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4 Blue Suit Brown Shoes Attires for Sophisticated Men

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Look like a catalog model with our top blue suit brown shoes ideas!

Blue suit brown shoes combinations are hands down, one of the most fashionable color pairings in menswear today.

Blue suit brown shoes are timeless and incredibly versatile attires suitable for formal events and semi-formal celebrations. The trick is knowing how to combine different shades of blue with your light and dark brown shoes.

Blue Suit Brown Shoes Ideas

Creating celebrity-caliber ensembles starts with one simple step: choosing the right shade of blue for the occasion. A teal suit on a funeral sticks out like a sore thumb, while a navy suit brown tie outfit might be a bit too formal for a casual office setting. We’re looking for that perfect balance where you look effortlessly sophisticated and well-dressed for the occasion.

Today we’ve picked out favorite blue suit brown shoe ideas from the best fashion websites for men. You’ll find outfits combinations worthy of a catalog model wardrobe to help you look sharp wherever you go!

Navy Suit Brown Shoes Idea

blue suit brown shoes 1Source: Combatgent
This navy suit brown shoes ensemble is perfect for fancy evening parties.

Navy suit brown shoes attires effortlessly convey sophistication and elegance. They’re ideal for evening galas and other formal events, such as a client dinner or a high-profile corporate meeting. This Combatgent navy blue suit with brown shoes combines the depth and expertise that this deep shade of blue naturally conveys with the rugged masculinity that only dark brown shoes can offer.

The best navy blue suit shoes come with a dark shade that matches the tone of your suit. These Adelaide Oxford dark brown shoes serve as the perfect complement to your navy suit due to their unique grain. This leather Oxford features prime Argentinean leather soles, calfskin leather uppers, and a rich tan leather lining that looks exquisite with a deep blue navy suit.

This navy suit brown shoes ensemble checks all the longevity boxes: it features top-notch materials that will last you for years, and it can be used on a wide variety of occasions, including weddings!

Daytime Navy Blue Suit with Brown Shoes

Blue Suit Brown Shoes Attire 2

When it comes to navy blue suits with brown shoes you can wear during the day, Thompson suits are second to none. This Jcrew factory suit comes with a soft worsted wool fabric and a flattering slim fit guaranteed to make you look great. These navy pants with brown shoes attire will help you steal the show during after-five cocktail parties, day weddings, and early business lunches with ease.

These Allen Edmonds are perfect for this navy blue suit with brown shoe attire. The Park Avenue Cap-Toe Oxford is handcrafted in Port Washington with the finest imported materials and features a lined premium calfskin leather upper that is guaranteed to dazzle dates, friends, and coworkers.

Blue Suit Brown Shoes Office Attire

blue suit brown shoes 3Source: Combatgent
This blue suit brown shoes office attire comes with an easy-to-combine shade.

This blue suit brown shoes attire idea is ideal for professional and regular daywear use. It’s elegant and easy to combine, but it’s also significantly less formal than your typical navy pants with brown shoes counterpart.

It’s always awkward when someone over-dresses to go to the office because it looks like they have something to prove (or are in desperate need of attention). This makes this Factory Jcrew ensemble a perfect pick because it’s equally sober and understated.

We recommend you bring together this navy and brown outfit with these gorgeous Cognac museums by Meermin. Their shoes feature French full-grain calves from the best tanneries in Europe and are expertly worked by skillful artisans in the old continent. The Goodyear welted construction (and luxurious upper leather Italian museum calf) will take you from the office to some after-work drinks at the bar with tremendous style and elegance.

Blue Pants Brown Shoes Casual Ensemble

blue suit brown shoes 4Source: Factory Jcrew
A light blue pants brown shoes attire transmits a relaxed yet elegant vibe to everyone around you.

Nothing spells confidence and elegance like a blue pants brown shoes outfit. Many guys shy away from light blue suit and brown shoes combos because they’re unique and challenging to combine and instead opt for a safer choice. However, these blue suits and brown shoes outfits merely require you to use lighter tones on your shirt and shoes for aesthetic balance and depth.

Perfect for casual business lunches and a regular day at the office, this Jcrew suit comes with an excellent fit, smooth fabrics, and a playful blue tone that exudes confidence and style. The assembly, like many other Jcrew suits, is impeccable and feels tailor-made, which is remarkable considering it comes with an incredible price tag. It’s also great for college students that wish to attend a spring wedding or cocktail party during the warmer summer months but can’t afford a high-end tailored suit.

We recommend you pair these Jcrew suits with the eye-catchy Novonappa Cognac by Meermin. This beautiful double-tanned French calf is exclusively sourced from l’Alsace in France, and it features a distinctive rich glow that perfectly fits into this attire. Meermin shoes are exceptionally soft and well-crafted, making them lifelong companions that you’ll look forward to wearing on any semi-formal occasion.


Blue suit brown shoes ensembles are incredibly fashionable, manly, and elegant. They’re also surprisingly easy to combine since all you have to do is create minimal contrast and allow your suit to do the talking.

As parting advice, we recommend that you stick to light-colored shirts. Crisp white shirts or lighter shades of blue or pink will do wonders for your blue suit brown shoes attires, regardless of your choice. We also highly recommend you combine your luxurious blue suits with the best wooden watches as far as accessories go. They’ll perfectly match your dark brown shoes and take your attire to aesthetic perfection!