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The 6 Best Capri Pants for Men that Celebrities Regularly Use

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Check out our favorite capri pants for men this year!

Capri pants for men are, by far, one of the boldest and most refreshing fashion trends in the last few years.

Sex symbols such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Zac Efron are spearheading this fashion trend with tremendous success. They regularly add these cropped trousers into their casual outfits and draw compliments and sighs from fashion designers and the ladies!

The Best Capri Pants for Men

Men’s cropped pants are part of a fashion wave that hails all the way from Italy and Greece and are must-have pieces for men who appreciate high-fashion and quality clothing.

Capri pants for men fall in about an inch below the knee and are a bit shorter than their high water pants counterparts. The best capri pants for men make your legs look bigger and more muscular, not to mention bold personalities typically wear them, so they naturally project tons of self-confidence!

Today, we’ve hand-picked the best capri pants for men from the best online clothing stores for men. All of these pieces are guaranteed to add quality and style to your wardrobe, so prepare to add a twist to all your favorite casual outfits this year!

The TACVASEN Clam Diggers Pants

Men Capri Pants 2Source: Tacvasen
These Capri shorts combine top-notch fabrics with a highly functional design for casual and outdoor activities.

The TACVASEN three-quarters are extremely reliable clam digger pants made with a blend of quick-dry polyester and spandex. Designed for outdoor sporty functions, these unique capri pants for men give you the utility and breathability needed for hot, humid, and dry environments.

The TACVASEN Clam Diggers Pants are also lightweight and comfortable, making them an ideal companion for men with an active lifestyle. Need to keep tools and work-related everyday essentials on you? These ¾ crop trousers are perfect for contractors and hikers alike! These capri pants for men feature a zippered pocket system composed of two slanted pockets, one rear pocket, and one thigh pocket, all with reinforced stitching to safeguard your items.

TACVASEN provides these highly functional capri pants for men in 22 different color designs, making them an excellent addition to your outdoor and casual outfits. Plus, the regular fit on these cropped pants pairs up nicely with your favorite polos, t-shirts, and even your beloved Birkenstocks.

The Goteborgs Aventyrs Men’s Cropped Pants

Men Capri Pants 3Source: Goteborgs Aventyrs
These camouflaged men’s cropped pants add a fashionable twist to your summer outfits.

The Goteborgs Aventyrs men’s cropped pants combine style, convenience, and comfort all in one piece. While some capri pants for men prefer a tighter fit to stylize your figure, the Goteborgs instead present a loose fit and soft cotton fabric to keep you as breezy and comfortable as possible. These cropped trousers for men are perfect for climbers, hikers, and even contractors that wish to stay cool throughout the week.

The Goteborgs Aventyrs men’s cropped pants also feature a lengthy pocket system that rivals the best cargo pants out there in terms of versatility and convenience. Modern cargo pants offer a tighter fit that differentiates them from their old school and, admittedly, less fashionable predecessors. These capri pants for men seek to balance the original cargo pants versatility and men’s cropped pants style to create something new and unique for you.

The Chouyatou Men’s Cropped Pants

Men Capri Pants 4Source: Amazon
Chouyatou brings you airy mens capri pants full of style, comfort, and functionality.

These three-quarter legs capri pants for men feature a flexible design made from imported cotton. These capri pants for men come with a relaxed fit that looks and feels great, especially in warm weather.

Men capri pants often showcase an elegant tight-fit design that emulates high-end Italian fashion. Chouyatou decided to create a hybrid that took modern cargo pants loose fit and the capri pants stylish mid-calf cut. The result? Super comfortable and fashionable capri pants you can wear to the drugstore or beach trips!

The Chouyatou Cropped Trousers for Men showcases multiple pockets for added convenience, allowing you to carry your everyday essentials with ease. Thanks to their highly efficient pocket system, these clam digger pants remain a popular alternative to full-length pants amongst workers and climbers that deal with warm temperatures.

Last but not least, Chouyatou provides these baggy capri pants for men in six different solid colors, perfectly matching your favorite sneakers or creating a stylish contrast between outdoor t-shirts and techwear backpacks.

The MAGCOMSEN Workout Capri Pants for Men

Men Capri Pants 5Source: Magcomsen
Take your indoor and outdoor workouts to the next level with these super comfy MAGCOMSEN capri pants.

The MAGCOMSEN sweatpants are counted among the comfiest men capri pants out there. These sporty clam digger pants are flexible and fashionable, rivaling the best yoga shorts in terms of mobility and comfort.

The flattering MAGCOMSEM capri pants for men come with a high-quality cotton & spandex textile blend that improves airflow during intense workouts. They turn into top-tier athlete gear if you combine them with the best compression shorts since they improve blood flow and muscle recruitment during your gym sessions.

Last but not least, these clam digger pants are perfect for lounging at home, thanks to their pajama-like design. These men capri pants feature an elastic waistband with a drawstring closure for a stretchy, non-restrictive fit that feels comfy at all times. These capri pants for men can even double as breathable sleeping shorts during the warmer months of the year.

The MIER Cropped Trousers for Men

Men Capri Pants 6Source: Mier Sports
The MIER cropped pants combine extreme durability and comfort in their stylish design.

These outdoor-ready trousers are the type of high-performance, water-resistant Capri long shorts you want to take on your backpacking adventures. The MIER cropped trousers for men are, essentially, hiking shorts that fully protect your knees from scrapes and scratches.

These sturdy but stylish capri pants for men are also crafted with a soft-to-the-touch, 4-way stretchy fabric that keeps you fresh and unencumbered as you cross over rivers or make your way up through mountain trails. On top of being lightweight and fast-drying, these crop trousers offer multipurpose pockets (with zippers and loop pocket flaps) that keep phones, maps, and wallets safe from the elements at all times.

Additionally, few other men’s cropped pants offer a gusseted crotch and bottom hem with adjustable elastic rope. Both features not only make the MIER capri pants perfect for high-intensity workouts and climbing but are also just as fashionable as some of the best techwear pants.

The Krux Men’s Cropped Trousers

Men Capri Pants 1Source: Kuhl
The Renegade offers superior comfort for trips downtown and next-level performance for challenging climbs.

Fashion designers and professional climbers alike revere The Renegade cropped trousers. The Duralux fabric features a comfy 95% Nylon and 5% Spandex mixture that is anti-abrasion, quick-drying, and super soft to the touch, offering the best of both worlds in terms of style and performance.

These capri pants for men are perfect for anyone that wishes to revamp their tried-and-true outfits with a fashionable twist. These durable and breathable men capri pants also feature a unique 8-pocket system that adds to its masculine cut, making them ideal for fashion-forward men, workers, and athletes alike.


Capri pants for men are popular again, and they offer you the chance to create new and stylish outfits, especially with those shirts and accessories that are currently collecting dust in your wardrobe. You can pair these cropped trouses with the best wooden watches to create casual yet stylish summer garbs that will draw attention and compliments from ladies and your friends alike.

The best fashion websites for men also recommend you alternate your men’s cropped pants with some fashionable high water pants to switch things up. Both of these pieces offer a unique, relaxed look that perfectly adapts to warm weather, but the best high water pants are overall better suited for year-long use with the right pair of socks. Having one of each is nothing short of having the best of both worlds at an incredible price!