hair styles.

Shaving Chest Hair for a Smooth Look

6 ShavedSource: Vanityteen
The ideal chest hair style for regular gym-goers.

A clean-shaved look, also known as the “smooth sail,” is a popular choice amongst athletic men and guys with short body hair. If your body hair is thin and scarce, then you might be better off shaving chest hair for a deliberate and clean look that is purposely well-kept. If you do sports, a hairless body will help you stay more aerodynamic, and, as a bonus, it’ll make your muscles pop during the summer months.

The process is relatively simple: first, use a body trimmer with a low guard and shave your entire chest area and torso. Once you’re done, take a warm shower and apply some body soap to soften whatever hair remains and lower resistance to the razor. Next, cover your chest and torso section in shaving cream and slowly shave down your body using short strokes. Start in your upper chest area and carefully drag the blade down in short movements to avoid irritating your skin. Work around your nipple areas with care to get those stubborn, unsightly hairs, and then rinse your blade after every stroke.

trimmer 4
The Gillette Styler is perfect for trimming and shaving.

Once you’re done shaving chest hair, apply some aftershave products to seal the deal. You may even consider exfoliating between shaving sessions to keep your skin as smooth as possible, but that largely depends on your skin and hair thickness.


Our selection of chest hair styles offers something for everyone. Whether you’re able to grow copious amounts of body hair around your chest section or you’re practically hairless, you’ll find that there’s a chest hair style that will make you look instantly better for the next summer season.

As a parting tip, please do not underestimate the value of a quality body trimmer! They’re reasonably inexpensive, but the difference between a quality, certified product and a cheap knock-off is like night and day, and your skin will quickly notice. We’ve linked some of our favorite, budget-friendly models throughout the article to guarantee you’re getting the quality shaves and trims you deserve.